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RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 8 songs, one each from a brand new
recording. I spin the music and give you the backstory of each artist.


PROGRAMMING UPDATE: On the way to RCB HQ is a concept album that I’m very interested in for you to hear. According to the radio promoters it’s getting coverage from ABC News and The Huffington Post
“This new project features songs inspired by, or using the prose as lyrics for one of Kerouac’s darkest works,Tristessa, about a morphine-addicted prostitute with whom Kerouac falls in love.”
“Esperanza: Songs From Jack Kerouac’s ‘Tristessa’ features a select group of critically acclaimed indie rock artists including:William Fitzsimmons, Gregory Alan Isakov, Peter Bradley Adams, Alela Diane,Wintersleep, Marissa Nadler, Joshua James, Lee Ranaldo (of Sonic Youth), Hey Rosetta!, Willy Mason, Matt Costa, The Low Anthem, and Tony Dekker (of The Great Lake Swimmers). “

Folks, as a devoted Kerouac aficianado, I can’t wait to unveil this album for my ears and yours. I’ve just requested a disc today. If it arrives by Tuesday, it will be part of the programming for the next show. If that’s the case, I will announce on my RCB Facebook page first. When it does debut I will likely air 2 or 3 tracks a week and retell the story of Tristessa. I have portions of the book myself from The Jack Kerouac Compendium, published by Penguin.


Let’s start here with the rewind of the 10/9/13 podcasts:

RCB Novus Ordo: Iron Bridge Band starts us off with a wonderfully recorded song called “Petticoat Road”. You’ll definitely hear much more from this band. Yarn we’ve certainly much of in the last year and they resurface with their 2nd album. John Oates (yes, that John Oates) is featured vocalist on 2 songs, one of which I’ve included here. Lydia Warren brings about rock and blues, much like Wanda Jackson and Rosie Flores do. Spectral Lines are a new New-Wave/post-punk duo act, with both members well experienced in the Philly music scene. They made their very debut this week at The Fire, in Philly.

RCB proper: Having spun De Stijl’s tune with Peter Hook at the lead, and then airing Spectral Lines’ tune on RCB Novus Ordo, I was thoroughly nolstalgic for New Order and related sounds. I spun one tune for an intro, that’s the timeless “Crystal”. Hearing the album Get Ready on Spotify, I must also give credence to “60 Miles An Hour”, the other great song from a solid 2001 album. Second airing of Lara Ewen’s new album begins Segment 1, followed by the newest album from renowed songwriter Suzie Brown. Segment 2 includes music from Swedish rock band The Plastic Pals, and Baltimore’s The Last Year, itself the newest rock project from Niki Barr. Segment 3: More new material from Sara Petite and Krista Baroni start the mix here. Segment 4; Dan & Faith, and Beth DeSombre are part of a Rhode Island Songwriters Association ‘in the round’, in the big city of Providence, 10/13.

Big change this week, as my temp job ended very suddenly and I’m up against it again. I might be OK this month, tho still one month behind in paying rent. If it gets to 2 months in November, I surely will face eviction proceedings. I intend to build income in some way, preferably with a job similar to the one I did in the last few weeks.
Of course your donations will help make a difference. You can do so via the Paypal link at the home page.
I’ve again cancelled my social calendar, meaning that I won’t be attending live events until I’m more financially stable.

While I was still working, I planned to and did attend an event at The Fire, a notable music venue in the Fishtown section of Philly. My full review, plus pics from the new camera I bought are at

I didn’t take the time to edit the pics further at the time of releasing the gallery but that misstep was only done in haste of getting them out to you. The next ones I do will be properly edited.
Full photo gallery on Facebook:
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