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Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue podcast episodes for 5/22/22

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 5/20/22. Next shows should be published 5/31/22. Both were recorded in 128-bit stereo with Audacity, on Dan’s newer Lenovo laptop computer, using a Blue Yeti X mic.

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Caulbearers “Twisted Cord” http://www.caulbearers.com @caulbearers
Reaven “Ordinary Heroes” – For Tomorrow http://www.reavenmusic.net @reavenmusic
Sea Driver “Group Mentality” – Group Mentality http://www.facebook.com/seadriverUK @seadriverUK
Break Me Down “See Me All” https://www.facebook.com/BreakMeDownIT/ @breakdownit
Cujo Moon “In The Stars” – Horizons http://www.cujomoon.com @cujomoon
Angela Perry “Fallen” – 21 Days http://www.angelaperrymusic.com @angelaperry
The Mercy Alliance “Wake Up” – Watchin’ The Dancers http://www.themercyalliance.us @mercy_alliance
Ørchêster Der Kultureñ “Vaterland” – A World Symphony https://www.orchesterderkulturen.de/ @OKulturen

Closing music: Chicha Libre “Gnosienne No. 1” – Sonido Amazonico
Running time: 56 minutes


Spike Jones “Dance Of The Hours”
Dick Dale “Nitro” -Tribal Thunder
Dick Dale “The Scavenger” – Checkered Flag
Judas Priest “Heading Out To The Highway” – Point Of Entry
Blue Öyster Cult “Then Came The Last Days Of May” s/t
Elastica “Car Song” – s/t
Jan Hammer “Cool Runnin’ – Miami Vice: Special Edition
JP Jones “Pull Over” – Life & Death
Kraftwerk “Autobahn” – The Mix

Barney Bentall “Not Standing Up To You” – Cosmic Dreamer http://www.barneybentall.com @barneybentall
Lara Taubman “Ol’ Kentucky Night” http://www.larataubman.com @larataubman
Live Hart “We Can Change The World” – Honesty http://www.livehart.com @livehart
Vanessa Lively “(Truth Is) I Am Found” – Truth Is http://www.vanessalively.com @vanessalively
Michele D’Amour & The Love Dealers “Let It Slide” – Wiggle Room http://www.micheledamourandthelovedealers.com @mmdamour
Veronica Lewis “Fool Me Twice” -You Ain’t Unlucky http://www.veronicalewis.com @imveronicalewis
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix “Chain Shot Cannon Ball” – Strike Up The Band http://www.professorlouie.com

Patti Witten “Nine Days In Texas” – Sycamore Tryst http://www.pattiwitten.com

On all services except Mixcloud and the Internet Archive, you can listen to part 2 starting at this point:

A selection of artists performing at the upcoming Kerrville Folk Festival http://www.kerrvillefolkfestival.org
Jason Erie “Ten Penny Thoughts” – Tiny Fires http://www.jasoneriemusic.com
Jana Pochop “Exit Plan” – The Astronaut http://www.janapochop.com @janapochop
Dan Weber “The Way The River Goes” – The Way The River Goes http://www.danwebermusic.com @danwebermusic
Dana Cooper “Flower And The Vine” – I Can Face The Truth http://www.danacoopermusic.com @DCRoadshow
Terri Hendrix “Fisherman’s Blues”- Pilgrim’s Process: Project 5.5 http://www.terrihendrix.com @terrihendrix
Chuck Brodsky “The Absence Of You” – Them And Us http://www.chuckbrodsky.com @chuckbrodsky
Vance Gilbert “Cousin Shelly’s Station Wagon” – Good Good Man http://www.vancegilbert.com
Shinyribs “24 Hours From Tulsa” – Late Night TV Gold http://www.shinyribs.org @shinyribs
Michael Martin Murphey “Emilia Farewell” – High Stakes http://www.michaelmartinmurphey.com @Rocking3m
Sugar For The Pill “Drink Conium” – Wanderlust https://www.facebook.com/Sugar4ThePill/ @sugarforthepill
Keeley “To A London Sunrise” – Echo Everywhere https://www.facebook.com/keeleysound @keeleysound
Matt Pless “Disco Ball” – Cheap Shots On The Rocks http://www.mattpless.com @mattpless
Petty Cassettes “Good Enough” – http://www.facebook.com/pettycassettes @pettycassettes
Luna Kiss “Operate” http://www.lunakiss.co.uk
Chief State “Wasting Away” – Waiting For Your Colours http://www.chiefstate.com
Ventruss “Spirit Of Chosen” – The Serpent http://www.ventrussmusic.com @ventruss_

ALBUM FOCUS: Edgar Winter – Brother Johnny http://www.edgarwinter.com
This tribute to Edgar’s late brother Johnny Winter features songs that figure noticeably in Johnny’s music recording history.
From this album, I aired:
“Rock N’ Roll Hoochie Koo” (featuring Steve Lukather)
“When You Got A Good Friend” (featuring Doyle Bramhall II)
“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (featuring Phil X)

