Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo week of 7/6/14

Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo is a weekly podcast that spotlights brand new
music from songwriters and bands. Most of the new music from these artists
eventually get heard on my companion radio program, Radio Crystal Blue.


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This show was published 7/11/14

Karina Nistal “Heavy” – Karageous CD
Shawn Amos “(The Girl Is) Heavy” – The Reverend Shawn Amos Tells It EP
Too Slim And The Taildraggers “Walk On Water” – 2 CD Anthology
Amelia White “Hollow Heart” – Old Postcard CD
Miss Laurie Ann & The Saddletones “Big Rig” – Ease My Mind CD
Eli Barsi “He’ll Be Back Again” – Portrait Of A Cowgirl CD
Running time: 51 minutos
Here’s RCB proper:

Radio Crystal Blue is my 13-year-old freeform radio program, usually
publishing Wednesdays or Thursdays in podcast format.

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Artists who are sharing gigs are denoted with *
This show was published on 7/11/14.

Opening music:

Loose Ends “Let’s Rock” – A Little Spice
Paul Hardcastle “King Tut” – s/t
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force “Planet Rock”
Kraftwerk “Tour de France” – Tour de France
Joe Taylor “New Day” – Anything’s Possible CD
Lynn Hollyfield “New Beginning” – In The Balance CD
The Sidleys “Tin Flowers” – Bittersweet CD
Lisa Biales “Peach Pickin’ Mama” – Belle Of The Blues CD
Ray Bonneville “Where Has My Easy Gone” – Easy Gone CD
*Ellis “Right Now” – Right On Time CD
*Slaid Cleaves “Go For The Gold” – Still Fighting The War CD
These artists are appearing in the Huntington (NY) Folk Festival, July 19
Bobtown “Battle Creek” – Trouble I Wrought CD
Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes “Apocalypse Cafe” – Life On Fire CD
Gathering Time “It’s Just So” – When One Door Closes CD
Dylan Sneed “The Garden” – Texodus CD
Craig Greenberg “Carousel” – Spinning In Time EP
Loretta Hagen “I’m Gone” – Mud and Stone CD
*Achilles Wheel “We Dreamed Of Flying Cars” – Stones To Sand CD
*Matt Andersen “Fight” – Weightless CD
Antigone Rising “Everything Changes” – Whiskey & Wine, Volume 1 EP
The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams “Alligators” (bonus track) – A Box Of Everything CD
Kirsten Thien “The Sweet Lost And Found” – Solo Live From The Meisenfrei Blues Club CD
Chastity Brown “Lift Us” – Back-Road Highways CD
More artists appearing in the Huntington Folk Festival:
David Goldman “She Won’t Sing Anymore” – Light In The Tunnel CD
Marci Geller “Another Breakdown” – Open Book CD
Paul Sachs “The Devil Never Did” – Survival Is The New Success CD
Susan Kane “Paulita’s Lament” – A Word Child CD
The YaYas “Devil’s Bluff (Shine)” – Paper Boats CD
Honor Finnegan “We Are Hearts” – The Tiny Life CD
MJ Hibbett & The Validators “Graffiti On The Cenotaph” – Forest Moon Of Enderby CD
Comic Tales Of Tragic Heartbreak “Comic Tales Of Tragic Heartbreak” – s/t CD
Switchback “Wrong You Can Write” – Ameican Roots And Celtic Soul, Live – Volume 1 CD
Jill Cagney “Missing” – Nerves Of Steel EP
Heather Styka “Glory Hallelu” – Lifeboats For Atlantis CD
Jean Mann “Button In The Grass” – Between The Rocks And Stars CD
Marc Black “Pretty One” – Sometime A Spark CD
Lowland Hum “Linens” – Native Air CD
Closing music: Pharaoh’s Daughter “By Way Of Haran” – Haran CD

Running time: 256 minutos
Atmosphere: inward vibraphone
All content on Radio Crystal Blue is free to listen and share via Creative
Commons License version 4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full
attribution. More info:

Please consider contributing to Radio Crystal Blue, which cannot truly exist
without your support and suggestions for musical content. There is a Paypal
button at the homepage at

Dan Herman/Radio Crystal Blue:
twitter: @radiocblue


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