Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo 1/21/23 podcast episodes

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 1/22/23. Next shows should be published around 1/31/23.

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The main show is heard in 2 parts via the RSS feed. Use Mixcloud or the Internet Archive to hear the show as one long segment.


Bridget Kelly Band “Heartbreakin’ Blues” – Winter’s Coming
Don & The Dreamers “Don’t Let Me Be Understood”
Red Lite District “Dreams” – Pleasureland
The Subways “Lavender Amelie”- Uncertain Joys
The Trouble Tones “Straight To The Point” – Straight Up
Bonner Rhae “No Rolling Stone” – Forward Address –
Hooked Like Helen “Winter” (Tori Amos cover)


Donovan (with The Jeff Beck Group) “Goo Goo Barbajagal (Love Is Hot)” – Barbajagal
The Jeff Beck Group “All Shook Up” – Beck-Ola
The Jeff Beck Group “Thelonius” – Blow By Blow
Stanley Clarke “Hello Jeff” – Journey To Love
Seal (with Jeff Beck) “Manic Depression” – Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix
Jeff Beck “Even Odds” – Who Else!

Lara Herscovitch “Now Here This” – Highway Philosphers
Grace Pettis “Pick Me Up” – Working Woman
Sam Robbins “All The Pieces Are There” – Bigger Than In Between
Steve Dawson “Hard Time Friend” – At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree
Robert Whaley “In Over My Head” – The Je Ne Sais Quoi of Robert Whaley
Shanna In A Dress “Daddy’s Little Girl” – Robot
Tim Grimm “Pwerfect Getaway” – Heart Land Again
Megan Bee “Used To Be” – Cottonwood

Fred Gillen Jr. “The Bluebird Flew Away” Birds
Monica Rizzio “While With You” – Sunshine Is Free
Paula Standing “The More I Give”
Scott Cook “Let Love Have Its Way” – Tangle Of Souls
Joe Holt “Libera Me” – Tired Of Trying
Chris Smither “What I Do” – More From The Levee
Kris Delmhorst “Wind’s Gonna Find A Way” – Long Day In The Milky Way

On all services except Mixcloud and the Internet Archive, you can listen to part 2 starting at this point

Some of the official showcase artists in the upcoming 2022 Folk Alliance International Conference
Amy Speace “Why I Wake Early” – Tuscon
Rebecca Loebe “Got Away” – Give Up Your Ghosts
Buffalo Rose & Tom Paxton “I Give You The Morning” – Rabbit
The Faux Paws “Southport” – s/t
Ordinary Elephant “Scars We Keep” – Honest
Jaimee Harris “Missing Someone” – Boomerang Town
Heather Pierson “Sad And Sorry” – Lines And Spaces
Tish Hinojosa ‘Church Of The Mission Bell” – West
Joe Jencks “Wheelbarrow Johnny” – Poets, Philosophers, Workers, Wanderers

Burton Badman “The Savior” – The Opposite Way Around
Black Market Karma (with The Underground Youth) “Wonky” –
Grace de Gier “And Now”
Velveteen Queen “Kenny’s Blues” –
Napoleon “Can’t Forget” – Enemy Within
Tsunami Bomb “Naysayers” – The Spine That Binds

Shane Martin “Her Faith In Me” – Anywhere
Donna The Buffalo “Look Both Ways” – Dance In The Street
Suzanne’s Band “Something Else” – Ice And Fire
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem “You Should See Me Now” – Violets Are Blue
The Ruta Beggars “Pass You By” – Ever-Changing

Aztec Two Step 2.0 “Apocalypse (Now)” – Apocalypse (Now)
Yarn “Good Lady” – Shine The Light On
Le Vent Du Nord “Vos amities le belle” – 20 printemps
Hungrytown “Highway Song” – Further West
John McCutcheon “Second Hand” – Leap!

Closing music:

Open Book “A Way Out” – The Things We Keep
Open Book “This Is Yours Now” – Grateful

Running time: 5 hours, 0 minutes


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