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Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo podcast episodes for 4/10/22

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 4/10/22. Next show should be published 4/20/22. Both were recorded in 128-bit stereo with Audacity, on Dan’s newer Lenovo laptop computer, using a Blue Yeti X mic.

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Pork Pie “Pagan” – Pterodactyl http://www.porkpieband.co.uk @porkpieband
Pete Smith “No Smoke Without Fire” https://www.facebook.com/petesmith85
Krashkarma “Blind Faith” http://www.krashkarma.com @krashkarma
Ratchet Dolls “Modern Mistake” – http://www.ratchetdolls.net @ratchetdolls
Brace! Brace! “Seeking” Care https://www.facebook.com/bracebracemusic/
Tom Collins “Titanic” https://www.facebook.com/tlcollinsmusic/
Greg Greenway “Stars” – Songs From The Beginning http://www.greggreenway.com

Closing music: Chicha Libre “Gnosienne No. 1” – Sonido Amazonico
Running time: 44 minutes


Pink Floyd “In The Flesh?” – The Wall
Genesis “Domino” (Parts 1 and 2) – Invisible Touch
Genesis “Dancing With The Moonlight Knight” – Selling England By The Pound
Gary Numan “Down In The Park” – Replicas Redux
Arcade Fire “Keep The Car Running” – Neon Bible
Foo Fighters “Stacked Actors” – There Is Nothing Left To Lose

Pretty Archie “It’s You” – s/t http://www.prettyarchie.com @heyprettyarchie
EG Vines “Am I Dreaming” – Through The Mirror http://www.egvines.com @egvines
Paula Standing “I’d Go Back Again” – Heaven On Earth http://www.paulastanding.com @paulastanding
Caroline Cotter “Hey Mama” – Home On The River http://www.carolinecotter.com @CCottermusic
Ian Lake “Fishing For Promises” http://www.ianlake.com @ianlake
Meghan Cary “Wind” – Sing Louder http://www.meghancary.com @meghancarysongs
Keeton Coffman “In The End” – Hard Times http://www.keetoncoffman.com @keetoncoffman
Deni Bonet “Einstein’s Brain” – Bright Shiny Objects http://www.denibonet.com @denibonet

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix “Livin’ In This Country” – Strike Up The Band
Bloody Jug Band “Tommyknockers” – Stranded http://www.bloodyjugband.com @thebjb
Museum Of Light “New Money” https://www.facebook.com/museumoflightband/
The Darker My Horizon “Propaganda Part One” – http://www.thedarkermyhorizon.com @darkerhorizonuk
Second Cities “Oceans (Elemental Hero Bubbleman)” – Out With The Old https://www.facebook.com/SecondCities/ @secondcitiesuk
Kaspar Baum “Kid On The Carpet” – Vuurland http://www.kasparbaum.nt @KasparBaum_band
Basement Revolver “Be Okay” – Embody https://www.facebook.com/basementrevolver @baserevolvmusic
Aliens “Leave Luck To Heaven” http://www.aliensnewyork.com @ALIENSMUSIC

On all services except Mixcloud and the Internet Archive, you can listen to part 2 starting at this point:

ALBUM FOCUS: A reoccurring series featuring outstanding compilation, concept and tribute albums, track-for-track, over several shows.
World Chill is the newest compilation of music from across the world by Putumayo World Music, with a deliberate downtempo, soft, chill vibe. This album is Putumayo’s first ever digital-only collection. http://www.putumayo.com
From this compilation I aired:
Rikhy Ray (Germany) “Indian Christmas”
Tomas R. Einarsson & Ragnheious Grondal (Iceland) “Hjarta Mitt”
Ramon Bermudez Jr (US) “On The Road To My Father’s House”

These artists are among those performing in the upcoming New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival http://www.nojazzfest.com @jazzfest :

The Revelers “I Wouldn’t Do that To You” – At The Ends Of The River http://www.revelersband.com @revelersband
Jamie Lynn Vessels “Haunted Soul” – Storm Coming http://www.jamielynnvessels.com @jamievessels_
John ‘Papa’ Gros “Please Don’t Bury Me” – Central City http://www.johnpapagros.com @johnpapagros
Lakou Mizik “Iko Kreyol” (featuring Win Butler and Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, & 79rs Gang) – HaitiaNola @lakoumizik

Jess Novak Band “Anchor” – A Thousand Lives http://www.jessrocknovak.com @jessrock87
Shane Martin “Cut From The Same Cloth” – Anywhere http://www.shanemartin.com @shanemartinband
Aztec Two-Step 2.0 “Words (How Do You Tell Someone)” – http://www.aztectwostep.com
Whalien “Tastin’ ” – For Realien http://www.whalienmusic.com @whalienmusic
Jon Spear Band “Follow The Light” – B-Side Of My Life http://www.jonspearband.com @jonspearband
The Currys “Jose” – This Side Of The Glass http://www.thecurrysmusic.com @the_currys
The Accidentals “Remain The Same” – Time Out Session #2 http://www.theaccidentalsmusic.com @moreaccidentals

The Golden Glows “The Reed Choked House” – On Moonlight And Rain http://www.goldenglows.be
Guilia Millanta “Mad Man On The Moon” – Woman On The Moon http://www.giuliamillanta.com
Nora Sanger “Be Yourself” http://www.norasanger.com @realnorasanger
Heather Pierson “Way Too Long” – Lines & Spaces http://www.heatherpierson.com @heatherpierson
Grace Morrison “The Trouble” – I’m The Apple http://www.gracemorrison.com @realgracemusic
Terri Hendrix “Piney Rose” – Pilgrim’s Progress: Project 5.5 http://www.terrihendrix.com @terrihendrix
Carrie Elkin “Albatross” – The Penny Collector http://www.carrieelkin.com @carrieelkin

Closing music: Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors “Speaking Curves” – Jhoom: The Intoxication Of Surrender
Running time: 4 hours, 19 minutes

Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
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