I built this page to explain my overlighting vision for my life and for this program. Below I have notes I wrote to myself using a process first inspired by Derek Rydall.   In this, I outline what my vision and what activities, what people and places help to bring this activity into reality.  I share this here because I’d rather not keep it all to myself.  In a time where I have felt my life become rather stagnant (outside of this radio project and Idealistic Stats), there may be something here to grow into.

There’s also really no coincidence that I built a presence for another passion, sports and stats, on the Web. An open sandbox and place to take notes about certain sports and to share original views about I think sports should be maintained and run. The creative side allows the opinions and my idealistic nature, and the number-cruncher in me builds formulas and predictions. I am no industry person but I find myself, online at least, connecting with others across different sports groups, and other bloggers and I am still taking notes. I want to be recognized for my opinions and predictions and be rewarded for it. At this early juncture, it’s about getting my name and ideals to many people.

Summarizing the original vision I came up 4 years ago in a few sentences:
I want to reach to more fans of artists whose music I spin….get them interested in new music and enjoy similar tastes..
I want to be recognized for my opinions and forecasts in sports and be paid for that.
Travel to cities via Megabus or Bolt, public transit
Travel to see places of power
Travel for music events, seeing musicians
Travel for racetrack events
Follow Enlightened Trails…create road trip…journal experience
Journaling life on road
Part time work, up to 30 hours week..fair wages
Arrangement of CDs
RCB shows 3 times a month….
Studio space close to where I live or in home.
Press package…coverage of live events of musicians…photo, audio, video, review, write-up…all linked onto website
Meet with groups for healing, meditatino
Budget for music gear, camping, theater, handicapping

Time to write a new vision:

What is the vision I hold for my life? What does it look like?

With this new life I’d feel more outgoing, more confident and healthier.

The key questions: What can i embrace or do or let go of in order to step into next stage of unfoldment to allow this energy to expand more into my life?

How does my spiritual self play out in my life structure?
How does my personal development continue?
What sort of service am I engaging in?
How is my body responding?
What is my attitude to money, to work, to relating?

Mission: To share my time and knowledge with people who want an alternative to the standard.
Vehicle: the unique way I’m here to express in the world is through my film
work, through my current radio podcast, through my interest in New Age
activities and my outside interests in sports and stats.
The larger life emerging: I see my life growing in spiritual knowledge, more people in more places to connect to.


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