Radio Crystal Blue in 2010

I joined a startup Internet radio network called Radio Casbah this year.
I got more involved with audio, video and photo capabilities for live events. I began thinking of how to combine my interests in this, plus Internet radio, plus artist management/booking. 2010 was my final full year based in Brooklyn.

I interviewed Michael Pearlman, lead vox of Rejectionist Front and the founder of Rock To Save Darfur, in 2010. My leadoff question:
You’ve opened, as you cite, for George Clinton/P-Funk and Talib Kweli. Were you able to gather comments from them about your efforts with Rejectionist Front and with activism?
George Clinton heard RF and said “that music is real good.” He was supportive of RTSD’s efforts to end genocide and slavery in the Sudan. Talib Kweli posted the efforts of RTSD to free slaves on his website, highlighting the fact that the concert benefit that he headlined led directly to freeing more than 200 men, women and children from slavery and helped to save thousands of lives through our partnerships with CSISave The ChildrenDoctors Without Borders and other NGOs . 

Mark Erelli was Radio Crystal Blue’s Artist Of The Year in 2010
Mark Erelli “Little Vigils”
SONiA disappear fear
SONiA disappear fear “Who I Am” from “Blood, Bones & Baltimore” album
A Moment’s Worth
A Moment’s Worth – “Dedicate” from the album ‘Start Where You Are’
Bill Leverty
She Keeps Bees “New Seed”