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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo 1/12/14 show info

Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo is a weekly podcast that spotlights brand new music from songwriters and bands. Most of the new music from these artists eventually get heard on my companion radio program, Radio Crystal Blue.


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Podcast page: www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu
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mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/rcbnew011214.mp3
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Podcast page: https://archive.org/details/RCBnew011214
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mp3: https://archive.org/download/RCBnew011214/RCBnew011214.mp3

Ogg Vorbis: https://archive.org/download/RCBnew011214/RCBnew011214.ogg
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This show was published 1/16/13

Laura Berman “Voices” – Everything In Between CD www.laurabermanmusic.com
Autopilot “Down And Out” – Diamond Rough CD www.autopilottheband.com
Wildcat Apollo “Gotham” – s/t CD www.wildcatapollo.com
What Model Citizens “Tin Man” – Ohn E Mas CD www.whatmodelcitizens.com
Luke Dowler “Good Enough” – West EP www.lukedowler.com
Steve Scott “Geronimo” – Those Tears I’ve Cried CD www.stevescottcountry.com
Reese & The Bonus Plan “Cigar Box” – Cat’s Meow Blues CD www.reesemusic.com
Jonathan Foster “Kingsnake” – Sabbatical CD www.jfmusic.net

Running time: 55 minutos

Here’s RCB proper:
Radio Crystal Blue is my 13-year-old freeform radio program, usually publishing Wednesdays or Thursdays in podcast format.


Via Big Contact:
Podcast page: http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu
RSS: http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu/rss
mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/rcblive011214.mp3
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Play/download: https://archive.org/download/RCBlive011214_201401/RCBlive011214.mp3
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Artists who are sharing gigs are denoted with *
This show was published on 1/12/14.

Opening music: Robert Sadin “Douce dame” – Art Of Love: Music Of Machaut CD www.robertsadin.com
The Kennedys “Winter Lies” – Closer Than You Know CD www.kennedysmusic.com
Chase Gassaway “Break Of Dawn” – Certain Circles CD www.chasegassaway.com
Jean Mann “Midnight Sun” – Between The Rocks And Stars CD www.jeanmann.net
Fred Gillen Jr. “Silence Of The Night” – Silence Of The Night CD www.fredgillenjr.com
DB Rielly “Your Doggin’ Fool” – Cross My Heart And Hope To Die CD www.dbrielly.com
Molasses Creek “My Window Faces The South” – Something Worth Having CD www.molassescreek.com
These artists are performing during the Light Of Day music series in Asbury Park NJ, 1/16-20 www.lightofday.org :
Arlan Feiles & The Broken Hearted “A Hard Line” – Weeds Kill The Wild Flowers CD www.arlanfeiles.com
Disappear Fear “Broken Film” – Broken Film CD www.disappearfear.com
Lisa Bianco “No Doubt About It” – Momentum CD www.lisabianco.com
Jo Wymer “This Ain’t Love” – Living With Scars CD www.jowymer.com
DP “Make It On My Own” – While We’re Stil Young CD www.officialdp.com
Tom Principato “Robert Johnson Told Me So” – Robert Johnson Told Me So CD www.tomprincipato.com
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix “Down At The County” – Wings On Fire CD www.professorlouie.com
These artists are taking part in the South Florida Folk Festival, January 18-19 www.southfloridafolkfest.net :
Carolann Solebello “Brooklyn In The Rain” – Steel And Salt CD www.carolannsolebello.com
Marci Geller “Driving In Manhattan” – Open Book CD www.marcigeller.com
Annie Wenz “Lonely Road Dog Meets Wandering Gypsy” – Ride The Sky CD www.anniewenz.com
Heather Pierson “The Crime Most High” – The Hard Work Of Living CD www.heatherpierson.com
Gathering Time “Rain And Snow” – When One Door Closes CD www.gathering-time.com

Flagship Romance “World Of Color” – The Fudge Sessions EP www.flagshipromance.com
Steve Chizmadia “The Wall Street Fat-Cat Tax-Payer Bail-Out Blues” – Jack Of All Trades CD
Lou Dominguez “Record Store” – We The People CD www.loudominguez.com
Patti DeRosa “Bright Lights” – Packing My Bags: Patti D Live CD www.pattiderosa.com
Nico Rivers :Hey, Josephine” – To The Bone CD www.nicorivers.com
David Garlitz “I Like The Way You Move” http://www.davidgarlitz.com
*Red Molly “By The Mark” – Light In The Sky CD www.redmolly.com
*Antje Duvekot “New Siberia” – New Siberia CD www.antjeduvekot.com
Hungrytown “Any Forgotten Thing” – Any Forgotten Thing CD www.hungrytown.net
Annika Vitolo “Secret Garden” – Affinity CD www.annikavitolo.com
Closing music: Ella Fitzgerald “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me”

Running time: 3 horas, 24 minutos
Atmosphere: homely and lunar
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