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RADIO CRYSTAL BLUE ARCHIVE PROJECT also on Use the search term Radio Crystal Blue to find older shows from 2004 and 2006, shows that don’t quite sound like the ones I presently do!

personal FACEBOOK:
TWITTER @radiocblue
STAT TWITTER: @idealisticstats
THE VISION I hold for my life and this program:
NEXT SHOW will be published late this week. You will hear music in several segments of top touring indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands.
RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 6 songs, one each from a brand new recording. I spin the music and give you the backstory of each artist.
THE LATEST: So much in the ways to get to and some things are best left spoken, on the air instead of digital words on a digital page. But here’s the Cliff’s Notes:
The motherboard of the desktop computer fails, this after weeks of continual graphics card failures. Computer cannot boot to Windows.  Computer gets looked at a week later, and I find out that  the desktop is pretty much dead. All that can be done is to retain the hard drive to transfer what files are necessary. That computer, an HP Pavilion, gave 7 good years.
Later in the month I worked for a few days, then one day in August.   I’ve since attracted a call center job that should start September 1 if I get through the training unscathed.
The rent situation has gotten worse, and eviction has become a greater possibility, tho it’s still something I surely want to avoid.
I have continued to explore the work of Derek Rydall, whose material I had temporarily lost when I lost the computer. 
The wife of one of my older cousins gifted me a 2009 notebook computer that is somewhat better than my desktop. Eventually I have figured out how to do a podcast with it.
When I got files transferred from the notebook, I decided to just retain emails. Everything else I can pretty much replicate elsewhere or start from scratch, a fate that I’ve accepted. Some of the details include Derek’s material and many notes I wrote in many email drafts.  I believe the change in thinking and words I share have made a difference in my psyche and also reflected in my outer life.
A week after the desktop computer failure, I saved enough to purchase a tablet, and reconnected with people again. I’m just learning how to become more of a mobile person than before. I realize this is the communication level a number of us are doing, and I wasn’t necessarily wanting to be more mobile unless my life and work depended on that.  Guess what; it does now.

There are a number of people I want to thank who have assisted in this outer and mobile transition:
Linda Klemann-Miles and Jim Miles
Avi Wisnia
Karen Huller of Epic Careering
Derek Rydall and the private Facebook group
Victor Folgosa of Cybersantech
and the many on Facebook and Twitter who have stayed in touch in all these weeks away.

Radio Crystal Blue is not going away anytime soon. Sure, some may have forgotten that I’m here. Some have wondered what happened. With the explanation out of the way,  I aim to give you an entertaining and informative freeform show, with interesting segues and viewpoints.   Thank you for reading and continuing to hang here with me. 

VISION page:  The essence of the vision for my life is important for me to convey to all of you, so much so that it now has its own page on my website:
I focus on CDs as opposed to downloads, though I make exceptions in the event of albums that are digital releases only. Music must have a 2014 release date or not released otherwise before October 2013. All new albums debut on RCB Novus Ordo; on rare exception, some debut on Radio Crystal Blue proper.
I’m also interested in featuring, great compilation or soundtrack albums track-for-track, to help tell the story of those albums.
Electronic press kits) submissions can be sent via one of these companies.
Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there. If I like the EPK, I will then ask for a CD

CDs that fit in the above rules may be sent to
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
1701 Snyder Avenue, #4
Philadelphia, PA 19145

DONATIONS to Radio Crystal Blue can be made via the Paypal button at the homepage.
SPONSORSHIP: The organizations I’ve listed at the top of this email and those that I mention before the different segments had all agreed in the past to be a sponsor of Radio Crystal Blue. I am happy to mention your product or service on the air, and in emails and on my website. Email me for details.
Some products that I endorse without sponsorship include these:
Renfro Foods (makers of my favorite salsa on this Earth) 
Teeccino (a leading coffee alternative) 

Big Train (makers of the Fit Frappe line of protein drinks)   
SYNDICATION: Would you like to access and hear Radio Crystal Blue, 14 years on the Web, on another Internet radio or podcast network? I hope you do. The word about this unique brand of freeform radio is getting to more people every day. My pair of shows deserves to be heard by listeners to established and emerging networks right alongside your other favorite shows on the Web. Email me to inquire.
IDEALISTIC STATS is that other site I do where I have opinions, analysis, education and essays on sports along with the occasional homegrown list and prediction. I’ve no email list built for the blog but I’d like to create such a list among you that appreciate my writing. email me with your interest in joining.   I’ve returned to this week since reclaiming my online presence.

Be seeing you
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue
215 995 2234



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