Radio Crystal Blue in 2008

March 9, 2008 began a new chapter, as I unfolded Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo for the first time. It’s origin is in what I once called my New Music Sampler segment in the main show, simply a whole segment of new releases, and a chance to read some biographical and newsworthy details of each. Between all the material I was receiving from all sources, it was, frankly, necessary to make this upgrade.
I use material from electronic press kit submissions (these days, via Sonicbids and Music Submit), to music from labels, artist managers, and radio reps.

Here’s the playlist from that first show:

Opening music: New Order “Crystal” – Singles compilation CD

Imaginary Johnny “Between The Days” – Only Chimneys CD
Arbor Day “Drive Into The Fire” – Braver Than Today CD
Partly Cloudy “..But to me it’s everything” – Arm Your Weapons EP
Dylan Nirvana “ganymede” – Anne Boleyn CD
Swoon “Parallel” – Departures CD
Two Loons For Tea “Tragically Hip” – Nine Lucid Dreams CD
David Martin “I Can’t Imagine” – something in your eyes CD

Closing music: Beastie Boys “Namaste” – Check Your Head CD
Actual running time: 1 hour, 6 minutes, 46 seconds

Speaking of Imaginary Johnny, here’s a question I posed to frontman Stuart Wolferman:

What was the best advice in recording you got from Joel Hamilton in making the new CD? Joel cites some great gear on his Studio G website, namely the Fairchild compressor and the Neumann M49 mics. Did you get to use those?

We used tons of shiny stuff… I’m not a gearhead at all. I am 87% sure we did use the Fairchild though. I can’t speak highly enough of Joel. He is just so fun to work with. That is the nicest complimentI canthink of. I just want to work and keep working because the environment he creates is such a blast. He also has a way of bringing out what I feel is the best in me, which is probably the Wikipedia definition of “music producer”, or should be. And, finally, he has superb taste. If we’re bordering on danger, he is intuitive about how far it can go, when to pull back, when a string part might distract instead of enhance — that sort of thing. I think my songs and our sound is very well suited for him. He has a background in louder more distorted-type music and I think having someone from there work with us is important.   Also, Joel surrounds himself with really cool gear that’s unique andsimilarly really cool and unique people. A lot of the guest artists are people Joel knows. Also, the assistant engineer, Marc Alan Goodman, is awesome. And, we were able to draft him as our bass player during the making of the record. He is now our one and only bass player.

Sponsors and friends of the shows included the likes of
Moozikoo Radio
District Records
Ariel Publicity (this boutique music PR firm sponsored my Annual Airplay Vote 2 years running)
Music Gorilla

Live main show aired Sundays 7pm EST, 545pm for Novus Ordo

Dead Leaf Echo
Dead Leaf Echo “Strawberry Skin”

Benyaro ‘Feelin’ Low”
The Bosch, at Luna Lounge, Brooklyn, NY, 2-2-08
The Bosch “Later Tonight” – Serious Entertainment EP
Bound By Substance
Bound By Substance ‘On The Road’
Flo Anito “Uh Oh!”
Lauren Adams “Evangeline” from her album “Secret Heart”
Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Brooks Williams “Too Much Alcohol”, studio outtake