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RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 10 songs, one each
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CAPE MAY is in my immediate future. Next week’s news will be released on Thursday instead of Friday as I’ll be attending the 6th annual Cape May Singer-Songwriter Festival. The festival runs 3/22 and 3/23, with many different panels and workshops to attend during the day at Congress Hall, and then over a dozen establishments in this historic town featuring songwriters through both evenings. I will be MC’ing such a showcase at The Inn At Cape May on Saturday 3/23. The talent is presented by Tunes2ya I look forward to seeing you there. If you’re attending as a performer, business contact or colleague, or otherwise a fellow patron of outstanding music, be sure to be in contact with me before and during the event. No I haven’t figured yet who I will be listening to during the week, but I do envision documenting my experience in some way, perhaps with my camera. More about this event at

Last week I attended a showcase at The Legendary Dobbs. My NYC friends in the band Changing Modes were the opening act. Once They Were, a local band I profiled the last time I was there, were once again on the billing. Review at
RCB rewind:

RCB Novus Ordo: The majority of the program was devoted to musicians performing at the aforementioned Cape May Songwriter Festival. Alongside this were the latest from my inbox of new material, including John Corbett, with a polished ready-for-radio country sound.

RCB proper: Some RCB traditions to point out: Every mid-March, at the Ides, I always spin Iggy Pop’s “Caesar”. Also I spin some Celtic music. Why not, right? This year I got deep into the Afro-Celtic sound, beginning with The Upsetter himself, Lee “Scratch” Perry, in collaboration with The Orb. It’s been a while since I gave you some Black 47 music! The tune by Margaret Brennan is my favorite from the Hearts Of Space compilation featuring Celtic vocalists. Couldn’t find anything on the Web about Sheoda, tho. As with last music, a good deal of airplay was devoted to artists who were either sharing promotional or venue billing at that SXSW happening in Austin. Among the notable: Jimmy LaFave name-checking Native American tribes in “Red Dirt Night”. Megan Slankard’s incredible songwriting. Vajra’s worship songs. The Pinz, once again, grace my airwaves with a song that could have been big 30 years ago. A flash back to Andy Friedman & The Other Failures and that hollerin’ voice. Fablecar & Flashbulb Fires, two bands also on the verge with some futuristic rock. Melissa Greener makes her debut here as well. Beth DeSombre’s tune “Fun Will Find A Way” has a line about a shantytown. Of course, I had to spin Aztec Two-Step’s “Shantytown”. Outside of SX: Danielle Miraglia & Craig Bickhardt are at the Lansdowne Folk Club on 3/21. On 3/22 David Wilcox & Catie Curtis are at City Winery in…wait for it….Chicago!

Beth Kaufman mentions that her band, the wonderful Spuyten Duyvil will be at Concerts at The Crossing in Titusville, NJ on 3/23. Sharing the stage that evening will be Pesky J Nixon. More info at

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