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Radio Crystal Blue 3/31/13 news

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NEXT SHOW will be published on or about April 3 and will be available
for about 1 year. I usually publish on Wednesdays or as soon as
possible thereafter. You will hear music in several segments of top
indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands.

RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 8 songs, one each
from a brand new recording. I spin the music and give you some backstory of

RCB Quarterly Airplay Chart will be revealed at some point next week. Essentially I’m
ranking artists based on who I see and interact with and also from airplay from the last 3 months. The chart is a great way to know who is receiving the most progressive airplay on my show. You can view the previous quarterly, annual and all-time charts at https://radiocrystalblue.net/chart-page/
CAPE MAY: For my own purposes, the weekend at Cape May’s 6th annual Singer-Songwriter (music conference) was fairly successful. I met a number of familiar faces and introduced myself to some new ones. I also saw a handful of songwriters and bands that may well appear on Radio Crystal Blue in the future. Full recap here: https://radiocrystalblue.net/2013/03/28/cape-may-nj-322-2313/
Legendary Dobbs was the site for Rachel Schain’s CD release event. A recap of that evening has just been posted to my website, right here:
Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152696650610725.1073741829.684570724&type=3
Video: http://youtu.be/L-_zbQUz1hM

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Remember, this program is strengthened not just by me, but by you. I have been on the air 13 years, and I don’t do all the things a 3- or 4-letter station will do. I have my own path and it works for me. And I get enough feedback that suggests I’m doing the perfect thing. The show does have listeners, and I’m very thankful that people get what I’m doing. Next time you want to give credence to a true radio station, remember this podcast that is true to the artistry of radio.

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RCB rewind: FrodoCPU is someone whose music I spun in the early days of Radio Crystal Blue. He used to run an indie label, now works in a studio and is creating albums. The HicktoryTown Ruckus, according to legend, take their own stories from legend about a place called Lancashire,…er..Hickory Town, in Pennsylvania. Spun the newest albums from Arlon Bennett and KC Clifford, both frequently heard on my show prior.

RCB proper: Cheatin’ songs, the devil and angel on yer shoulder, that’s what I had in mind with segment #1, with Sean Kershaw setting the mood here. Segment #2: If you weren’t at Dobbs last night, you missed out. Rachel Schain, The Way Home, Venice Sunlight all in action, and in this segment. Rachel’s tune is from the just-dropped album “LilacFace”. The Shipwrecks from Long Island continue here with edgy surf/hard rock. Segment 3: 5 songs primarily about girls (Jon Regen, Carolann Solebello, James Houlahan, The YaYas, Red Molly, Chris Smither). Carolann co-bills with The YaYas at The Eclectic Cafe, Bay Shore NY on 4/13. Red Molly & Chris Smither are part of the National Folk Festival in Australia this weekend. Segment 4 gets predominently folkish with RCB’s true sweethearts Danny Schmidt & Carrie Elkin. Did you hear Danny proposed to her? She said yes! There’s video on Youtube. Jessi Robertson & Tall Tall Trees shared billing this week at someplace called Rockwood Music Hall.

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