Radio Crystal Blue and RCB Novus Ordo episodes 3/11/23

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 3/11/23. Next shows should be published around 3/21/23.

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The main show is heard in 2 parts via the RSS feed. Use Mixcloud or the Internet Archive to hear the show as one long segment.


Maria De Ruhe “Equalista” – Enarchy
Mag Electric “Thorn In My Side”
Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts “Girls On The East Side Of Town”
Esperfall “Black Flag” – Origins In Darkness
Plastic Rhino “Bleeding Heart” – Terminus
Romen Buffalo & The Loyal Order “Party Lines” – Party Lines
The Necks “Imprinting” – Travel

Running time: 60 minutes


Iggy Pop “Caesar” American Caesar
The Pipers & Drums of Leanisch “Scots Wha Hae” – Pride Of Scotland
Afro Celt Sound System “Saor/Free/News From Nowhere” – Vol 1: Sound Magic 1 (Real World Gold)
“Heroine” (theme from Captive) (music by The Edge, lyrics by The Edge and Sinéad O’Connor) – Captive original soundtrack
U2 “Red Hill Mining Town” -The Joshua Tree
Hothouse Flowers “Don’t Go” – People
Black 47 “Funky Ceili (Bridie’s Song)” – Fire Of Freedom
Black 47 “Five Points” – Green Suede Shoes

Meghan Cary “Wind” – Sing Louder
Basil Breen “Nelson”
Jo Wymer “The Well Runs Dry” – SLG
Mississippi MacDonald “Blind Leading The Blind” – Heavy State Loving Blues
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix “Fall Back On Me” – Strike Up The Band
Joselyn & Don “Deep Down” – Seeds & Bones
Anthony Gomes “I Believe” – High Voltage Blues
El Michels Affair “That Girl (featuring Black Thought)

Part 2 of the show starts here:

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Heaving” – Heaving
Kovacs “Bang Bang” – Child Of Sin
Zeeteah Massiah “Wat A Ting” – Wat A Ting
Love Is Enough “Falling” – Breathe
Max Forleo “The Black Curtain” – Dreams and Decadence
Weekend Recovery “No Guts, All The Glory” – Esoteric
Chip & The Charge Ups “This Bomb Isn’t Gonna Light Itself” – Lightning In Our Veins
The Bellwether Syndicate “Dystopian Mirror” – Vestige & Vigil
Blue Stragglers “Forever And A Day” – s/t
Black Bear Kiss “I Wanna Know” s/t

Ever More Nest “Almost Home” – Out Here Now
Papa John Gros “Deep In The Mud” – Center City
Pete Mancini “Horse And Sparrow” – Killing The Old Ways
Kenny George Band “Carolina 3” – Live From Greensboro
Jack Grace Band “Bearded Man” – What A Way To Spend The Night
Casey Penn “Winner Every Time” – One Step Away
Bonner Rhae “Whiskey Wishing” – Forward Address
Helene Cronin “What Do You Lean On” – Landmarks

Secret Emchy Society “Live Wire” – Gold Country/Country Gold
Tish Hinojosa “Lose Yourself To The Moon” – West
Moonfruits “Wednesday” – Salt
Chris Smither “I Am The Ride” – More From The Levee
Rod Picott “Jacknife” – Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil
Kyle Carey “Siubhail a Ruin” – The Art Of Forgetting
Alex Roberts & Graeme Ross “The Sussex Weild” – Meridians and Superpowers

Van Morrison “Listen To The Lion” Saint Dominic’s Preview

Running time: 4 hours, 19 minutes


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