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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo 5/10/19

Radio Crystal Blue, in its 19th year online, is a weekly podcast, that features top songwriters, and bands – (indie, underground, and touring), in a freeform format.
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This show, #836,  was published: 05/10/2019.
David Bowie “Speed Of Life” – Low (RCA – January 14, 1977)
Joy Division “Transmission” – Substance (Factory Records – July 11. 1988)
New Order “60 Miles An Hour” – Get Ready (London Records – August 27, 2001)
Primal Scream “Accelerator” – XTRMNTR (Astralwerks/US – May 02, 2000, Creation Records/UK – January 31, 2000)
U2 “Zoo Station” – Achtung Baby (Island Records – November 18, 1991)
Meghan Cary  “Sail Across The Water” – Sing Louder CD http://www.meghancary.com @MeghanCarySongs
Tim Grimm & The Family Band  “Thirteen Years” – A Stranger In This Time CD http://www.timgrimm.com
Mike Agranoff  “Gypsy Davy, One Year After” – …Or Would you Rather Get A Job? CD http://www.mikeagranoff.com
Joe Jencks  “The Lady Juliana” – Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers CD http://www.joejencks.com @JoeJencksMusic
Greg Greenway  “Can’t Get Out Of My Own Way” – 20,000 Versions Of The Sun CD http://www.greggreenway.com
Reggie Harris  “Harlem Renaissance” – Ready To Go CD http://www.reggieharrismusic.com @Regmusicman
Abigail Dowd  “Oh 95” – Not What I Seem CD http://www.abigaildowd.com @abigaildowd
Clint Alphin  “Patchwork Journey” – Straight And Marrow CD http://www.clintalphin.com @clintalphin
Tom Freund  “East Of Lincoln” – (t/t) East Of Lincoln CD http://www.tomfreund.com @tomfreund
Szlachetka  “Wildflowers On The Highway”  – Heart Of My Hometown CD http://www.szlachetkamusic.com @SzlachetkaMusic
Steel Wool  “You’re My Flower” – Just Maybe CD http://www.steelwoolband.com @STEEL_WOOL_Band
Mike Field  “Out In The World” – True Stories CD http://www.mikefieldjazz.com
Crooked Eye Tommy  “Crooked Eye Tommy” – Butterflies & Snakes CD http://www.crookedeyetommy.com @TommyMarsh805
Purusa  “Man Of The Year” – Repair CD http://www.purusaband.com
Ummagma  “Caravan” – Compass CD http://www.facebook.com/ummagma @Ummagma
Your 33 Black Angels  “Britpop Reveries” – Eternites 1 LP http://www.y33ba.com @y33ba
The Membranes “The Magical And Mystical Properties Of Flowers” – What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away CD http://www.themembranes.co.uk
RADIO CRYSTAL BLUE REMINISCES (Music from artists, heard on RCB, between 2000 and 2013.)
Molasses Creek “Scat Reel Set” – An Island Out Of Time CD http://www.molassescreek.com
Devon Sproule “The Easier Way” – Don’t Hurry For Heaven! CD http://www.devonsproule.com
Tyler Spooner “Dancing On The Sidewalk” – Forgetting To Remember EP
Craig Sonnenfeld “Beachcomber” – Redemption CD http://www.craigsonnenfeld.net
Lynn Hollyfield “Layers” – Layers CD http://www.lynnhollyfield.com @LynnHollyfield
The Young Novelists  “Now’s The Time” – In City & Country CD http://www.theyoungnovelists.com @young_novelists
Highland Kites “Bitter To Brilliant” – All We Left Behind CD http://www.highlandkites.com @highland_kites
Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio  “(I’m) Confessin’ (That I Love You)” – Singin’ CD http://www.heatherpierson.com @HeatherPierson
Amanda Rose Riley  “Secrets I Told To A Sound Hole” – (t/t) Secrets I Told To A Sound Hole CD http://www.amandaroseriley.com @amandaroseriley
Hadley Kennary  “Painkiller” – Momentum EP http://www.hadleykennary.com @hadleykennary
Closing music: DJ Flowerdove “Shimmer”
Running time: 2 hours, 57 minutos
Host: Dan Herman
Production/post-production: Dan Herman & DJ Flowerdove
Recorded in stereo to 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 Hz in mp3 format, using Audacity software.
All content is free to listen and share, via Creative Commons License, version 4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
Celebrating 18 years on the Web
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Radio Crystal Blue 12/10/18 (#826)

Radio Crystal Blue, in its 19th year online, is a weekly podcast that
features top songwriters and bands, indie, underground, and touring, in a
freeform format.


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This show, #826, was published: 12/10/2018.


