No new shows for a while

Sorry to report that my PC died this week, without much warning, tho it had graphics card issues for a while.
I have to save for a laptop and for transferring files from ye old hard drive to a new system. I’m estimating it will cost $350.
I am saving for a device powered by Android, that will keep me from being off the Web but that device I do not believe will give me the power to record podcasts. I believe it will be about $100 but even that is proving to be a chore to budget for, as my rent is way overdue and eviction a possibility without any reasonable method to pay.

Some better news:
I have just taken a 2 month temporary gig, and it starts August 4. My projected budget suggested that I might not have enough for a laptop and service until August 24 or so.  With that, I will not be doing any podcasts until I have a laptop and a reliable connection. If I find a better solution, you will be the first to know.    I’m certainly open to inquiries and suggestions.
Also you may donate to the cause via the PayPal button at the home tab, located at


Older shows are always available via the FeedPlayers at and


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