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Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo podcast episodes for 3/7/22

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 3/7/22. Next show should be published 3/19/22. Both were recorded in 128-bit stereo with Audacity, on Dan’s newer Lenovo laptop computer, using a Blue Yeti X mic.

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Kate MacLeod “Companeros On The Rio” – Uranium Maiden http://www.katemacleod.com @katemacleod
Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys “Never Enough” – Ghost Hotel http://www.karenmorand.com
Black Hills Soul “Bad Luck Don’t Bother Me” – Where It All Begins http://www.blackhillssoul.com @blackhillssoul
Dan Weber “Farewell Maggie Valley” – The Way The River Goes http://www.danwebermusic.com @danwebermusic
David Gideon “Movin’ To The Country” – Lonesome Desert Strum http://www.gideonmusichouse.com @gideonmusic
Ken Dunn “Letter To My Son” – Anthology, Volume 1 http://www.kendunnmusic.com @kendunnmusic

Closing music: Chicha Libre “Gnosienne No. 1” – Sonido Amazonico
Running time: 50 minutes

Iggy Pop “Caesar” – American Caesar
Pamela Wyn Shannon “Tree Song” – Nature’s Bride http://www.pamelawynshannon.com
Loreena McKennitt “Marco Polo” – The Book Of Secrets
The 2nd Battalion Scottish Guards “Queen Elizabeth March/The Steam Boat/Up Early In The Morning/Kuala Kubu Baru” Pipes And Drums
The Dubliners “Black Velvet Band”
The Pogues “The Gentleman Soldier” Rum, Sodomy & The Lash
Van Morrison “And The Healing Has Begun” – Into The Music

Michael Veitch “Moving Day” – Wachtraum http://www.michaelveitch.com
Suzanne’s Band “Can’t Keep Me Down” Ice & Fire http://www.suzannesband.com @suzannesband
Meghan Cary “Responsibility” – Sing Louder http://www.meghancary.com @meghancarysongs
Rorie Kelly “This Girl” – Shadow Work http://www.roriekelly.com @roriekelly
Slaid Cleaves “Still Be Mine” – Ghost On The Car Radio http://www.slaidcleaves.com @slaidc
Deni Bonet “A Perfect Storm” – Bright Shiny Objects http://www.denibonet.com @denibonet
Live Hart “New Day” – Honesty http://www.livehart.com @livehart
Renata Zeiguer “Evergreen” – Picnic In The Dark http://www.renatazeiguer.com @renatazeiguer

Kathy Murray & The Kilowatts “My Mistake” Fully Charged http://www.kathymurrayandthekilowatts.com
Altered Five Blues Band “In The Name Of No Good” – Holler If You Hear Me http://www.alteredfive.com @A5Bluesband
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix “Chain Shot Cannonball” – Strike Up The Band http://www.professorlouie.com
Budderside “Never Worth It” http://www.budderside.com @budderside
Mick White “Sometime Superman” – Something’s Got To Give http://www.mickwhite.co.uk
Dream Theater “Transcending Time” – A View From The Top Of The World http://www.dreamtheater.com @dreamtheaternet
The Undertones “Thrill Me” – Dig What You Need: The Best Of The Reformation Years http://www.theundertones.com @theundertones_
Neville Staple Band “The Border” – Rude Rebels http://www.fromthespecials.com @nevillestaple
RōZY “Drunk On Love” http://www.rozyofficial.com @therozyofficial
The Rumjacks “Kicking Soles” – Brass For Gold http://www.therumjacks.com @rumjacks

On all services except Mixcloud, and Internet Archive, part 2 starts here:
The Currys “Oh Boy’ – This Side Of The Glass http://www.thecurrysmusic.com @the_currys
Yarn “Let’s Get Dark” – Shine The Light On http://www.yarnmusic.net @brooklynyarn
Donna The Buffalo “Holding Onto Nothing” – Dance In The Street http://www.donnathebuffalo.com @donnathebuffalo
Jay Stott “Grain Belt Sign” – Wreckage Of Now http://www.jgstott.com @jaystottmusic
Shane Martin “Anywhere” – Anywhere http://www.shanemartin.com @shanemartin
Mississippi MacDonald “I Heard It Twice” – Do Right, Say Right http://www.mississippimacdonald.com
Terry Klein “The Goldfinch” Good Luck, Take Care http://www.terrykleinmusic.com @kleinsongs
Heather Pierson “Where Will You Go” – Lines & Spaces http://www.heatherpierson.com @heatherpierson

Peter Mulvey “Henry’s Only Daughter” – There Is Another Road http://www.petermulvey.com @petermulvey43
Chris Smither “What I Do” – More From The Levee http://www.smither.com @chrissmither_
Chuck Brodsky “Them And Us” – Them And Us http://www.chuckbrodsky.com @chuckbrodsky
Janie Barnett “Night & Day” http://www.janiebarnett.com @janiebarnettbr
Miss Tess “Human Being” – Parlor Sounds http://www.misstessmusic.com @misstessmusic
Mike Agranoff “Wayfaring Stranger” – Ain’t Never Been Plugged http://www.mikeagranoff.com
Livingston Taylor “Good Friends” – The Best of LIVe: 50 Years Of Livingston Taylor http://www.livingstontaylor.com @livtaylor

Closing music: Van Morrison “Listen To The Lion” – Saint Dominic’s Preview
Running time: 4 hours, 19 minutes

Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
Internet’s longest running adult-alternative music station, established 2000.
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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo 9/30/17



