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Radio Crystal Blue 5/13/12 news

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RCB Novus Ordo will also air separately. On this show I spin one song from
as many as 8 songs in one sitting and give you background info of each
REVIEW of the showcase I attended at Kung Fu Necktie is available on my website, and more directly at

VIDEO of Country Mice: http://youtu.be/-RDRsJrkqfQ
VIDEO of Cold Roses, Philly rock band who opened the showcase: http://youtu.be/WOxiT7jQric
STATS. The home and archive pages of my main website are doing the best in terms of views. Not surprisingly, the posts reflecting the live show coverage are getting the most hits. So far, the show from 2/10 at The Grape Room has received the most hits, along with my Chart and Bio pages. In the running for photo of the year is my shot of The Tressels: https://radiocrystalblue.net/2012/02/12/the-grape-room-21012/2012_0211rcb0046/
Most of the viewers of my site are in North America, tho there is some love from 11 other countries including Malaysia!Radio Crystal Blue’s link appears on www.indieonthemove.com in the section listing National Radio Contacts! Musicians must follow this website for information on which venues need artists to play, and whose looking for venues.
Also giving some outward RCB love: www.rogersilverberg.com www.promiseofthereal.com
www.stevengravesmusic.com www.jodiroadie.com

FANDALISM: www.fandalism.com/radiocblue Even tho I’m not a musician, I built a presence on the site to encourage conversation. I’ve started to give props to some regional artists as well as dialogue. I like the Facebook interaction through the site. Are you on Fandalism?
DREAM JOB?: It isn’t exactly radio. It’s more like film. I’ll never get away from radio, but I’m beginning to seriously explore the film industry, generally as freelance but also as a long-term career move. Next month I’m taking a class in this area, and we’ll see where it leads.TROUBLESHOOTING: One listener expressed some trouble accessing the show via an old Mac computer. Does anyone have suggestions on better listening to Radio Crystal Blue through a Mac?

In the area of handicapping, I’m exploring different variables to play, tho I only wager money now on the larger races in the year. In case you wondered, I did have the Kentucky Derby winner in advance, for the 2nd year in a row. I had selected I’ll Have Another in the 2nd of three Future Wager pools, and collected more for a win bet than those who waited until race day to bet him. I post almost weekly now to my blog on Tumblr about races and angles. The next feature will focus on Preakness Stakes Day before the big race next week. www.cblue456.tumblr.com for the rest of the story.
Currently on the WISH LIST:
A newer microphone and mixer for the show.
TWITTER FIVE TO FOLLOW: These are the last 5 folks that I’m following who
follow back: @indieislands @lovisalaylow @GrooveTrain5 @GSBrokenEnglish @rebeccabrandt4
I do audio interviews, photos, video, and audio of live events. You can see
and hear evidence across my Facebook and YouTube channels, plus the field
recording FeedPlayer.Time, location and expense will be taken into account
before taking on a job.Next shows I’m planning to cover are
*Paper Doll with other bands at The Grape Room, Saturday 5/12:
RCB REVIEW: The annotated version of the shows.
RCB Novus Ordo: Shupikai is NYC bluesman Bob Petrocelli’s instrumental group. New Riders Of The Purple Sage have resurfaced for a new album, out on Woodstock Records, the folks who bring you Professor Louie among others. Jim Allchin is known for his tenure at Microsoft as much as his role as a musician; I spun from his second solo album. Chip Taylor also receives airplay here. Chip is the composer of very famous songs made popular by Janis Joplin, Linda Ronstadt, Jimi Hendrix, and others. A great country/rock success story all his own. I spun the bonus track from his latest CD, which memorializes victims of a gunfire massacre last summer in Oslo and Utoya in Norway. Marc Berger’s album “Ride” celebrates his love of the American West. Listen for Eric “Roscoe” Ambel on backing vocals on the track I spun. The incredible Anais Mitchell is also part of this show as I aired a track from her new album, her first independently-released album, in fact.

RCB proper: Growing up in Brooklyn in the mid-80’s I fondly remember many a car radio blasting “Brass Monkey” tho I had little idea as to who were making that racket. Well I soon found out about the Beastie Boys and really took to the Check Your Head album all the way up through Hello Nasty, which I consider their magnum opus. Most people either love or hate Paul’s Boutique. I am not crazy about it but you can’t deny the beats they used. Meanwhile, I memorialized Adam Yauch spinning a few tracks from the group’s discography. Shambala features the chanting of Buddhist monks. I would close the show with “Namaste” off of Check Your Head, a moving tune with MCA on the mic. Segment 1: Sci-Fi Romance returns with a concept album about the John Henry legend. Stayed in a country/rock/jam/spirit vibe for the rest of this segment. The Kennedys, and Greg Smith & The Broken English performed at City Winery on May 8 for the release of the compilation “Occupy This Album” benefiting the Occupy movement. Segment 2: Spun another from the new album by Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, plus recently released music by Antigone Rising and Lisa Bianco. Both artists share billing at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ on May 11 (yikes, that’s tonight!). Segment 2 was mostly blues into rock, plus brand new music by Lisa Biales, sharing vocal duties with songwriter/producer EG Kight. Spun music of 4 songwriters who are performing at the Music In The Vineyard Festival, Belvidere NJ, May 19. Segment 4 kicks off with 2 very similar sounding songs by M’Balia and Roger Silverberg. Listening to the chords in the beginning. There were elements of bodies of water in just about all the songs. Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt continue to tour many shows, and their songs finish out this segment.

