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Radio Crystal Blue 8/26/12 news

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Last minute word came that La Resistance, a band whose music you heard on the 8/19 edition, was scheduled for a gig at The Fire here in Philly. I jumped at the chance to attend. Full review of the show at
I have video of La Resistance as well, which will appear on my YouTube channel once it’s cleared by the band.


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Tonight I’m attending this one:
Starring (Northern Spy Records), Guardian Hall, et al, at Kung Fu
Necktie, here in Philly

Looking into the near future, watch and listen for audio interviews of Ariel Publicity clients

I still intend to have RCB swag built with a new logo. It’s long overdue! I might wait until I’m working again to make this happen.
I am inundated with new CDs. Anything that arrives now might have as long as an 8 week wait to debut. Not only am I seeking new material, I’m also seeking great concept/compilation CDs that I can feature, track-for-track.
Desmond Grundy: ” I appreciate the time you put into creating your finely crafted show. Good sound, good songs, intelligent banter.” www.desmondgrundy.com
Larry Brown: “Just listend to the broadcast 8/19/12, It was great. This is what radio should be about. So glad to be a part of this.” http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000089509898

RCB Novus Ordo: Oustanding music includes Gigi Love with alternative country/folk from the Rockies, an instrumental piece from Brazil’s Lu Horta, and NYC’s At Sea (latest project by longtime airplay recipient Jason Brody; I first got to see the band last month)

RCB proper: Segment 1: Started with a new song from Jenee Halstead and a recent one from Sarah Blacker. Both songwriters are performing at Adam Ezra’s Ramble in Salisbury, MA, 8/25. The song I spun of Garrison Starr’s “Slow Crawl” will soon have a video by Garrison herself. Fellow West Coast songwriter Lily Wilson was heard afterward. Chris Riffle & La Resistance were on a showcase at Brooklyn NY’s Spike Hill on 8/23. Segment 2 includes music from a brand new EP by Voxhaul Broadcast. Val Emmich is about to launch a new CD. Spun another new one from roots rockers Whisperado. The Portraits (RCB Best Intertional Artists of 2011) will soon send me their new album. Segment 3 was filled with blues and country throughout, including another new song from Karen Collins & The Backroads Band (hearing either pedal or slide guitar through a number of these songs). Closing segment started with Parisian songwriter Hannah Judson and another from her unique-sounding album. A few summer songs also from Meredith Blis and Lynn Hollyfield.

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Pete Fornatale, one of my direct radio heroes, would have been 67 this week. Peter Fornatale, his son, is a writer, editor and..wait for it…handicapper (suprise!). Read Peter’s webbloggery at http://unbearablebetting.com/
Not to be outdone, I’ll post to my handicapping blog about Saturday’s racing at Saratoga www.cblue456.tumblr.com
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@ The Fire, Philadelphia, 8/22/12

A perfect Philly summer evening, and yet with hardly an audience at The
Fire. What gives? Is everyone away? It seemed so, as only a handful of folks
showed up for 2 acts.
Early on I wasn’t sure I’d be on time, myself. I had trouble locating my
camera battery, and opted to make a last-ditch run to the local Staples
(near the local Acme, which every pronounces “Ac-a-me.” Never understood that).
Receiving the usual above-board customer service,  I found just the battery I needed, did a quick costume change after a mile walk, and was off for Fishtown.
One of the announced bands, The Left Lingo, was not on the roster tonight.
Instead, there was a solo act, guitarist-songwriter Anjuli Josephine.
Anjuli is a local songwriter, armed with a Rickenbacker (I think; it’s branded “Supro”) who was playing her 4th-ever show. Her six-string has a finely-crafted low sound, yet strong, a perfect complement to Anjuli’s middle-high range of vocals. This contrast in sound is what makes her unique. Her songs seem to be based around relationships and her life experience. I’m curious to hear these songs with a full band, which she has had for all prior gigs.
La Resistance traveled from their home of Birmingham, Alabama to tour the
East Coast, with this show only recently announced before performing in
NYC’s Spike Hill on Thursday. The band is a classic 4-piece of drums, bass,
keys and rhythm guitar. Their keyboardist was filling in for regular member
Erin Tumlin, who is with child. The band’s sound is fairly original, with
an album produced by lead vox/guitarist Greg Summerlin. Tho this band is
from the Deep South, they stand apart from the country and Americana band
are that are prevalent there. I say it’s more like engaging space rock.
There are elements of early New Wave (Joy Division is an oft-compared
example) and some danceable rock that was popular circa 1990 (Jesus Jones,
for one). Much of the music is anchored in Randall’s bass, with lots of
distorted guitar by Greg, and piercing synth from the aforementioned
keyboardist (whose name I didn’t recall). Greg playfully mused on drafting
a fantasy football team with or without Michael Vick. There were some brief technical issues with amps but otherwise they plowed through song after song, showing an experienced confidence on stage.
In the audience was Alex Yaker, who is in several Philly bands, and goes back with Greg a number of years. Alex fronts a lounge-type band called Roomtone; they have just completed their debut album. Greg was fond of citing Bottletree, a favorite venue in  Birmingham. Greg & Max after the show had mentioned working with John Strohm (Blake Babies, Lemonheads) . La Resistance will return to NYC in October for the CMJ Music Marathon, and will likely swing through Philly. There are plans to record some songs for an EP later in 2012 as well.

