Radio Crystal Blue in 2004

Kellylee Evans

“Hooked” , which may have been her first single, prior to her 2006 album “Fight Or Flight?”.

I had the honor of booking Kellylee at The National Underground, a small downstairs venue in NYC on Houston Street. Kellylee would win a Juno award in 2010 for her concept album “Nina”

Alastair Moock:

Moock: “Somewhere Elseward Blown” from his 2002 album “A Life I Never Had”

My guests on the RCB Showcases at the C-Note this year:
1/26: Emily Bregman, Melissa Gibson, Jeanette Palmer, Will Hawkins, The Neon Ties
2//23: Shivery Delicious, Anne Husick with Robert Knot Watkins and
Jen Elliott, Carla Patullo, and Spielplatz
4/5: Robin Aigner, Kathy Compton, Clay Ross

Julian Velard gave me this soundbite in an interview this year:
“I never really consider my music “Jazz”. I came to the piano  late, and jazz was a way to learn the skills I needed to write tunes. I was always interested in writing songs, first and foremost. I think that’s my connection to the antifolk scene. Apart from the gimmickery and sarcasm, antifolk is really about songwriting. I felt connected to them, even though
my music is, I think, very different. Plus when I started out, Sidewalk Cafe had the best open mic. As long as you were good, you could get an audience there. And even if you weren’t good, you could.”

Songwriter Michelle Mays gave the show a quote: “It’s more of an experience than a program! Humor, music, and Dan’s contemplative yet stimulating comments make for a refreshing and pleasant evening. Simply wonderful!”

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 26: Rock band Simon Stinger perform at the Whisky in Los Angeles, California on March 26, 2004. (Photo by Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
Simon Stinger “Madame X”
These days, Alicia Perrone and Victor James are the duo Fans Of Jimmy Century