Radio Crystal Blue in 2012

Marci Geller with Vance Gilbert “No Weather Down”
Marci Geller
The Brehms
The Brehms “Kitty Kat”
Matt Harlan
Matt Harlan (r.) with Guy Clark
Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals “Baby Blue” from his album “Bow And Be Simple”
Dan May
Dan May “Lucy” from his 2011 album “Dying Breed”
Dan May “Water Under The Bridge” with Tracy Grammer. Sellersville Theater – March 10, 2012
Lowland Hum are Daniel Levi Goans and his wife Lauren, who are expecting their first child soon. They’ve also successfully completed a fan-funded campaign to repair their studio.
Lowland Hum “War Is Over”
Dale Fisher I had booked a couple of very successful shows for him and band in NYC. I came across his album, left out on a table at the former Cutting Room elsewhere in NYC.
Loretta Hagen
Loretta Hagen “I Gotta Build My House” performance at Hoboken NJ’s Fourth Of July Festival, 2010. . I was using my trusty point-and-shoot Sony camera to do video.
Sci-Fi Romance – Los Angeles alt-folk band
Sci-Fi Romance ‘Steam Drill Blues” from their concept album “The Ghost Of John Henry”
Eliane Amherd stays very busy with various music projects & events.
Eliane Amherd “Now And From Now On”, title track of her 2011 album . Great example of Brazilian and Latin-tinged jazz music
Heather Styka
“Contented” appears on Heather Styka’s 2011 album “Lifeboats For Atlantis”
the sisters Von Grey in 2012 – Petra, Annika, Kathryn, Fiona. My best guess on the order, left-to-right. They have since refined their sound from country to ethereal, and Petra is not currently performing with them.
Von Grey “Upset Me” from their 2014 album “Awakening”
Marc Black, songwriter
Marc Black “Ooh, I Love My Coffee” from 2010 album “Pictures Of The Highway”
The Kurt Henry Band from NY, great example of songwriter-oriented folk-rock. Currently the band is known as Dog Knows.
Cover of Patricia Silverberg‘s 2011 album “Don’t Look Back”
Patricia Silverberg “Don’t Look Back”
Wormburner, stalwart NYC band, whom actually sang a lot of NJ-oriented songs on the album “Pleasant Living In Planned Communities”. I saw their annual Christmas show at Mercury Lounge in NYC years ago, and donated my old winter coat to the cause.
DB Rielly‘s thoughtful songwriting and prose stands up to the very packaging of his music. This album comes inside a stainless still tin. He did likewise with his prior album. He also fashioned mock postcards into albums.
Sarah Blacker
Sarah Blacker “Perfectly Imperfect” from her 2013 EP “Pretty Little Things”
Megan Slankard
Megan Slankard “Fair Enough and Farewell” from her 2011 album “A Token Of The Wreckage”
Andrew Calhoun, songwriter. Founder of the former Waterbug Records, home for many great indie folk artists.
Ryan Tennis, based in Philadelphia. Hosted the Clubhouse (house) Concert series, which I attended a few times.
Ryan Tennis “Sunlight & Shade” from his 2012 album “Pack Light But Bring Everything”
The Slants, once known as a “Chinatown Dance Rock” band, are no longer active as performing artists, but have a foundation set up to “…advance the arts and to promote the development and empowerment of ethnic minorities…”
James Houlahan
James Houlahan “New World Blues” from his 2012 album “Misfit Hymns”