Radio Crystal Blue in 2003


Here was my ‘welcome’ message for website visitors (the old .com website)

I supported an indie label’s compilation series, a company called Artist
Amplification. The only artists that continued to receive airplay since those days were Particle Zoo, and Spiraling

My 1/20/03 RCB Showcase at C-Note included the likes of Rebecca Pronsky, Emiko, and U-Bolts. 

3/17/03 holiday showcase: Kieran McGee, Shelly Riff, The Revelers, Shivery Delicious 
4/7/03: Casey Holford and Jenn Lindsay, Scott Mackin, Gravy 
5/7/03: Regina Spektor, Clay Mitchell, GADU.  
Indeed, Regina was making the rounds as an antifolk star, and later that year would meet that guy from The Strokes, and her career skyrocketed soon after.  I had recorded the showcase. The audio still remains someplace, a treat to hear, solo keyboard.  GADU was led by Avishai Cohen, with vox by master whistler/singer Jeff Taylor. 
6/30/03: Denise Barbarita, Guinevere, Oskura, James Saltzman
Denise would later open up her own studios, called MONOLisa. She would win a Grammy for Best Children’s Album in 2018
8/18/03: Ed Fingerling, Biphonic, Kara Stover, Sara Driscoll Group 
10/13/03: Erin Hill, Katherine Pritchard, Kenny Shankard Group 
11/24/03: Jeremy Manjorin, Doug Walker, Fergus McCormick,
Geoffrey Armes, Liz Moore 
12/2/03: Matthew Logan, Jeremy Mix, Los Changos 
12/22/03  Dave Of Dave’s Place, Just Jill, Missy Pinto, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Matthew Logan
Dave’s Place was a public-access cable TV program in NYC. Jeremiah Birnbaum changed genders some years ago, and is known as Mya Byrne

Cordova Bay Entertainment Group became a sponsor 

Project Mercury
“Faded Leather”

Betty Dylan, with a newer version of “Flame”. This one includes guitar from Jon Herington.  I was aware of this band since 2002 with the release of the book and companion CD “American Trash

I would see Betty Dylan perform with the storied rhythm combo of Jerry Jemmott and Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, at the Rodeo Bar in NYC. 

Robin Brock “The Game” from her Hidden Monsters album.

Elizabeth Records sent me several albums in 2003.The
label was founded by Carolann Solebello, who later be a founding
member of Red Molly. Prior to this, she was one-fourth of CCRR (Cross-Continental Railroad). CCRR was  Carolann, Cheryl Prashker (top-notch percussionist), Rich Boniface, Ryder Daniels

Elisa Peimer

Elisa “Long Way To Heaven”

“Turning Circles” from Elisa’s album “Transparent”

I’m recalling having more intermittent Internet trouble, realizing I was
still on a slow PC, and on dial-up, and not much RAM to process at
once. I was broadcasting Tuesday evenings, into about early

9/9/03 was significant, as it was my first show with a cable modem,
broadcasting in 32k.

Bobby Stewart and the Contraires…left to right: Jon Sobel, Rich Kulsar,
Paul DeCoster and Bobby. 

I frequently played Bobby’s tune “Ran Out Of Lies”: 

Roberta Chevrette:


Miki Huber

Grace Millo
Lys Guillorn @ Valentines, Albany, NY, 2002 or 2003
Mike Rimbaud
David Goldman “Summer With Juliet”