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Any compelling compilation/concept CDs can also be sent here directly. I’m
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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo 5/6/12

Radio Crystal Blue: Novus Ordo spotlights CDs that are debuting on my
standard freeform radio program, Radio Crystal Blue. The show exists as a
weekly podcast.

Listen here:
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This show was distributed on 5/9

Shelly Fraley “Just Don’t Wanna Be Alone” – Hush CD www.shellyfraley.com
Shupikai “A-Phila-Dilly” – Collector CD www.bobpetrocelli.com
New Riders Of The Purple Sage “I Know There’s Someone Else” – 17 Pine Avenue CD www.thenewriders.com
Robert Tormica “Everything All At Once” – Originals CD http://www.reverbnation.com/torbica
Jim Allchin “One for the Money” – Overclocked CD www.jimallchin.com
Chip Taylor & The New Ukranians “This Darkest Day” (bonus track) – …All The Perfect People CD www.trainwreckrecords.com
Marc Berger “Montana” – Ride CD www.marcbergermusic.com
Anais Mitchell “Shepherd” – Young Man In America CD www.anaismitchell.com
Running time: 70 minutos
All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info:

Here’s Radio Crystal Blue proper:

Radio Crystal Blue is my long-running standard freeform radio program. The
show exists as a weekly podcast.
Listen here:
(1) The FeedPlayer on my home page (visible with Flash-supported browsers)
www.radiocrystalblue.net and available to stream/download/share. Click the
pop-up linlk at the ‘home’ tab.
(2) If you cannot view the FeedPlayer, try a different browser, or get
Flash, or try my podcast provider at
(3) .mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/rcblive050612.mp3
(4) RSS:

This show was distributed on 5/9/12
Artists with shared gigs in the near future are noted with * & **

Opening music:
Beastie Boys “The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin)” & “Dedication” – Hello Nasty CD
Beastie Boys “Shambala” – Ill Communcations CD
“A butterfly floats on the breeze of a sun lit day/As I feel this reality gently fade away/Riding on a thought to see where it’s from/Gliding through a memory of a time yet to come”
Sci-Fi Romance “Broken World” – The Ghost Of John Henry CD www.scifiromance.net
Wes Tucker & The Skillets “Let It Ride” – Live In NYC CD www.westucker.com
Sons Of The Never Wrong “Rings On Your Fingers” – Church Of The Never Wrong CD www.sons.com
*The Kennedys “Kindred Spirits” – Better Dreams CD www.kennedysmusic.com
*Greg Smith & The Broken English “The Farm” – times like these CD www.gregsmithandthebrokenenglish.com
Heth & Jed “Up On The Farm” – Between the In and the Out CD www.hethandjed.com
Sirsy “Again” (live at Revolution Hall, Troy NY) – BYOB CD www.sirsy.com
Lisa Biales “Blues Stay Away From Me” – Just Like Honey CD www.lisabiales.com
Kirsten Thien “Treat ‘Im Like A Man” – Delicious CD www.kirstenthien.com
Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real “Don’t take me back” – Wasted CD www.promiseofthereal.com
*Antigone Rising “You Say You Want To Leave” – 23 red CD www.antigonerising.com
*Lisa Bianco “Breakin” – Momentum CD www.lisabianco.com
*These 4 artists are performing at Four Sisters Winery for the Muses in the Vineyard Festival, Belvidere NJ, on May 19 www.musesinthevineyard.com :
Catie Curtis “Let It Last” – Stretch Limousine On Fire CD www.catiecurtis.com
Trina Hamlin “Living On Love” – living on love CD www.trinahamlin.com
Carsie Blanton “All We Got” – Idiot Heart CD www.carsieblanton.com
Christine Havrilla “grounded” – In My Chair CD www.christinehavrilla.com
Evangenitals “Hard Luck Song” – s/t EP www.evangenitals.com
The Portraits “Old Stone Table” – The Blushing Of A World In White CD www.theportraits.info
M’Balia “Nobody Coming” – s/t demo EP www.mbalia.com
Roger Silverberg “Sinking Sailing Ship” – Major Seventh Heaven CD www.rogersilverberg.com
Beth DeSombre “Cross That River” – At Home In This Town CD www.bethdesombre.com
Helen Austin “So Stay” – Song of the week CD www.helenaustin.com
*Carrie Elkin “Landeth By Sea” – Call It My Garden CD www.carrieelkin.com
*Danny Schmidt ‘Two Guitars” – man of many moons CD www.dannyschmidt.com
Closing music: Beastie Boys “Namaste” – Check Your Head CD
Running time: 3 hours, 17 minutes
All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info:

Next show will be recorded and distributed in the week of 5/13/12

Dan Herman/Radio Crystal Blue:
twitter: @radiocblue