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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo week of 5/15/16

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Listen to samples of each song I have aired in this week’s show via Clammr:
This show was published 5/25/16
Sim Ross “Believe You Me” – Ohio City Songs CD http://www.simrossredemption.com
Debbie Bond “Wishbone” – Enjoy The Ride CD www
diNMachine “Jabbr Wawy” – The Opposites Of Unity CD http://www.dinmachine.com
Brooks Williams “Year Began” – My Turn Now CD http://www.brookswilliams.com
Carrington MacDuffie “My Little Guitar” – Crush On You EP
Rob Carlson & The Benefit Street Band “The One Called Shenandoah” – Angels
Running time: 53  minutes
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Here’s RCB proper:
Radio Crystal Blue, in its 16th year, is a weekly podcast that features top
songwriters and bands, indie, underground, and touring, in a freeform
Shows on this website are kept in perpetuity.
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Opening music:  Guided By Voices “Hold On Hope” – Do The Collapse CD
Amy Soucy “Around The Bend” – This River CD http://www.amysoucymusic.com
Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea “Jigsaw Heart” – On The Rocks CD
Sarah Pierce “Saddle Up” – Barbed Wire CD http://www.sarahpierce.com
Annalise Emerick “Patti Smith” – Field Notes CD http://www.annaliseemerick.com
SONiA/Disappear Fear “Won’t Let Go” – Live At Maximal promo EP
Achilles Wheel “Along The Way” – Devil In The Yard CD http://www.achilleswheel.com
Simon McBride “Lead Us Way” – Crossing The Line CD http://www.simonmcbride.com
The Kurt Henry Band “Julia In Running Shoes” – From Our Religions We’ll Be
Butchers Blind “Black & White Dreams” – A Place In America EP
Purusa “Surrender” – Repair CD http://www.purusaband.com
Kittenhead “Tinman” – We’re Here! CD http://www.kittenheadla.com
Eliane Amherd “Turn The World Around” – Skylines CD http://www.elianeperforms.com
Val Blaha “Time To Go” – Water Ashes & Wood CD http://www.valblaha.com
Darryl Holter “Oklahoma Hills” – Radio Songs: Woody Guthrie In Los Angeles
Doug Adamz “Ode To An Old Guitar” – Doug Adamz Plays National Steel CD
Rod Picott “Jeremiah” – Fortune CD http://www.rodpicott.com
Closing music: DJ Flowerdove “Sol Aurora”
Running time: 119 minutes
Atmosphere: via neuro
Recorded in stereo to 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 Hz in mp3 format, using
Audacity, converted to 96 kbps.
EMAIL: dan@radiocrystalblue.net
PHONE: 215-995-2234 or 253-537-1096
Facebook: Dan Herman & Radio Crystal Blue
Twitter: @radiocblue