Radio Crystal Blue in 2006

Lara Herscovitch‘s album “Juror Number 13” was released this year.
Rachel Rossos @ The Knitting Factory, New York NY 2/17/06
Stephan Crump‘s Rosetta Trio “Rosie” from their Rosetta album
Stephan and company with Jen Chapin

Emily Zuzik “Potential” from her 2006 album”You Had Me At Goodbye”

KP Devlin
Also from KP: “Camelia” from his 1997 album “Scarecrow Land”

Lisa Biales

Lisa Biales, from the album Chasing Away The Blues, “Where the Buckwheat Blooms” with the late great Ron Tuffel on harmonica.

I asked Nina Blackwood in 2006:

You were a professional harpist.Have you ever gone back to performing on this or other instruments?

I learned piano as a child and soon took up the harp. Performing on harp became my first real job in show business when my manager taught me how to play rock music on it, and helped me get paying gigs. I was amazed that I could get paid to do something I loved so much. Now I just play around the  house, but a couple of times I’ve even had offers to do a CD!”

And for Jenn Hartmann:
What was one pointer Erv Raible gave you that you can share re learning cabaret?

“The thing we argued the MOST about was writing down my patter – which is the “talking” that goes on between the songs…I am very natural on stage and I am very comfortable speaking to people in the audience – I didn’t feel I needed to write a “script” if you will…it seemed so pre-planned – and as it turned out…the script saved my life a few times…it helps to keep the show on it’s path, and it makes sure you get all the good stories out there for the audience to hear! I still did my own thing a lot of the time, but my “patter” was always there to keep me on track….and  now I have learned that all of the great cabaret singers know EVERYTHING that will be coming out of their mouths…the goal is to make it seem like it is being said for the first time….just like acting in a play….it is about being prepared…and it is very good advice!  I try to do it even more with my regular rock shows now too! It doesn’t always fly – but I am working at it!”

In 2006 I featured the compilation “High School Reunion” from American Laundromat Records.

Memorable show at The Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar on 2/4..America’s Sweetheart, Mike Sandwich, and Frank. Mike Sandwich sold a whole bunch of tickets and had the whole place festooned in party/promo material, including a roving blimp. Seriously.

I began a 1-year sponsorship of District Records in August.

Mongoloidian Glow
Telenovela Star @ The Delancey, NYC, 2006
Telenovela Star “Car Song”
I loved this duo from the first song I heard, with great production from Billy Masters, and some notable personnel whose credits include the likes of Joe Jackson, Jesse Malin, Robert Plant, and other major-label greats. I saw Michele and Rick perform at the former Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC around the time of this album’s release.