Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo podcast episodes 3/21/23

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 3/21/23. Next shows should be published around 3/31/23.

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The main show is heard in 2 parts via the RSS feed. Use Mixcloud or the Internet Archive to hear the show as one long segment.


Panic Pocket “Mad Half Hour”
Joy Buzzer “Judy Judy Judy”
Blitz Union “Attention (Leave Me Alone)”
Motherhood “Dry Heave”
Explode The TV “Everything Points To You”
Noah Derksen “Heaven On A Hell Train” Sanctity of Silence
Gus Glynn “Wide Open Stream” – The Return Of The Captain

Running time: 60 minutes


Miles Davis “Miles Runs The Voodoo Down” – Bitches Brew
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers “Lester Left Town” – Africaine
I read part of the first chapter of Jack Kerouac’s book “Tristessa”
Morphine “Kerouac” – Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness compilation
Vapors of Morphine “No Sleep” – Fear And Fantasy
Bourbon Princess “Another Day” & “Sunset” – Black Feather Wings
Percy Sledge “Dark End Of The Street” – The Percy Sledge Way
Van Morrison “Bright Side Of The Road” – into The Music

Charlie Pace “Pink Boa Man”
Britt Connors “Long Time Coming” – Longitude
Jason Lang “Firewater” – Handle With Care
Withered Hand “Waking Up” –
Heather Pierson “Drink and Dance” – Lines and Spaces
Danielle Miraglia “Famous For Nothin’ ” – Bright Shining Stars
Tim Grimm “The Little In-Between” – The Little In-Between
Joy Guidry “Almost There” Radical Acceptance

Fraser Morgan “Mistakes Don’t Define You”
The Vagaband “On My Feet Again” – Beautiful World
Darlin “Without You Here”
Black Market Karma (with Underground Youth) “Wonky” – Friends In Noise
The Now “Devil Inside Me”
Quiet Riot “I Can’t Hold On”
Joker’s Hand “Danny Phantom” – Seeing Red
Boss’ Daughter “Okay” – Bouts With Bummers
Public Serpents “Snitches Stitches” – The Bully Puppet

Part 2 begins here:

ALBUM FOCUS: A reoccurring series focusing on new and outstanding concept, compilation and tribute albums
Putumayo Presents African Yoga: A Peaceful Soundtrack For Yoga and Relaxation
In tandem with the beginning of Putumayo’s 30th anniversary year, the world music label presents this collection, which draws from the rich musical tapestry of the vast
and diverse African continent
Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Ségal “Mako Mady”
Fetsum “Birth Of A River”
Buddha’s Lounge “Kumbatia”

Peter Mulvey (with SistaStrings) “Soft Animal” – Love Is The Only Thing
Jess Novak Band “Anchor” – A Thousand Lives
Jo Wymer “The Shoebox” – SLG
King Bee & The Stingers “Contrary To The Word” –
Laurie Morvan “The Extra Mile” -Gravity
Garett Huffman “Dreaming” –
Amy Speace “Blues For Joy” – Tuscon
Flat River Band “Helplessly Hoping” – Sights And Sounds
Michael Martin Murphey “Drunken Lady Of The Morning” – Austinology: Alleys Of Austin

The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams “Look Around” – A Very Unusual Head
Jon Shain & FJ Ventre “Woodsmoke” – Never Found A Way To Tame The Blues
Andrew Salgado “Learning How To Forget”
Stillhouse Junkies “Half A Pound Of Silver” – Small Towns
Karan Casey “I Live In A Country” (featuring Pauline Scanlon) – Nine Apples Of Gold
Nathans & Ronstadt “One Dollar Gloves” – Hello World
Annie & Rod Capps “Riverbound” – How Can I Say This?
Tipps & Obermiller “Rewind, Repeat” – Love (and Other Mysteries)
Rebecca Folsom “Sanctuary” – Sanctuary

MFSB “My Mood” – Universal Love

Running time: 4 hours, 59 minutes


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