Cole Quest & The City Pickers “The Bitcoin Gambler” – Self[Entitled] http://www.colequest.com @colequestcp
Few Miles South “$40 Room” – Wiregrass http://www.fewmilessouth.com
Amanda Rose Riley “Seeing Stars” – Coming Home http://www.amandaroseriley.com @amandaroseriley
Captain Of The Lost Waves “I Don’t See You” – Mysterium Tremendum http://www.captainofthelostwaves.com
Sarah McQuaid “One Sparrow Down” – The St. Buryan Sessions http://www.sarahmcquaid @sarahmcquaid
Lunar Bloom “Call Me A Woman” – http://www.lunarbloomband.com

Closing music: Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors “Speaking Curves” – Jhoom: The Intoxication Of Surrender
Running time: 3 hours, 59 minutes

Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus for 7/3, 7/10/16

RSS feed:
Listen to samples of each song I have aired in this week’s show via Clammr:
Shows are currently on a biweekly schedule, through mid-August
This show was published 7/15/16
Meresha “You” – My Love Has Come CD http://www.meresha.com @mereshas
Crooked Eye Tommy “After The Burn” – Butterflies & Snakes CD http://www.crookedeyetommy.com @TommyMarsh805
Cost Of Attrition “There You Go” – s/t EP http://www.costofattrition.com @costofattrition
The Bare Hambones “You Have No Idea” – Time For Kicking CD http://www.thebarehambones.com @BareHambones
We Are Parasols “Our Bodies Will Inherit The Earth” – http://www.nomovementrecords.com @WeareParasols
Gadi Caplan “Good Afternoon” – Morning Sun CD http://www.gadicaplan.com
Say Real “Feel About Us” – Unarmed and Ready EP http://www.sayrealmusic.com @SayRealmusic
Ivas John “Payday Boogie” – Good Days a Comin CD http://www.ivasjohn.com
Jordan Renzi “You’d Never Know” – Featherbed Lane CD http://www.jordanrenzi.com
Running time:  77 minutos
All content is free to listen and share via Creative Commons License version
4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:
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PHONE: 215-995-2234 or 253-537-1096
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Here’s RCB proper:
Radio Crystal Blue, in its 16th year, is a weekly podcast that features top
songwriters and bands, indie, underground, and touring, in a freeform
Chirbit:  http://chirb.it/01N9M0
Shows are currently on a biweekly schedule, through mid-August
Opening music:
Geoffrey Armes “The Neighborhood Dubhouse” – Hemispheres CD http://www.geoffreyarmes.com @GeoffreyArmes
Monica Rizzio “Buttercups” – Washashore Cowgirl CD http://www.monicarizzio.com @monicarizzio
Screen Door Porch “Wren Bird Song” – Modern Settler CD http://www.screendoorporch.com @screendoorporch
The Early Mays “Take My Time” – s/t CD http://www.theearlymays.com
Moot Davis “Just Left Home” – Goin In Hot CD http://www.mootdavis.com @mootdavis1
Heather Maloney “Involuntarily” – Making Me Break CD http://www.heathermaloney.com  @heathermaloney_
MJ Hibbett & The Validators “The 80s How It Was” – Still Valid CD http://www.mjhibbett.co.uk @MJHibbett
Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers “In Her Rearview Mirror” – City Eastern Serenade CD http://www.frankmigliorelli.com @fmigliorelli
Calico “Break Your Heart” – Rancho California CD http://www.calicotheband.com @calicotheband
Kalo “Once I Had A Heart” – Dear John CD http://www.kaloblues.com @KALOBlues
Michele D’Amour & The Love Dealers “Dress Code” – Ante Up CD http://www.micheledamourandthelovedealers.com @mmdamour
RJ Cowdery “Across The Great Divide – Something Fine CD http://www.rjcowdery.com @rjcowdery
Peter Mulvey “Remember The Milkman?” – Silver Ladder CD http://www.petermulvey.com @petermulvey43
Mark Erelli “Oklahoma” – For A Song CD http://www.markerelli.com @MarkErelli
Darlingside “Volcano Sky” – Birds Say CD http://www.darlingside.com @darlingside
Jessie Kilguss “Train Song” – Devastate Me CD @jessiekilguss
Matt Turk “When A Boy” – Cold Revival CD http://www.turktunes.com @turktunes
Cardboard Ox “The Fisherman” – s/t CD http://www.cardboardoxmusic.com @traciepotes
Krista Baroni “B-Sides” – Oh My Magpie CD http://www.kristabaroni.com @kristabaroni
Sarah Pierce “Small Town” – Barbed Wire CD http://www.sarahpierce.com @sarahpierceband
Jean Mann “Beach” – Between The Rocks and Stars CD http://www.jeanmann.net @jeanmann
Amy Soucy “Little Wooden Boat” – This River EP http://www.amysoucymusic.com
Closing music: DJ Flowerdove “Sol Aurora” http://www.reverbnation.com/loralouisenichols @flowerdove2168
Running time: 143 minutes
Recorded in stereo to 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 Hz in mp3 format, using
Audacity, converted to 96 kbps.
Radio Crystal Blue proudly endorses Teeccino, America’s #1 coffee
All content is free to listen and share via Creative Commons License version
4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:
EMAIL: dan@radiocrystalblue.net
PHONE: 215-995-2234 or 253-537-1096
Facebook: Dan Herman & Radio Crystal Blue
Twitter: @radiocblue