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Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo podcasts for 1/31/22

This is the most recent playlist from Radio Crystal Blue. The shows were published on 2/4/22. Next show should be published 2/11/22. Both were recorded in 128-bit stereo with Audacity, on Dan’s newer Lenovo laptop computer, using a Blue Yeti X mic.

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The Pocket Gods “If I Have Another Drink It Will Kill Me” https://www.facebook.com/thepocketgods @thepocketgod
Suicide Notes “Snakes Grim Within” https://www.facebook.com/thesuicidenotesuk
The Fuzz _ Band “Underneath” – Nighthorse https://the-fuzz-band.com/
Bingo Fighter “Dipsomania” – https://bingofighter.com/ @bingofighter
Kin Chi Kat “Seduction” https://www.kinchikat.com/ @kinchikat
Pale Moon “Clown” https://www.palemoonmusic.com/
Isabel & The Uncommons “Distance” https://www.isabelfryszberg.com/ @isabelfryszberg
Allegra Kreiger “Let Go” – Precious Thing https://www.allegrakrieger.com/ @allegramkrieger

Closing music: Chicha Libre “Gnosienne No. 1” – Sonido Amazonico
Running time: 54 minutes

Styx “Blue Collar Man” – Pieces Of Eight
Hair: Original Soundtrack Recording “Walking In Space (My Body)”
Stoney & Meatloaf “What You See Is What You Get” – s/t
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Original Soundtrack Album “Hot Patootie Bless My Soul”
Meat Loaf “Rock N’ Roll Dreams Come Through” – Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell

Jesse Terry “Gentle On My Mind”- Forget Me Nots: Volumes 1 http://www.jesseterrymusic.com @jesseterry
Buskin & Batteau “Warm” – Red Shoes & Golden Hearts http://www.buskinandbatteau.com
Dana Cooper “I Can Face The Truth” – I Can Face The Truth http://www.danacoopermusic.com @DCroadshow
Terry Klein “60 In A 75” – Good Luck, Take Care http://www.terrykleinmusic.com @kleinsongs
Rebecca Loebe “1000 Mistakes” – Vittles & Valentines http://www.rebeccaloebe.com @rebeccaloebe
Lara Herscovitch “Castle Walls” – Highway Philosophers http://www.laraherscovitch.com @laraherscovitch
Live Hart “This Is Me” – Honesty http://www.livehart.com @livehart
Meghan Cary “Fly And Be Free” – Sing Louder http://www.meghancary.com @meghancarysongs

The Magnettes “Monster” – http://www.themagnettes.com @themagnettes
Nordir “How To Sail Your Ship (2077)” – http://www.nordir.com @nordirofficial
Smash Into Pieces “Not Waiting For Heaven” – http://www.smashintopieces.com @smashintopieces
Luna Rosa “Brutal Nature” https://www.facebook.com/Lunarosaband @lunarosax
JW Paris “Electric Candle Light” https://www.facebook.com/jwparismusic @jwparismusic
Sean Grant & The Wolfgang “Bodies Of Christ https://www.facebook.com/sgwolfgang @sgwolfgang
Seven Sentinels “I Am The City” https://www.facebook.com/thesevensentinels @sevensentinels

On all services except Mixcloud, and Internet Archive, part 2 starts here:
Deni Bonet “Magic Wand” – Bright Shiny Objects http://www.denibonet.com @denibonet
Renata Zeiguer “Burning Castles” – Picnic In The Dark https://www.renatazeiguer.com/ @RenataZeiguer
Jo Wymer “No Time Left To Cry” – SLG http://www.jowymer.com @jowymer
Kalo “Upside Down” – Wild Change http://www.kaloband.com @kalorocks
Kelly’s Lot “Black Eye Blues” – Where And When http://www.kellyslot.com @kellyslottweet
Reverend Shawn Amos & The Brotherhood “I’m Ready” – The Cause Of It All http://www.shawnamos.com @therevamos
Little G Weevil “Poor Black Mattie” Live Acoustic Session http://www.gweevil.com @littlegweevil

Matt Harlan & Rachel Jones “Move Slow” – In The Dark http://www.mattharlan.com @mattharlanmusic
Annie & Rod Capps “Patience” – When They Fall http://www.annieandrodcapps.com @anniecapps
Domenic Cicala “We Had It All” – Come On Over: The Honky Tonk Duets http://www.domeniccicala.com @domeniccicala
Donna Herula “Jackson” – Bang At The Door http://www.donnaherula.com @donnaherula
Miss Tess “Human Being” – Parlor Sounds http://www.misstessmusic.com @misstessmusic
Chris Smither “Old Man Down” – More From The Levee http://www.smither.com @chrissmither_

Heather Pierson “Goodness Knows” – Lines & Spaces http://www.heatherpierson.com @heatherpierson
John McCutcheon “Out Here” – Bucket List http://www.folkmusic.com @mccutcheonfolk
Chuck Brodsky “Stand Up Guy” – Them And Us http://www.chuckbrodsky.com @chuckbrodsky
Livingston Taylor “I Ask You Once” – The Best Of LIVe: 50 Years Of Livingston Taylor Live http://www.livingstontaylor.com @livtaylor
Mike Agranoff “Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, First Movement” http://www.mikeagranoff.com

Closing music: Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors “Speaking Curves” – Jhoom: The Intoxication Of Surrender
Running time: 4 hours, 4 minutes

Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
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