Radio Crystal Blue in 2005

Fun fact: 5/16/05, I began doing podcasting. No, not in 2000. 2005. Back in 2000, I was relying on Live365, doing just live shows. Now, there was a new element, with an RSS feed, and an opportunity to hear shows beyond the live experience. I haven’t looked back, tho I have changed podcast host twice since this year.
I formally became affiliated with Sonicbids this year, to collect and consider EPKs from artists.

Me @ C-Note, 2005.

RCB Showcases at C-Note:
1/24: Patty Chung, Josh Zuckerman, Rachel Rossos, Miki Huber, and the Frank LoCastro Group
2/28: Brad Otts, Travis Miller, Gigglepants, Willie McBlind, Super #7
3/28: Bryan & Marcy, Kati Mac, Bill Konig, James Moorhead, Rob Hecht’s Inner Ear
4/25: Queen Esther, Michael Novick, Lys Guillorn, Jennifer Richman,
Joel Newton and the Notorious MAC Quartet
5/23: Jennifer Friedman, Olivia Greer, Jenn Hartmann, Brown Sauce,
Chuck MacKinnon Sextet
6/27: Dan Gonzalez, Mariana Bell, Joe Bendik, Michaelangelo, Spin
7/25: Dana Varon, Kendra Flowers, Lara Ewen, Dead Language, Kenny Shanker Quartet

8/22 was booked in connection with the Howl Festival: Lisa Roma, Amy Steinberg, Patty Keough, Black Flamingo, Jeff Taylor/Rob Hecht Unit.
This was the night that I recited “The Lion For Real” by Allen Ginsberg, with Denise Barbarita on bowed guitar.
Me at C-Note, 2005. Thanks, Bryan David-Kee for this snap

Also, along the lines of booking, I began my long association with NYC Gigs. We would work a number of venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Lara Ewen and Emily Zuzik were part of a showcase at Knitting Factory, at the Old Office, the basement location. The Knit was at 79 Leonard Street in Tribeca before moving to Brooklyn.

Here’s a link to a full Radio Crystal Blue show from 2005!

Susan Kane “The Wheels Fell Off” from her debut album “So Long”

Also from Tracy Jane Comer : “Take Me To The Mountain” from her album “Quietly There”

Kilsy “I Awoke” Kilsy was the one I recall having no electric guitars, and 2 basses, high and low.
Gregory Douglass
Gregory Douglass “Alibis”, a song you’ll remember from “The Rain” series on Netflix. It is also on his 2005 album Stark.

Vance Gilbert, who would become 1 of 2 artists to earn the title of RCB Artist Of The Year, sent me his ‘Angels Castles Covers’ album this year. As much as I like this album, it was the 2008 release of “Up On Rockfield” which impressed me more. Vance conjured up duets of songwriters with seemingly random arrangements, and it just works. Great concept, to write as someone else. For example, Shawn Colvin & Raffi, in a song about Pluto’s demise from the major planet list.

Brooks Williams