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Radio Crystal Blue 2/3/13 news

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RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 10 (ten) songs, one each
from a brand new recording. I spin the music and give you some backstory of

LIVE EVENT COVERAGE: I’m planning to cover 1 or 2 events a month in Philly.I
do writeups of shows on my website, and share most photos on Facebook, plus
video on YouTube.
INTERVIEW: I interviewed electronic-rock artist Alex Kelly on Skype this week. This 25-minute interview covered the gamut about her recent tours, her approach to music, the making of her exquisite video “Catalyst” and more Hear the interview in my Field Recording FeedPlayer at www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalbluefield which has share/stream/download options. It’s also linked at the home and archive pages of my website.

Celebrated birthday #43 (yes I count them all) pretty quietly. 400 of you sent me nice messages on Facebook and just a few on Twitter did likewise. Thanks so much. I don’t exactly know what my year ahead will be like. I recall making goals at this time of the year and seeing many of the smaller ones come to pass. This year ahead, I want to build some income streams, and somehow find a way to get all the bills and debts paid. This may prove to be my most challenging year.
Also continuing to have slight stomach issues, enough to keep me from committing to some things. A few folks have extolled the virtues of aloe vera juice….What is also helping is regularly meeting and meditating with a marvelous New Age-ish group in Fishtown every month for 2 years.I’ve signed a 1-year lease to stay in my place in Philly. I honestly don’t know if I’ll make it through the 1 year but my intuition feels this is where I am to be. I do not have an exit strategy in the event something happens.

Assuming my health and finances are in great shape by mid-March, I might go to a certain conference/festival that March. As my friend Elaine Silver says, “Nothing is certain until the check is cashed”…so nothing to be said until I’m absolutely sure.
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to www.shortyawards.com/radiocblue then tick the dropdown area to select the
category ‘podcaster’ (‘music’ is the default; this should be changed!).RCB REVIEW (the annotated version):
RCB Novus Ordo: About is a band with 4 EPs being released over the course of 1 year, each one representing the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism. Flowerland’s EP is a re-release from the early 90s. Peaches & Crime presents neo-vaudeville-like sounds. Steven Graves returns with a new inspirational album.
RCB proper: Garrison Starr kicks off Segment 1. Don Gallardo has Neilson Hubbard in tow on “One Of These Days” on his new album. Neilson has worked with Garrison on multiple albums. A bit countrified this first segment was. Among the 2 new music samplers: Say hello to Ethan Farmer, a virtuoso on bass, who recently has toured with Lionel Richie on his Tuskegee Tour. Tip of the iceberg, folks. Motion Pictures with a fun pop rock song. Renowned sister act Moore & Moore give us some classic country. Brian Rogers Band with a catchy rock song here also. Segment 2: Aqua Cherry with the interesting rhythms on their song “Ripoff”. Wormburner’s “Peekskill” is another great road song, set during winter. I concluded a seven week long focus on the music of The 1861 Project. Segment 3: Rebecca Loebe & Raina Rose have played a monthly residency at the venerable Threadgill’s in Austin. Songs for the sad and downtrodden in this segment, notably from Evangenitals. Final segment includes an ode to Janis Joplin and a couple of political songs. Now that you’ve read about it, give it a listen!

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CDs MUST have a 2012 or 2013 release date
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Radio Crystal Blue and RCB Novus Ordo 1/27/13

Radio Crystal Blue: Novus Ordo spotlights CDs that are debuting on my
standard freeform radio program, Radio Crystal Blue. The show exists as a
weekly podcast.

Listen here:
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This show was distributed on 1/30/13

About “Charlie” – Dukkha EP www.aboutband.com
Black Vendetta “No Chance” – Draconian Backlash CD www.reverbnation.com/blackvendettababy
Flowerland “Low” – Caffeine Disk EP www.gypsygarden.com
Peaches and Crime “Hellmira” – Vaude-Villians CD www.peachesandcrime.com
Simon McBride “One More Try” – Crossing The Line CD www.simonmcbride.net
Steven Graves “Let It Ride” – Let It Ride CD www.stevengravesmusic.com
These Curious Thoughts “Daughter Of Morpheus” – What Is It, And How Did It Get In There? EP www.thesecuriousthoughts.com
Brick Fields “Change” – Shambhala CD www.brickfieldsmusic.com
Ben Bedford “Cahokia” – What We Lost CD www.benbedford.com
Carey Creed “The Wallet Song” – Small Braveries CD www.careycreed.com
Running time: 80 minutos
All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info:

Here’s RCB proper:

Radio Crystal Blue is my long-running standard freeform radio program. The
show exists as a weekly podcast.
Listen here:
(1) The FeedPlayer on my home page (visible with Flash-supported browsers)
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Artists who are sharing gigs are denoted with * symbols.
This show was distributed on 1/30/13.

