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Welcome to Radio Crystal Blue’s home page!

8/21/21: Newsletter signup here

7/19/21: Added a Discord server. Please join! This could become the new community for the show

12/26/20: Sirsy wins Artist of the Year title for 2020. Updates are on the Chart page. 


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Latest RCB and RCB Novus Ordo programs were published on 9/21/21
Next podcasts to be published by 10


CD Focus segments introduces outstanding concept and compilation albums, aired track-for-track. I’m always seeking these albums, including new ones.

Currently featuring: David Uosikinnen’s In The Pocket: The Philly Special

 MAS ALTO!, featuring emerging Chicano/Latino artists from the Los Angeles area. 

Twin Vision, veteran radio promoters, recently imparted to Dan Herman the following: “..we always inform these labels and artists that you have the longest running adult alternative internet station.

Artist Of The Year: Sirsy
Album Of The Year: “Good Good Man” – Vance Gilbert 
EP Of The Year: “Birds” – Fred Gillen Jr. 
Best New Artist:  Nobody’s Girl 
Best Tribute Album: Gretchen Peters “The Night You Wrote That Song – A Tribute To Mickey Newbury” 
More awards to be announced. 

Most shows since 2014 are permanently archived at www.archive.org

ARCHIVE of older shows prior to 2012 is a long-term project I have. First show recently got published to the Internet Archive  That show is available only here (April 11, 2004)  A show from April 9, 2006 is available exclusively here
Newest addition to the Archive is a show dated September 18, 2005 

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In addition I air RCB Novus Ordo, spinning one song from 8 different albums and presenting a bio of each artist.  

All content is free to share via  Creative Commons under the terms non-commercial, non-derivative, full attribution. If you want to use material from the show, the easiest way to go about it is to share the player at the .mp3 or RSS feed.

Creative Commons License
Radio Crystal Blue by Dan Herman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please do NOT confuse this site with the .com version, which I did own until 2015. An unscrupulous web registrant company sold it off and I’ve not been able to get the site ever since. The .net is mine.



(c) 2021 Dan Herman

Radio Crystal Blue 9/20/21 part 1 Radio Crystal Blue

As part of the opening, I reflected on the deaths of two comedic legends: Norm Macdonald, and Philly legend Big Daddy Graham. Juliana Hatfield "Universal Heart-Beat" – Only Everything Bush "Little Things" – Sixteen Stone Live "Lightning Crashes" – Throwing Copper Matthew Sweet "Sick Of Myself" – 100% Fun Elastica "Connection" – s/t Better Than Ezra "Good" – Deluxe ****************** Tall Tall Trees "The Riverbend" – Freedays http://www.talltalltrees.com @talltalltrees Deni Bonet "A Perfect Storm" – Bright Shiny Objects  www.denibonet.com @denibonet Diane Durrett  & Soul Suga "Good News" – Put A Lid On It  www.dianedurrett.com  @dianedurrett Elly Wininger "Range In My Kitchen" – The Blues Never End http://www.ellywininger.com @ellywininger Veronica Lewis "Clarksdale Sun" – You Ain't Unlucky  www.veronicalewis.com  @imveronicalewis Newton Faulkner "Four Leaf Clover" – Interference (Of Light)  www.newtonfaulkner.com @newtonfaulkner Mark Erelli "Rose-Colored Rearview" – Blindsided  www.markerelli.com  @markerelli Monica Rizzio "Nothin' " – Sunshine Is Free   www.monicarizzio.com  @monicarizzio ****************** These are some of the artists performing at this year's Americanafest, Nashville, 9/22-25 http://www.americanamusic.org @americanafest : Sarah Shook & The Disarmers "Over You" – Years http://www.disarmers.com  @sarahshook Jason Ringenberg "My Highway Songs" – Rhinestoned  www.jasonringenberg.com  @jasonringenberg Kevin Daniel "Don't See The Light" – Been Here Before  www.thekevindaniel.com  @thekevindaniel Grace Pettis "Any Kind Of Girl" – Working Woman  www.gracepettis.com @gracepettis Julian Taylor "Learn To Love" – Avalanche    www.juliantaylormusic.ca  @jtaylorband Mare Wakefield & Nomad "No Remedy" – No Remedy   www.marewakefield.com @marewakefield — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/radiocblue/message
  1. Radio Crystal Blue 9/20/21 part 1
  2. Radio Crystal Blue 9/20/21 part 2
  3. Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo 9/20/21
  4. Radio Crystal Blue 9/10/21 part 1
  5. Radio Crystal Blue 9/10/21 part 2

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