More photos at the latest Facebook gallery.

I do have video of La Resistance which is awaiting approval by the band. If it’s permitted for viewing, it will be linked here and also appear on my YouTube channel.

Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo for week of 8/19/12

Radio Crystal Blue: Novus Ordo spotlights CDs that are debuting on my
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Gigi Love “Planets Align” – Sweet Relief CD www.gigilove.com
Lu Horta “Todo Mundo Quer Amor” – Paraiso Eu CD www.luhorta.com.br
Shara Strand “Jekyll Or Hyde” – Born Tonight CD www.sharastrand.com
At Sea “Everything Looks Better In The Dark” – A New Machine CD www.atseamusic.com
Chuck Schaeffer “What Jenny Says” – Along These Lines CD www.chuckschaeffer.com
Dylan Jane “Aboard The Westbound Train” – Paint, Clay, and other Mediums CD www.dylanjanemusic.com
Chords Of Truth “Tune Your Mind” – Reflections of Reality CD www.chordsoftruth.com
Justine Dorsey “Cliche” – Unsaid EP www.justinedorsey.com
Running time: 66 minutos
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This show was distributed on 8/22/12.
Artists who are appearing at events together are marked by * and **
Opening music: Nigel Hayes “Wallfield” – Northern Lights EP www.intelligentaudio.net
*Sarah Blacker “Drivin’ ” – Come What May CD www.sarahblacker.com
*Jenee Halstead “Get Good With It” – Raised By Wolves CD www.jeneehalstead.com
Garrison Starr “Slow Crawl” – Amateur CD www.garrisonstarr.com
Lily Wilson “Harbour” – Harbour CD www.lilywilson.com
*Chris Riffle “watch the sky” – i am not from here EP www.chrisriffle.com
*La Resistance “Knowing” – Philosophy CD www.laresistancemusic.com
The Portraits “Liberty” – The Blushing Of A World In White CD www.theportraits.info
The Kurt Henry Band “From Our Religions We’ll Be Free” – From Our Religions We’ll Be Free CD www.kurthenry.com
Whisperado “Country Of One” – I’m Not The Road CD www.whisperado.com
Rod Piazza & The All Mighty Flyers “We Belong Together” – Almighty Dollar CD www.rodpiazza.com
Val Emmich & The Veeries “Experts” – Aide-Memoire CD www.valemmich.com
Voxhaul Broadcast “Somewhere I’ve Never Been” – Frozen Beach EP www.voxhaulbroadcast.com
Lisa Biales “Watch Out Baby Don’t Cry” – Just Like Honey CD www.lisabiales.com
Karen Collins & The Backroads Band “Too Much Me, Not Enough You” – No Yodeling On The Radio CD www.karencollins.net
Loretta Hagen “Now That You’re Home” – Mud and Stone CD www.lorettahagen.com
Deborah Lombardi “If You Only Knew” – Sweet Revenge CD www.deborahlombardi.com
Roger Silverberg “Just In Time For Summer” – Major Seventh Heaven CD www.rogersilverberg.com
Jim Boggia “So” – Misadventures In Stereo CD www.jimboggia.com
Hannah Judson “Late Last Night” – underbelly CD www.hannahjudson.com
Jessie Kilguss & Radio Gold “Counting Sheep” – The Sky Road CD www.jessiekilguss.com
Jennings “Doorway” – take it or leave CD www.jennings-music.com
Meredith Blis “Mermaid Girl” – A Purple Kind Of Blue CD www.meredithblis.com
Lynn Hollyfield “Thirteen Summer Moons” – Layers CD www.lynnhollyfield.com
Patti DeRosa “Packing My Bags” – Packing My Bags: Patti D Live CD www.pattiderosa.com
Closing music: Robert Said “Comment” – art of love: music of machaut CD www.robertsadin.com
Running time: 2 hours, 53 minutos.

All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info:
www.creativecommons.orgNext show will be recorded and distributed in the week of 8/26/12

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