Radio Crystal Blue in 2001

I continued the themes of doing seasonal music during the year…a Celtic/UK themed one for mid-March, a summer/surf theme for the end of May, a send-off of such tunes in early September, and the holiday ones in October and December.
I attended a Kareem Devlin concert at The Lion’s Den in NYC. I recall
Greta Gaines covering “Beast Of Burden” during the show. Dido’s bassist, whose name escapes me, was backing up Kareem.   This was the first concert I attended identifying myself as an Internet radio DJ.
Kareem was one of the first artists who dabbled in major-label success that I’d give airplay to in the show’s history.  I recall him releasing a 5-song EP; “The Bartender” was the standout song of the 5.
Somewhere here I’ll be posting playlists, photos, album covers, letters, more.  Do you have some from this year? Send it along

I hosted a chat room in Yahoo while I hosted the live broadcast
I had a page on CafePress, with items I was free to set the price on for the most part, all with items featuring the RCB logo pictured in the RCB 2000 wing. That logo was created by Veggatron.
I was still advertising server open time at 715pm EST, with the show itself at 730pm…I was even so helpful as to mention how to convert to your local time, and the multiple ways one could listen (Winamp, Windows Media), etc.
It was a big deal for me to celebrate the birthdays of artists in the weeks of the shows themselves, and sometimes deaths as well.

Also in 2001….Signature Sounds had noticed my presence on the FOLK-DJ list and other places, and decided to send me the 2nd album from
Kris Delmhorst‘s discography, that being “Five Stories” This album, recorded at Hi-n-Dry, the late Mark Sandman’s (Morphine) studio, complete with some of the best studio musicians in New England, is a pillar album for the show. It was the first time I recall any major indie label giving a damn about my little show, masquerading as a big one. I am sure every song from this album got airtime by now. kd2001

I had one opportunity to see Kris on stage, that being a gig at Fez Under Time Cafe, as part of a particular event. I recall Girlyman being there, Natalia Zukerman, and others.
I started a page (start of a song, anyone?) on Lunarpages to house playlists. Going back to late 2001, it does awake some memories. Ever the Monty Python fan, I’d air a clip from one of their movies or TV skits.
In describing the playlist I said “Best heard with Windows Media Player, a sound card, an open mind, and a friend.”
The links page from my website included these artists:

Aimee van Dyne in 2001:


And here’s Aimee from 2019.  0003-AimeeRetouch

Owning” was recorded by Aimee in 2002 at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC

bonemachine, Portsmouth UK’s own, inspired by the Big Beat era
Jimm Burrell, a music therapist from Columbus OH. He actually composed for me an instrumental, titled “Crystal Blue”!
LA songwriter Bill Reveles
Mighty Sam McClain, who passed away in 2015.
Caliban, whose album “X:AM” was named by yours truly. Modern folk music from Ireland. The phrase stands for “The indeterminable time between dusk and dawn”
John Catney: “Space 2012” comes from his album “Mars”.  I used some of his music as closing music for some shows…

Early in 2001, still toying with the century/millenium debate, I began playing music considering the debate. It grew from my playing The Ramones “Do You Remember Rock N’ Roll Radio?” from their 1980 album End Of The Century. in 2002, I gave the opening segment of the year much more of a war-like theme, which largely became the standard.  That standard went like this…”Sky Pilot” by The Animals, “Snoopy v. The Red Baron” by The Royal Guardsmen …any number of versions of New Years Day by U2 as the climax..trickling off to any New Years’ Day or January themed music. In 2002 it was David Gray.
I had featured JP Jones for the first time late in 2001, a superb poet from Rhode Island that largely has been forgotten about. His brother made sure that JP stayed on my radar over a number of albums over the years. “Salvation Street” is all over the place, but the steady delivery of JP keeps this nearly 20-year album fresh. It’s definitely another pillar album of Radio Crystal Blue’s history.