Radio Crystal Blue is a production by yours truly, Dan Herman, with support from many PR people and labels.
Cyber PR, a boutique online PR and social media strategy firm, connecting brands with people who care.
Miles High Productions 
 Online marketing company using traditional and online tools to assist emerging and established artists gain more exposure.


Serge Entertainment PR: The honest PR people–no spin, no speculation; only the raw facts and naked truth


Wampus Multimediaa music label, ebook publisher, and creative branding company
 Teeccino is America’s #1 coffee alternative, and is now the newest supporter of RCB.
Want to sponsor RCB? Contact me for details.
Radio Crystal Blue reports Americana and Roots music to The Alternate Root for their Roots 66 Airplay Chart
I have also joined The Alternate Root company, assisting them with advertising sales. There are multiple levels of marketing involved, including banners, email newsletters and The Alternate Root TV. email me for details

Music Clout is a website that list current opportunities and projects for
musicians to learn about, and if interested, submit their music to

IMP-logo-ideas-1 (1)
Some other folks that regularly send CDs to me include
Renfro Foods, makers of fine sauces, relishes and salsas, based in Fort Worth TX, since their founding in 1940.
Renfro logo_red-blk_final_manyways-black

Big Train, who have tasty protein powder drinks (yes, it’s true) under the title Fit Frappe, and assorted coffee and tea mixes.Teeccino, a product that saved my life. It’s the premier coffee substitute; no acid, no caffeine, and truly organic.

Noosa Yoghurt from Bellvue Colorado makes the silkiest, creamiest, flavorful yoghurt around. I am partial to their blackberry serrano flavor!


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  1. Hi Dan~
    Liking your website and sharing it with my peeps…Hope to cya soon in Philly…
    Stay cool, Kat

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