Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo podcast episodes for 8/21/22

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 8/22/22. Next shows should be published 8/31/22. Both were recorded in 128-bit stereo with Audacity, on Dan’s newer Lenovo laptop computer, using a Blue Yeti X mic.

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Gemma Cullingford “New Day” (Rodney Cromwell remix)
Band Of Sliver “Machine”
Chase Engel And The Night Shift hyde
Tom Collins “Another Cigarette”
The Orchids “Isn’t It Easy”
Light By The Sea “C’est Le Voyage”
Kenny George Band “2 More Songs About Heartbreak” – Live From Greensboro EP
Alice Howe “500 Miles” – Americana Railroad compilation

Closing music: Chicha Libre “Gnosienne No. 1” – Sonido Amazonico
Running time: 48 minutes



The Ventures “1999 A.D.” & “Psychedelic Venture” – Super Psychedelics
Jack Nitschze “The Lonely Surfer” – The Lonely Surfer
Nancy Sinatra “I Move Around” – Boots
Love “Bummer In The Summmer” – Forever Changes
Marianne Faithfull “Summer Nights” – Go Away From My World

Ben Harper “Smile At The Mention” – Bloodline Maintenance
Durham County Poets “Out Of The Woods” – Out Of The Woods
Grace Solero ” ‘Til You Return” – Metamorphosis
Sam Robbins “What Kind Of Faith Are You Praying In” – Bigger Than In Between
Meg Williams “Give It Time” – Live & Learn
Jann Klose “Sugar My” –
Deni Bonet “Why Not You”
Nichole Wagner “Raised By Wolves” –
RJ Cowdery “Is There Time” – What If This Is All There Is

Jo Wymer “No Rules” – SLG
Jim Dan Dee “T For Trouble” – Real Blues
Bloody Jug Band “Days Spent” – Stranded
The Reverend Shawn Amos “Stranger Than Today” – Hollywood Blues: Songs and Stories From The Family Tree (1977-2022}
Mississippi McDonald “If You Want A Good Cup of Coffee” – Do Right, Say Right

Biche with Pearl & The Oysters “En Plein Coeur De La Nuit” Cordonneses
Shape Of Water “The Snoot” – Amor Fati
Lethia’s Natorium “Lullaby”
Chariot Arcana “Secret Mission” –
Seal Party “Never The Problem” – MMXXII
Messer “Everything Beautiful”
On all services except Mixcloud and the Internet Archive, you can listen to part 2 starting at this point:

Jon Shain & FJ Ventre “Den Bosch Blues” – Never Found A Way To Tame The Blues
Lara Hope & The Ark-tones “It’s A Crime” – Here To Tell The Tale
Shane Martin “Her Faith In Me” – Anywhere
Golden Shoals “Old Buffalo” s/t

Putumayo World Music presents its latest compilation: Afro-Cubano, with music representing much of the Africana diaspora, and its alignment with the New World.
From this new compilation, I aired these:
Manu Dibango “Bessoka (Version Courte)” (Cameroon)
Eneida Marta “Dur Di Kutubel” (Guinea-Bissau)
Jesus Alejandro ‘VanEl Nino’ “Adios Guajira” (Cuba)

Vance Gilbert “Trust” – Good Good Man
The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams “Solve It All Dali” – A Very Unusual Head
Aztec Two Step 2.0 “Breathe”
Buffalo Rose (with Tom Paxton) “Jennifer’s Rabbit” – Rabbit

Lara Herscovitch “Sailing To Newfoundland” – Highway Philosophers
Susan Cattaneo “No Hearts Here” – All Is Quiet
Ellis Paul “When Angels Fall”
Joe Purdy “I Will Let You Go” Coyote
Debbie Miller “Metaphor” – Live In An Empty Sea
Livingston Taylor “Bicycle”- The Best Of LIVe: 50 Years of Livingston Taylor

Closing music: Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors “Speaking Curves” – Jhoom: The Intoxication Of Surrender
Running time: 4 hours, 2 minutes


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