Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo podcast episodes for 6/22/22

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 6/22/22. Next shows should be published 6/30/22. Both were recorded in 128-bit stereo with Audacity, on Dan’s newer Lenovo laptop computer, using a Blue Yeti X mic.

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Brock Davis “I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy” – A Song Waiting To Be Sung
Steve Yanek “Long Overdue” – Long Overdue @steveyanek
Tony Baltimore “Seaside Blues” – Let’s All Go Insane
Wisher “The Well” s/t @wishertheband
Nick Binkley “Cherry” – Stardust Angels Ghosts
The Lied To’s “Brokedown Jamboree” – The Worst Kind Of New @theliedtos
Courtney Hale Revia “Growing Pains” – Growing Pains @courtneyrevia
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus – “Words I Can’t Unsay” – Going The Distance @pattonbrokus

Closing music: Chicha Libre “Gnosienne No. 1” – Sonido Amazonico
Running time: 56 minutes


I opened with clips of Julee Cruise, as heard on the soundtracks to “Blue Velvet” and “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”
Julee Cruise “Into The Night” ‘Twin Peaks’ television soundtrack
Julee Cruise “Summer Kisses Winter Tears” – Until The End Of The World motion picture soundtrack
This Mortal Coil “Song To The Siren” – It’ll End In Tears
The B-52s “Roam” – Cosmic Thing
Martin Gore “In My Other World” Counterfeit2
Depeche Mode “Happens All The Time” – Delta Machine

Grace Morrison “The Trouble” – I’m The Apple @realgracemusic
Abbie Gardner “Cypress Tree” – DobroSinger @abbiegmusic
Peter Mulvey “Becket Was A Bird Of Prey” – There Is Another World @petermulvey43
Vance Gilbert “Another Great Day Above Ground” – Good Good Man @vancegilbert
Vanessa Lively “I Am A Skylark” – Truth Is @vanessalively
Joy Zimmerman “The Canvas Before Us” Prairie Wind
Ben Bedford “Empty Sky” – What We Lost
Giulia Millanta “Vola Via” – Woman On The Moon @guiliamillanta

Katie Knipp “I Don’t Sing For You” – Live At The Green Room Social Club @katieknipp
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix “A Thousand Ways To Freedom” – Strike Up The Band
Lemonade Sin “Denial Omens” – Anagrams @lemonadesin
The LA Maybe ‘Peace Of Mind’ – Dirty Damn Tricks @thelamaybe
Clay Soldiers “Drive You Home” – Life After Death @claysoldiersuk
MonteCarlo “Silver Ghost” – Super Double Fine
Blacktop Mojo “Strike Me” @blacktopmojo

On all services except Mixcloud and the Internet Archive, you can listen to part 2 starting at this point:

Alice Hubble “Summer Smoke” – Hexentanzplatz @alice_hubble
Dombrance “Mitterand” Republique Electronique @dombrance
Pink Diamond Revue “The Fuzz Guitar” @pinkdiamondrevu
Mason Hill “DNA” @masonhillband
Determinated “She’s Having A Nervous Breakdown” @determinateduk
With The Punches “Mirage” Discontent @withthepunches
Chief State “Wasting Away Waiting For Your Colours @chief_state

The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams “Absolutely Beautiful Freakin Day” – A Very Unusual Head @slambovia
Andrew Duhon “Emerald Blue” – Emerald Blue @andrewduhon
Bird Mancini “When You Get Back” Dreams & Illusions @birdmancini
Mahogany Fire Surround “Tunnels” – Caught In The Light @mahoganyfires
Terry Klein “The Salt” – Good Luck, Take Care @kleinsongs
Mark Erelli “A Little Kindness” – Blindsided @markerelli
Meghan Cary “My Life” – Sing Louder @meghancarysongs
Matt Harlan & Rachel Jones “Strangers On The Hill” – In The Dark @mattharlanmusic
Nichole Wagner “Bird Set Free” Dance Songs For The Apocalypse @nicholewagner_

Heather Pierson “Way Too Long” – Lines & Spaces @heatherpierson
Reggie Harris “Maybe It’s Love” – On Solid Ground @regmusicman
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem “Over And Over” – Violets Are Blue
Eliane Amherd “Heida” – La Degustation @elianeamherd
Captain Of The Lost Waves “Plastic Flowers For Stone Hearts – Mysterium Tremendum
Barney Bentall “Shadows” – Cosmic Dreamer
Beth Wood “Call When You Get Home” – The Long Road @bethwoodmusic
Yosh & Yimmy “Without A Barrier” – Three Rivers @yoshyimmy
Amanda Rose Riley “What I Need” – Broken Heart @amandaroseriley

Closing music: Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors “Speaking Curves” – Jhoom: The Intoxication Of Surrender
Running time: 4 hours, 23 minutes


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