RSS feed:
Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/RCBnew093017
mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/rcbnew093017.mp3
This show was published: 9/30/17

Emily Mure “Welfare Island” – Worth CD http://www.emilymure.com @emilymure
The Flying Salvias “Not A Prayer” – The Nature Of Things CD http://www.flyingsalvias.com
Steel Wool “Electro Sheep Therapy” – Just Maybe CD http://www.steelwoolband.com
Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt “Old Film” – Hang On For The Ride CD http://www.nathansandronstadt.com @aaron_nathans @mgronstadt
Ken Dunn “On My Merry Way” – Wondrous Beauty CD http://www.kendunnmusic.com @KenDunnMusic
Folkapotamus “Wayfaring Stranger” – Middle Of Nowhere CD http://www.folkapotamus.com @Folkapotamus


Closing music: DJ Flowerdove “Densum Chronos”
Twitter: @flowerdove2168

Running time: 49 minutos, 49 secundos
Host: Dan Herman
Production/post-production: Dan Herman and DJ Flowerdove
All content is free to listen and share via Creative Commons License version 4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:

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Radio Crystal Blue, in its 17th year online, is a weekly podcast that
features top songwriters and bands, indie, underground, and touring, in a
freeform format.


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mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/rcblive093017.mp3

Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/RCBlive093017
Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/radiocblue
and on Stitcher via the RSS

This show was published: 9/30/2017

Opening music:

“The Blue Nun” – Beastie Boys / Check Your Head (Label: Capitol, 1992)
“Song X” – Neil Young & Pearl Jam / Mirror Ball (Label: Reprise/Epic, 1995)
“It’s A Fine Day” – Opus III / Mind Fruit (Label: EastWest/PWL, 1992)
“Radio, Radio” – Elvis Costello / This Year’s Model (Label: Radar Records, 1978)
“Radio” – Sylvan Esso / What Now (Label: Loma Vista Recordings, 2017)
“Crystal” – New Order / Get Ready (Label: London, 2001)
“Blue” – Elastica / s/t (Label: Deceptive/Geffen, 1995)
Josi Davis “Calling” – t/t Calling CD http://www.josidavis.com @josidavismusic
Kevin So “Dreamin’ Bout Tomorrow” – Countryside CD http://www.kevinso.com @TweetKevinSo
Mark Erelli “Hourglass” – For A Song CD http://www.markerelli.com @MarkErelli
Jonathan Byrd “Slip Away” – You Can’t Outrun The Radio CD http://www.jonathanbyrd.com @jonathanbyrd
Peter Mulvey “Still Life” – Are You Listening CD http://www.petermulvey.com @PeterMulvey43
Dan Weber “I’m Comin’ Home” – What I’m Lookin’ For CD http://www.danwebermusic.com @danwebermusic
Heather Styka “Prodigal Child” – The Bittersweet Tapes CD http://www.heatherstyka.com @heatherstyka
Sweetback Sisters “Don’t Worry” – Killing Time CD http://www.thesweetbacksisters.com @SweetbackDish
Achilles Wheel “Let It Ride” – Devil In The Yard CD http://www.achilleswheel.com @AchillesWheelCA
Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders “Cole’s Boogie” – Anything You Wanted To CD http://www.danwhitaker.com @danwhitaker86
Tom Principato “Bo Bo’s Groove” – Live And Stil Kickin’ CD http://www.tomprincipato.com
The Rare Occasions “Halfheartedly” – Feelers EP http://www.therareoccasions.com @rareoccasions
Fire In The Field “Tomahawk” – War Bonnet EP http://www.fireinthefieldmusic.com @FireInTheField
Tenderhooks “Yolena” – North Star CD http://www.facebook.com/tenderhooks
CD Focus:
Michael Johnathon – Evening Song CD http://www.michaeljohnathon.com
Kentucky-based folk songwriter, Michael Johnathon, releases his 13th studio album, “Evening Song”, the first national CD release, completely recorded on an iPhone. He is, both, educational and ecologically-minded, with his projects, one of which, includes WoodSongs (Front Porch Association), which organizes rural, and community music. He is active as an author, playwright, and radio host.
From this new album I aired: “Go Laddy Go”, “St. James Hotel”, and “Masters Of War”.
Heather Pierson Trio “Take A Deep Breath And Smile” – Singin’ CD http://www.heatherpierson.com @HeatherPierson
Cosy Sheridan “If I Were A Bird” – Sometimes I Feel Too Much CD http://www.cosysheridan.com
Ordinary Elephant “Highway 71” – Before I Go CD http://www.ordinaryelephant.net @ordinarelephant
Tim Grimm And The Family Band “Hard Road” – A Stranger In This Time CD http://www.timgrimm.com
Hadley Kennary “Speak Fondly” – Momentum EP http://www.hadleykennary.com @hadleykennary
Abigail Dowd “Never That Far” – Don’t Wake Me CD http://www.abigaildowd.com @abigaildowd
Closing music: DJ Flowerdove “Wind Chill”
Twitter: @flowerdove2168

Running time: 3 hours, 4 minutos
Host: Dan Herman
Production/post-production: Dan Herman and DJ Flowerdove

Recorded in stereo to 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 Hz in mp3 format, using Audacity software.

Radio Crystal Blue proudly endorses Teeccino, America’s #1 coffee
alternative http://www.teeccino.com

All content is free to listen and share, via Creative Commons License, version 4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:


EMAIL: dan@radiocrystalblue.net
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Dan Herman
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