My personal and radio vision (4/28/2014)

In the last 10 months of writing a vision, I did see some goals come to fruition, and it leaves the mark on how far I must go For that I’m quite thankful.
*I found two jobs that I held for short periods that provide a good deal of income to supplement my savings, doing work that I’m quite skilled in, the pay I wanted, and in the case of one job, a very good commute.
*I came into some income via gambling that also took care of some immediate debts, namely the rent.
*I built a sports/stat blog and a companion Twitter account to have a proper outlet for another area of life, outside radio, that occupies my mind and time and talents.
*My health is delicate at times, but I understand the warning signals and I take proper occur if one occurs. I attend healing events when I feel urged to go.
*Bought a camera that has better visual properties than the previous one. The audio from the video aspects is somewhat lacking but there may be some way to improve on it.
I bother to share my vision on my radio website because, as with my show itself, I’m fairly honest about what goes on in my life without getting terribly specific. Having a show that is driven by one person, myself, I take the responsibility of making it work. There are times I wonder how it will get done. But, somehow it does, and it’s something I want to continue. Not just for the sake of radio, but also as an avenue for sharing my opinions and outlook on life with you. To think that, some 20, 25 years ago, I was a real shadow of myself that didn’t have a purpose to his life, who learned to speak up out of fear and through shame. That self is all but non-existent. I am understanding how to live and believe on my terms.

My finances have remained rather low in the last year, except for parts of 4 months where I was working full-time and was able to save for necessary items. I had uncovered resources re eviction so, if and when the time comes, I know whom to turn to.

One person I’ve turned to from afar for guidance and perspective is Derek Rydall, creator of The Law of Emergence. His latest online post has to do with the matter of future. He quotes Gandhi “The future depends on what you do today”. Wow! That sense of today, the now, is always happening and in present existence, and simply is. All that I wish for, that which is in my vision, is, in fact, happening now. It’s not later, it’s not a maybe, a probability or something predicated on past tense. That which I desire for my life exists within and is real and emerging. At times I find Derek’s writing and speaking most encouraging. He ‘gets it’ in my view.
I get it too, but the difference is practical application. Maybe some that is impractical!
This update is long in coming but it reflects the now, typed this late April day. Plans will change, circumstances will come and go like the clouds and fronts. So I suppose it’s dangerous to set into stone, or frame on a website, what my plans are. We know what happens when we make plans, don’t we?
Here we go.
This vision does not have a timeline, but it is a list of things I want to accomplish now. I know, truly, that I can choose something different but I know what is best in my soul.

*I see myself working in a part-time role, possibly even full-time, doing work of an administrative and/or research nature, somewhere around Philadelphia, or possibly up to 10 miles outside the city. I am seeking a modest salary of $10/hour+. I am worth at least $12/hour.
*Part of my time continues to be devoted to Radio Crystal Blue, in researching music for airplay as well as the technical aspects. What I desire is a proper space to work in and deliver a show on a weekly basis. I have a lot of CDs that requires enough space. I also want to upgrade the microphone, the mixer and the CD source The signal is OK yet I know it can be improved upon.
*I want to purchase a laptop, for the freedom of using the Internet in the great outdoors and have the flexibility to do work and earn income at once without having to be tethered to communication at home. I have no desire for a cellphone but I understand its usefulness in pure emergencies.
*I still have an interest in building my audio/visual skills. I am learning more with my own camera. I have interest in hosting a program that is an extension of Radio Crystal Blue, something with a more visual quality than simply radio. Sound exciting? It is to me!

*Travel: There is no particular direction I feel drawn to at this moment of typing. I have friends and acquaintances in just about every port in the country and in Canada. If I really had to narrow it down, the places I feel most curious about are: Michigan, Washington state, and Maryland. You may know that I don’t drive. I have no intention to. Thank goodness for companies like Megabus to make travel on the cheap very possible. I tend to travel for a purpose, so it should be an event or a job, or even both. Or a series of events, or jobs. Heck, even something I can document on film if appropriate.
I do know that I’d like things to be continual: to continue to have a base to radiate from is vital.
*New Age work right now for me is solitary for the most part and I see that trend continuing. When I do seek healing, there is at least one group in the region here I meet with.
*I still intend to review music and art events in the Philadelphia region as I have done previously for the website involving audio, video, photos. I’d like to interview artists for the website, with very good quality audio equipment in person, or on Skype.
And there you have it.

To put the wrap on this, I remind you that you can sponsor Radio Crystal Blue and syndicate both of my podcasts on another network. Further, I’m accepting donations to keep Radio Crystal Blue going and growing. Donations can be made via the PayPal button at the homepage.


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