Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue 3/31/23

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 4/1/23. Next shows should be published around 4/10/23.

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The main show is heard in 2 parts via the RSS feed. Use Mixcloud or the Internet Archive to hear the show as one long segment.


Tim Damerau “Lovebirds”
Róisín McCarney “Rules 4 An Ego”
Pavé “Til I Die”
A Cloud Of Ravens “Parable” – Lost Hymns
Eimear “I Am Woman”
Erika Olson “Little Shoulders” – This Is How I Pray
Justin Mychals “Die With An Empty Gun” – Appalachian Mountain Soul

Running time: 42 minutes


Sade “Paradise” – Diamond Life
Gotan Project “Last Tango In Paris” La Revancha del Tango
Everything But The Girl “Each And Every One” – Eden
Saint Etienne “You’re In A Bad Way” – So Tough
Saint Etienne “Spring” – Fox Base Alpha
Afro Celt Sound System “Release” – Volume 2: Release

Bud Rokesky “Tell John” – Outsider
Buddy Guy “We Go Back” (featuring Mavis Staples) – The Blues Don’t Lie
Nik Parr & The Selfless Lovers “So Far Gone” – Promised Land
Wesley Hanna “County Line” – Brand New Love Potion
Brooke Graham “Easy Does It” –
Dan Whitaker “Oh Cayenne” – I Won’t Play By Your Rules
James Houlahan “O What Is That Sound” – Beyond The Borders
John Arthur Martinez “Three White Spanish Horses” – Three White Spanish Horses

Deni Bonet “Why Not You?”
Darlingside “Crystal Caving” – Fish Pond Fish
Laure Briard “Me pardonner” – Ne pas trop rester bleue
Jeremy Voltz “Miracles” –
The Van Pelt “Old Souls & Different Epochs” – Artisans and Merchants

Part 2 begins here

Logan Richard “See Me Like This” – Learning To Love
Jack Goodall & The Kick “Never Happen” –
Bankes Brothers “In Waves” –
Monowhales “He Said/She Said (I Wait)” – Daytona Bleach
Melonball “We All Go Down” – Breathe
Grimelda “Freedom” (featuring Telgate)

ALBUM FOCUS: A reoccurring series focusing on new and outstanding concept, compilation and tribute albums.
Putumayo Presents African Yoga: A Peaceful Soundtrack For Yoga and Relaxation
In tandem with the beginning of Putumayo’s 30th anniversary year, the world music label presents this collection, which draws from the rich musical tapestry of the vast
and diverse African continent.
Karim Dabo “Au Revoir”
Berita “Ndikhawulele”
Kimi Djabate “Na”

Aztec Two Step 2.0 “Apocalypse (Now!)” – Apocalypse (Now!)
Rodeo FM “Something Wrong” – Right Wing Planet
Romen Buffalo & The Loyal Order “Who’s Going To Raise Cain” – Party Lines
Jaimee Harris “The Fair and Dark-Haired Lad” – Boomerang Town
David G Smith “River Gonna Talk” – Witness Trees
Wylie & The Wild West “Straight Up Country Music” – Bunchgrass

Lorraine Leckie & Pavel Cingl “The Man That Walks In The Rain” – The Raven Smiled
Jake Ybarra “Disappear” – Something In The Water
Gregory Uhlmann “You Touch The Clouds” – Again And Again
Chris Canterbury “Felt The Same” – Quaalude Lullabies
Duke & Goldie “Courage” –
Keelaghan “Alberta” – Second Hand

Closing music: MFSB “My Mood” – Universal Love

Running time: 3 hours, 50 minutes


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