I built this page to explain my overlighting vision for my life and for this program. Below I have notes I wrote to myself using a process first inspired by Derek Rydall.   In this, I outline what my vision and what activities, what people and places help to bring this activity into reality.  I share this here because I’d rather not keep it all to myself.  In a time where I have felt my life become rather stagnant (outside of this radio project and Idealistic Stats), there may be something here to grow into.


As I further my personal and spiritual work, which I’ve turned inward for the most part lately, I recognize my place in the universe. I am recognizing that my outer work really does contribute to the whole, and every so often I do get a sort of validation of this contribution.
The radio show gets its share of likes (and shares). My groundbreaking work with idealism in sports is starting to be read by more people I look up to simply by my associating with them online. And the more I do this level of pushing, without resorting to aggression or aggrandizing), the more people will see and level of consciousness that I communicate. I amaze myself with the fact that there are enough people who listen to what I do, and really do like what they hear. Not just the artist, but knowledgeable industry people alongsides. My further aspiration is to reach more fans, fans that will understand and appreciate this approach to radio. Fans of the artists I give airplay and promotion to.
Years before I really got the bug for radio, I had wanted to build something in the area of New Age, something in astrology, and I set out to get some business cards and plant seeds to get a practice going. When that didn’t quite get off the ground, I tried further with some healing work, specifically a combo of Magnified Healing and guided meditation. I knew that I had impacted people within groups and I wanted to carry this further privately. That didn’t work. At age 30, I wondered out loud, ‘what now’ to the Universe. I had to really think about what I wanted to do with my life, outlined by what my passions really are. And then the concept of Internet radio came around. And I put 1 and 1 together.
By associating myself with people such as indie labels and other DJs, I began to acquire music that was of increasingly stronger quality, and I began to develop my format along with my approach. Then in 2002, I would begin to meet artists in person, and then I got my real first taste of industry experience, good, bad and unpredictable all at once.
Is it really any coincidence I chose a title like Radio Crystal Blue, named for a song that was popular the year I was conceived? Or the idea that I want to keep ‘freeform’ radio a living reality long after this approached has stopped? What does surprise me is not just my impact on the industry but how it’s changed me somewhat. I know, it’s all up to me. I have more power to change than otherwise. The fact is, I’ve become choosier in terms of what goes on the air, what venues to visit, what media to incorporate. A new level of sophistication has been achieved but without sacrificing the love of music, without rejecting artists who are doing what they can to ‘make it’. When I see good effort on an artists part, whether they have management or not, then I support that artist further with airplay or the opportunity to see that artist in person, or simply to keep on my radar for the future.
I am better at reading people and situations, and am learning how to trust people without getting sucked into agendas that conflict much of my own agendas in this industry. Not to say I’m not open to learning. But if I am to learn anything, let it be a guide instead of a distraction or an energy-waster.
There’s also really no coincidence that I built a presence for another passion, sports and stats, on the Web. An open sandbox and place to take notes about certain sports and to share original views about I think sports should be maintained and run. The creative side allows the opinions and my idealistic nature, and the number-cruncher in me builds formulas and predictions. I am no industry person but I find myself, online at least, connecting with others across different sports groups, and other bloggers and I am still taking notes. I want to be recognized for my opinions and predictions and be rewarded for it. At this early juncture, it’s about getting my name and ideals to many people.


What is the vision I hold for my life? What does it look like?

I am actively traveling to cities via Megabus and public transit. I have a
laptop, and I am journaling my life on the road when I am not at home. I
have part-time work, up to 30 hours a week , working in a job that pays me
the wages I desire, in the work that I outlined above. I travel to other
cities for several find places of power….to see music events
and see  musicians that I have only met online, and also to travel to
racetracks to cover the Enlightened Derby/Oaks Trails that I created. I
travel to the tracks that I can easily get to only.   I have the money and
time to get to these places and I present a full account of what happens. I
keep people updated on my websites and in social media.
I make time for my podcast programs. My CDs are neatly arranged, and I have enough space to house them all.
I have a studio to do shows in and have programs either weekly or biweekly, featuring indie and upcoming artists, plus I spin music in my usual freeform format.   I see myself curating events from this studio space somewhere close to where I live. I see myself continuing to live in Phily.
My financial situation is generally solid. I have the $ to travel, to
socialize, to be less of a loner and more social in general. I am trusting
of the universe more and more in this regard.
I have a laptop or tablet to broadcast with, and also to do my personal
work, and interact with people. I’d like to travel a few days every month,
maybe twice a weekend to see musicians in places that allow my camera.
I do photos and some video of shows I attend, and I review shows for my
I have some close friends I gather with on occasion individually, and share
ideas and also great times whether at a cafe, a club or a bar, someplace
open and social. I also attract a woman who is a seeker, someone who desires for meaning in her life and in the lives of others.  We have an amazing connection, personally and with others.  She helps to share my perspective and keep me grounded if I feel that I’ve overextended myself. I do the same for her as well.  I feel I’m attracting a woman with fire, but also one who is engaging on an intellectual level and great balance of spirit, sexiness, intelligence.
I take the time when I am alone and at proper times, to resource and to
explore inner and higher wisdom, hearing calls by those I’ve looked to who
have shaped my outlook on life.  I again look to groups, whether here or in
other cities, that gather for healing and meditation.
I have $ budgeted to gamble when I do travel to racetracks, either full card
or a few races a day, one card every week. I also participate in
handicapping contests. I can see myself gathering more knowledge in
handicapping and entering contests for bigger prizes.

With this new life I’d feel more outgoing, more confident and healthier.


The key questions: What can i embrace or do or let go of in order to step into next stage of unfoldment to allow this energy to expand more into my life?

How does my spiritual self play out in my life structure?
How does my personal development continue?
What sort of service am I engaging in?
How is my body responding?
What is my attitude to money, to work, to relating?

Mission: To share my time and knowledge with people who want an alternative to the standard.
Vehicle: the unique way I’m here to express in the world is through my film
work, through my current radio podcast, through my interest in New Age
activities and my outside interests in sports and stats.
The larger life emerging: I see my life growing in spiritual knowledge, more people in more places to connect to.


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