Radio Crystal Blue in 2003

Paul Brubaker
Holly Miranda
Remy de Laroque and Black Flamingo

Doug Walker

I supported an indie label’s compilation series, a company called Artist
Amplification. Some artists from the series that got airplay:

Erika Simonian got airplay feature in 2003 as a Gem…she once was
part of the original Lilith Fair. She was part of a band under name,
also Week at the Lake, and The Sprinkle Genies, darlings of the
Antifolk scene in NYC.


Project Mercury
“Faded Leather”

Betty Dylan, with a newer version of “Flame”. This one includes guitar from Jon Herington.  I was aware of this band since 2002 with the release of the book and companion CD “American Trash


Jessie Murphy


Elizabeth Records sent me several albums at some point in 2003.The
label was founded by Carolann Solebello, who later be a founding
member of Red Molly and CCRR (Cross-Continental Railroad)

CCRR, with Carolann, Cheryl Prashker (top-notch percussionist), Rich
Boniface, Ryder Daniel

Closing music from this time period was typically John Catney’s “Now
Leaving The Solaar System (Canvas)


Elisa Peimer

Elisa “Long Way To Heaven”

“Turning Circles” from Elisa’s album “Transparent”

Melissa Gibson

Blake Christiana (before forming Blake and the Family Dog, and Yarn)
Athena eZ, before being known as Athena Reich
Diane Zeigler
The Sway Machinery…project by Jeremiah Lockwood, strong Delta
Blues sound,

Lara Herscovitch
Jenn Hartmann
Professor Louie

Morex Optimo
Birdhouse Hoboken Bird microtones
ellis tigers above

I’m recalling having more intermittent Internet trouble, realizing I was
still on a slow PC, and on dial-up, and not much RAM to process at
once. I was broadcasting Tuesday evenings, into about early

Christina Williams
Ed Fingerling
Kevin Brennan

Lys Guillorn
Marc Von Em

Jess Pillmore

occasional opening music Orb majestic

50 Cent Haircut
Emily Zuzik

I continue to recognize famous artists, usually upon the announcement
of their passing, as opposed to birthday ones.

Ada Rovatti and Elephunk
Chris Cubeta

9/9/03 was significant, as it was my first show with a cable modem,
broadcasting in 32k.
Jeremy Manjorin

Spike Emerson Society

Chrissy Coughlin
Dark Sweet Cherries
Akiva music
Allison Cipris
Bill Popp & The Tapes
Marianne Pillsbury

Interviewed Ed Fingerling at his home in Brooklyn, 10/13/03
also the band Rise at Strawberry Fields 10/7/02

Uncletoe’s Portasound
Geoffrey Armes
the Kennedys
Marfa Mystery Lights
Stay At Home Bomb
Halley Devestern
Michael Novick
Dan Cousins band
Axiom Addicts
The Fashion betty jean
Howlin Thurstons
Jen Elliott
John Taglieri
Josh Ritter
David LK Murphy
Josh Weinstein
The Contes bleed together

Knot Pinebox
Narcotic Lollipop
Mark McKay
Too Human simple needs
Robin Auld
Bobby Stewart and the Contraires…left to right: Jon Sobel, Rich Kulsar, ? and Bobby. 

I frequently played Bobby’s tune “Ran Out Of Lies”: 

Jeremiah Birnbaum
Erin Hill
Exit scenes from next week
Christene Ledoux
Tom Adler
Lauren Fincham
Bill Grady

Dave of Dave’s Place the last laugh
Just Jill