Opening music: Nigel Hayes “Solar Flare” – Tales From The Shed Part 3 EP www.intelligentaudio.net

Garrison Starr “Slow Crawl” – Amateur CD www.garrisonstarr.com
Don Gallardo & How Far West “One Of These Days” – The Art Of Troublesome Times CD www.dongallardo.com
Joy Mills “Best Show In Town” – Trick Of The Eye CD www.joymills.com
Renee Wahl “Keeping You For Mine” – Cumberland Moonshine CD www.reneewahl.com
Achilles Wheel “Comin’ Home To You” – Thirteen Hours CD www.achilleswheel.com
New Music Sampler: An occasional reoccuring segment featuring brand new music:
Erez and The End “Silent Mountains” – Silent Mountains EP www.erezandtheend.com
Kevin Deal “A Long Time Ago” – There Goes The Neighborhood CD www.kevindeal.com
Suns Of Orpheus “Birth Of Music” – Amoris Orbita CD www.sunsoforpheus.com
Motion Pictures “Rock n’ Roll Radiate” – s/t EP www.motionpicturesaudio.com
Ethan Farmer “Watch” – single www.ethan-farmer.com
Swinging Steaks “Stupid” – Sunday Best CD www.swingingsteaks.com
Aqua Cherry “Ripoff” – Drowning In The Shallow End CD www.reverbnation.com/aquacherrryband
Kosmic Daydream “Time” – Live CD www.kosmicdaydream.com
Frank Palangi “Drivin’ These Lines” – s/t EP www.reverbnation.com/frankpalangi
Wormburner “Peekskill” – Placed By The Gideons CD www.wormburnerband.com
CD Focus: The 1861 Project, Volume 2: From The Famine To The Front.
This CD series of 21 original songs remembers and honors the Scots-Irish and
Irish immigrants who fought in the Civil War. From the liner notes “Every
singer, player and writer on this album, has a strong connection to Ireland, by
ancestry, by birth or just by heart.” All songs performed by producer Thomm Jutz and backing band . www.1861project.com
From this CD I spun
“Americans” (songwriters Thomm Jutz, Peter Cronin, Ian Smith)
“The Old Songs” (Craig Market, Thomm Jutz)
“A Legacy” (Thomm Jutz, Peter Cronin, Liam Merriman)
 Joy Kills Sorrow “Such Sweet Alarms” – This Unknown Science CD www.joykillssorrow.com
Evangenitals “Hard Luck Song” – s/t CD www.evangenitals.com
Allison Scola “Failure Is Impossible” – A Braver Kind CD www.allisonscola.com
*Rebecca Loebe “High & Lonesome” – Circus Heart CD www.rebeccaloebe.com
*Raina Rose “Let Me Down Easy” – When May Came CD www.rainarose.com
New Music Sampler:
Pigeon Park “Fugitives” – s/t EP www.pigeonparkmusic.com
Brian Rogers Band “Meant To Say” – One Moment EP www.brianrogersband.com
Mouthful Of Daisy “X-Caliber” – Twice Renewed CD www.mouthfulofdaisy.com
Moore & Moore “Think About You” – Show Me Your Country CD www.mooreandmooreonline.com
John LT “Pretty Angel” – Suburban Superstar CD www.johnlt.com
James Houlahan “Song For Janis” – Misfit Hymns CD www.jameshoulahan.com
Beaucoup Blue “No Tea For The Fever” – 4 Stories EP www.beaucoupblue.com
Carsie Blanton “Lonely No More” – Idiot Heart CD www.carsieblanton.com
David Wilcox “Cast Off” – Reverie CD www.davidwilcox.com
Marc Black “I’ll Be Gone” – Sometime A Spark CD www.marcblack.com
Closing music: Geoffrey Armes “After Dark” – Noor CD www.geoffreyarmes.com
Running time: 3 hours 50 minutos.

All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info: www.creativecommons.org

Next show will be recorded and distributed in the week of 2/3/13