Dan reads Jack Kerouac’s short story: “Home At Christmas”
Glen Campbell “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” – That Christmas Feeling (Capitol – October, 1968)
John Denver “Aspenglow” – Take Me To Tomorrow (RCA – May, 1970)
The Raveonettes “The Christmas Song” – Rarities/B-Sides CD (Columbia/Vice – December 15, 2011)
U2 “Angel Of Harlem” – Rattle And Hum (Island – October 10, 1988)

Lizanne Knott “The Giving Time” – A Rock By The Sea Christmas: Volume 9 CD http://www.lizanneknott.com @LizanneKnott
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” – Wintersong CD http://www.raniarbo.com
Margo Rey “Es Navidad” -(single) http://www.margorey.com @MargoRey
Bobby Stewart “Happy Holiday” – Holiday Heart Benefit CD http://www.bobbystewartmusic.com

John Prine “Caravan Of Fools” – The Tree Of Forgiveness CD http://www.johnprine.com @JohnPrineMusic
Shane Martin “American Dream” – Keepin’ The Night Alive CD http://www.shanemartin.com @ShaneMartinBand
Jann Klose “Take Me To Forever” – In Tandem CD http://www.jannklose.com @JannKloseBand
Kris Angelis “Stained Glass” – Pieces That Were Stolen EP http://www.krisangelis.com @krisangelis

M.J. Hibbett & The Validators “Last Christmas (in the EU)” & 15 “Roy Wood In The Blue Note” – Christmas Selection Box CD http://www.mjhibbett.com
Wizzard “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” – (single) – (Harvest/Warner Bros. – December, 1973)
Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers “Run, Run, Rudolph” – All I Got For Christmas Is The Blues CD http://www.mindiabair.com @MindiAbair
Benny Turner “I Want Some Christmas Cheer” – Blind Raccoon 2018 Holiday Sampler CD http://www.bennyturner.com @BennyTurnerBass
Otis Gibbs “Carl and Mavis” – Once I Dreamed Of Christmas http://www.otisgibbs.com @OtisGibbs

Emanuel & The Fear “Lonely Christmas” – (t/t) Lonely Christmas CD http://www.emanuelandthefear.com @EandtheFear
Wormburner “The Bells Of St. Ignatius” – http://www.wormburnerband.com @Wormburnerband
The Wedding Present “Bells” – Going, Going CD http://www.scopitones.co.uk @weddingpresent
The Somedays “Knockout” – (single) http://www.facebook.com/thesomedaysau

Shinyribs “Last Month Of The Year” (Staples cover) – The Kringle Tingle CD http://www.shinyribs.org @shinyribs
Jessica Lynne “Yuletide In My Doublewide” – (t/t) Yuletide In My Doublewide CD http://www.jessica-lynne.com @Jessica_Lynne_
Naming The Twins “Painter Of Wintertime” – Sing The Winter Away CD http://www.namingthetwins.com @NamingTheTwins
Angela Predhomme “Christmas Time With You” – Holidayolio CD http://www.angelapredhomme.com @AngelaPredhomme

Kris Delmhorst “If This Ain’t Heaven” – The Wild/Outtakes EP http://www.krisdelmhorst.com @krisdelmhorst
Reggie Harris “Been Down Into The South” – Ready To Go CD http://www.reggieharrismusic.com @Regmusicman
Griffin House “Silver Line” – So On, And So Forth CD http://www.griffinhousemusic.com @GriffinHouse
Clarence Bucaro “Songbird” – Passionate Kind CD http://www.clarencebucaro.com @clarencebucaro

The Appalucians “Bittersweet Time Of Year (When You’re On Your Own)” – (single) http://www.theappalucians.com @appalucians
Allison Lupton “The Eve Of Christmas Day” – (single) http://www.allisonlupton.com @allisonlupton1
Mike Dekle “December Never Had It So Good” – Homemade Christmas CD http://www.mikedeklemusic.com
Footfall “Woodsmoke and Pine” – (single) CD http://www.footfallmusic.com

Hungrytown “Don’t Cross That Mountain” – Further West CD http://www.hungrytown.net @hungrytown
Monica Rizzio “Washashore Cowgirl” – (t/t) Washashore Cowgirl CD http://www.monicarizzio.com @MonicaRizzio
Caroline Cotter “Home On The River” – (t/t) Home On The River CD http://www.carolinecotter.com @CCotterMusic
Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio “Make It Mine ” – Still She Will Fly EP http://www.heatherpierson.com @HeatherPierson

Dan reads a portion of Jack Kerouac’s “Not Long Ago, Joy Abounded At Christmas”
Tom Waits “Alice” – Alice (ANTI- Label – May 07, 2002)
Simon & Garfunkel “I Am A Rock” – Sounds Of Silence (Columbia – January 17, 1966)
The Pogues (Feat. Kirsty MacColl) “Fairytale Of New York” – If I Should Fall From Grace With God (Pogue Mahone – November 23, 1987)
The Passengers (Members Of U2 With Brian Eno) “Miss Sarajevo” (Feat. Luciano Pavarotti) – Original Soundtracks, Volume 1(Island – November 20, 1995)

Closing music:
DJ Flowerdove “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen Cover / Columbia – December, 1984)
“O, Tannenbaum” – A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack (Fantasy – December, 1965)

Twitter: @flowerdove2168

Running time: 4 hours, 7 minutos
Host: Dan Herman
Production/post-production: Dan Herman and DJ Flowerdove
Recorded in stereo to 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 Hz in mp3 format, using Audacity software.

All content is free to listen and share, via Creative Commons License, version 4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:

Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
Celebrating 18 years on the Web
(253) 537-1096 or (215) 995-2234
Facebook: Dan Herman or Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue