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Radio Crystal Blue Reminisces 1/11/19 (show #1)

Radio Crystal Blue Reminisces is a new weekly program, that spotlights music of songwriters/bands, that I have previously featured. Covering a period between 2000 and 2014, I recreate old audio segments, and focus on artists that haven’t been aired in years.

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Show #1, was published on 1/11/19:

Opening music
Beastie Boys “The Blue Nun” & “Shambala” – Check Your Head
Kieran McGee “Ash Wednesday” – Ash Wednesday CD http://www.facebook.com/kieranmatthewmcgee @kieranmcgeeee
Casey Holford “Climb The Walls” – Bad Spell, Good Spell CD http://www.facebookcom/CaseyHolfordMusic @caseyholford
Dominic Gaudious “Glo” – The Clearing CD http://www.dominicgaudious.com @DominicGaudious
Blue Haiku “R/Evolution” – Heat Beneath The Sand CD http://www.bluehaiku.com

Denise Barbarita “What It’s Worth” – Chaos & Congeniality CD
Denise Barbarita “He Said She Said” – Beauty Lied CD
Denise Barbarita “Truth Telling” – A Beautiful Mess CD

http://www.myshytune.com @DeniseBarbarita


Lightning Red “Five Long Years” – Texas Thunder Blues http://www.lightningred.com/thunder.htm

Closing music: TJ Rehmi “You Are We Am I (Red Mix)” – The Warm Chill http://www.tjrehmi.com @tjrehmi

Running time: 84 minutos
Production/post-production: Dan Herman and DJ Flowerdove

EMAIL: dan@radiocrystalblue.net
PHONE: 215-995-2234 or 253-537-1096
Facebook: Dan Herman & Radio Crystal Blue
Twitter: @radiocblue