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NEXT SHOW: week of January 29, 2012. Look for a release date of January 30 or 31. You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands, and also these:

CD FOCUS: VERMONT: VT Artists for VT Relief:

New Arrivals Volume 4: Artists Against Youth Homelessness I will spin 2 tracks each from these compilations. ********************************************************************************** Enjoying the new WordPress site so far? It’s getting more active tho not as interactive as I had hoped. I’ve replicated the site for the most part from the site on Google. I would like it to be more interactive tho! Maybe a new graphic theme? Let me know your feelings on this.

Birthday #42 comes up next week, and I likely will attempt to get my show done on Monday 1/30 instead of my customary Tuesday.

SHORTY AWARD voting continues into February. Give a creative Tweet as your vote for me in the radio category at

A part of my Brooklyn past is biting the dust. Southpaw is closing; the lease is up. The venue will be replaced by a tutoring school. I assisted in booking a few events there, and had the pleasure of seeing The Trashmen, Bettie Serveert, Jack Grace, Matt Mays & El Torpedo and a few dozen others over the years. And it had pinball! I will miss it terribly. I’m certain most bands that have played there will play Bell House or Public Assembly or the other notable hipsterish places. ************************************************* TWITTER FIVE TO FOLLOW: @Celeb_Traffic @CavalierArtist @marshallsplace @bradyoder @johnseeger2 *****************************************************

@ KUNG FU NECKTIE 1/26/12 I review this event at my latest blog post at

PHOTOS: AUDIO of Dare Dukes coming soon.


VIDEO: Dare Dukes: Tonight I am seeing and interviewing Lorraine Leckie at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore.

I’ve also planned to see 2 artists in February. Details coming. **********************

COVERAGE (see above): I do audio interviews, photos, video, and audio of live events. You can see and hear evidence across my Facebook and YouTube channels, plus the field recording FeedPlayer.Time, location and expense will be taken into account before taking on a job. ******************************************************************** RCB REVIEW: First on RCB Novus Ordo: Q.E.D. is a roots band from Manitoba. Sonni Shine & The Underwater Sounds provide rock and reggae from here in Philly. Heather Styka is a renowned folk songwriter making her debut here also. Veteran songwriter Craig Bickhardt closes the show with a sweet tune recorded at the Sellersville Theater

On Radio Crystal Blue proper: Segment 1 started out with songs of climate, then some polarizing feelings. Dare Dukes just released ‘Thugs And China Dolls”. Randy Stern is back on my radar now and is busy with shows in his new home of Austin. Debbie Miller’s ‘tippy toe’ is a moody and cute song. Segment 2 got country along with some jazz and rock in this mix. Tania & The Revolutionaries is the new project by Lani Ford, who led her rock band Stark for 8 years. I spun “Longing For London” as she was jouneying there for writing and for gigs. Her new band shares a bill with Sean Kershaw & The New Jack Ramblers this week in a new venue in Brooklyn. The Devyl Nellys are about to release a new disc and are touring cross country with 2 other bands. Spun another from the BYOB disc by Sirsy. If you’re keeping score at home, (or, as the joke goes, if you’re by yourself), next week will be the final one that I spin music from New Arrivals, Volume 4. I’m up to the final 3 songs on the disc. I can absolutely vouch for the food at Veselka, a real life place that Greta Gertler & The Extroverts sing about. 4 pairs of artists sharing bills were featured in Segment 3. Spuyten Duyvil’s tune is a 12th and bonus track from “New Amsterdam”. Red Molly’s tune is a cowerite between Abbie Gardner and Jonathan Byrd. Sharon Goldman with a wintry tune; she covers Simon & Garfunkel’s “A Hazy Shade Of Winter” elsewhere on her album. Raina Rose is now mama Rose, and is sharing a bill shortly with Red Molly. Segment 4 with jazz and rootsy songwriter material. There’s never a bad time to spin a Benyaro tune in this sort of mix. Joe Iadanza doing a couple of solo gigs while also fronting his new band, James B. Dukehouse. Carsie Blanton releasee a new album this month.


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One response to “Radio Crystal Blue 1/29/12 news

  1. Had a health scare late Friday evening and was unable to attend Lorraine Leckie’s show. I’m kinda OK; its’ an acid reflux matter. Exploring new diet and new life along with it.


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