HOME (and how to listen)

Welcome to Radio Crystal Blue’s home page!

I have moved to Killeen, TX, the city ‘where freedom grows’! 
New address is
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue 
2106 Dickens Drive
Killeen, TX 76543 

Mail addressed to my former address in Tacoma should be forwarded here.
Next shows will be published within 10 days of the most recent ones. 

Google Podcasts
Internet Archive
Apple (iTunes)
Pocket Casts       

Or, ask Siri to “Play Radio Crystal Blue”

You may pledge your financial support to Radio Crystal Blue here

Latest RCB and RCB Novus Ordo programs were published on 8/20/19

CD Focus segment introduces outstanding concept and compilation albums, aired track-for-track. Currently David Newland‘s latest album: Northbound: The Northwest Passage In Story And Song. Also Terri Hendrix’s newest projects

Artist Of The Year: Lara Herscovitch
Album Of The Year: “Time To Fly” – Mare Wakefield & Nomad
EP Of The Year: “Finding You” – Bruce T. Carroll
Best New Artist: Shane Martin
Top Radio Promoter: Betsie Brown of Blind Raccoon 

Best Concept Album: “Austinology-Alleys Of Austin” – Michael Martin Murphey
Best Tribute Album: “King Of The Road-A Tribute To Roger Miller” 


Most shows since 2014 are permanently archived at www.archive.org

ARCHIVE of older shows prior to 2012 is a long-term project I have. First show recently got published to the Internet Archive  That show is available only here (April 11, 2004)  A show from April 9, 2006 is available exclusively here
Newest addition to the Archive is a show dated September 18, 2005 

Consider supporting my efforts to keep Radio Crystal Blue going.   Donate here :

Also you may pledge financial support at Anchor.fm

In addition I air RCB Novus Ordo, spinning one song from 8 different CDs and presenting a bio of each artist.

All content is free to share via  Creative Commons under the terms non-commercial, non-derivative, full attribution. If you want to use material from the show, the easiest way to go about it is to share the player at Podomatic www.archive.org  (look for the HTML code inside) or share the .mp3 or RSS feed.

Creative Commons License
Radio Crystal Blue by Dan Herman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please do NOT confuse this site with the .com version, which I did own until last year. An unscrupulous web registrant company sold it off and I’ve not been able to get the site ever since. The .net is mine.



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