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Radio Crystal Blue 4/8/12 news

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No new media for you this week. I’m planning to attend these shows here in Philly:
A Little Affair play at JR’s Bar here in South Philly on 4/13. I’ve heard a few interesting things about this dive. There’s barely a website presence; there is a macabre collection of decor strewn about; stage-diving is known to happen frequently. Am I scaring you yet? Good. www.alittleaffairmusic.com
Sylvia Platypus performs on a bill with Study Electrictiy at The Grape Room on 4/19. I’ve seen the latter band just once; great example of modern Philly rock. Sylvia Platypus I’ve not yet seen. They are billed as “psycho-Celtic’ rock. I met their lead singer Janet Bressler once at a Song Dogs & The Nightjar show; we already were connected on that Facebook thing. www.sylviaplatypus.com
Local Americana/country-rockers band Gavilan share members of the band Richie Allen & The Midvale 9, and are releasing a new CD at The Grape Room on 4/21. I have their CD in advance, and will certainly spin this for you when it’s time for me to debut itt. http://www.reverbnation.com/headlesscowboymusic
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RCB REVIEW: The annotated version of my shows.
On RCB Novus Ordo: 2 bands local to Philly, Johnny Action Figure, and The Tressels, debut on this edition. Red Abbey, formerly of Hoboken NJ, now in Las Vegas, have recently released their first full album. full of the same fire and brimstone they produce on stage.

RCB proper: Segment 1 was anchored by Shane Cooley. He is touring with Adam Web across the MidAtlantic states .Shane and others in the segment are performing at this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival (Wes Tucker, Flo Anito, Jamie Alimorad). Segment 2 started with pairs of duos (Sirsy, Schwervon!, The StereoFidelics; note the string quartet added to Sirsy’s Sorry Me”). Segment 3 featured tales of death, despair and hopefulness. Marybeth D’Amico’s tune “Beneath The Rubble” seems to anchor all these songs. Segment 4 includes new music from Daniel Levi Goans, a recently released song by Kate Klim, and both a Mark Erelli cover and original. Also completed the first full airing of the unearthed music from 1997-2002 by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer.

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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo 4/1/12

Radio Crystal Blue: Novus Ordo spotlights CDs that are debuting on my
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Tomorrow The Moon “HeSawRed” – The Dim, Distant Now CD www.reverbnation.com/tomorrowthemoon
The Tressels “Tell Me A Secret” – American Sunset EP www.reverbnation.com/thetressels
Johnny Action Figure “Bushkill Hill” – Good Eye CD (2009)www.johnnyactionfigure.com
Red Abbey “Broken Heart” – Bulldozer CD www.redabbeyband.com
Elly Wininger “Little Black Cloud” – Back Eddy Blues CD (2007) www.ellywininger.com
John Roy Zat “Cry For Me” – solo CD www.royzat.com
The Bryant C Project “Whatever” – s/t CD www.thebryantcproject.com
Matt Roach “Mix It Up” – Burning Bridges On Memory Lane CD www.mattroachmusic.com
Running time: 53 minutes.—————————————————————–
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Radio Crystal Blue is my long-running standard freeform radio program. The
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(4) RSS: www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu/rssThis show was distributed on 4/4/12
Artists with shared gigs in the near future are noted with * & **
Opening music: Nigel Hayes “Raise The Bridge” – Northern Lights EP www.intelligentaudio.net

Shane Cooley “College Town” – West Land CD www.shanecooleymusic.com
Adam Web “Smile” – Once We Were Stars CD www.adamwebmusic.com
Jamie Alimorad “In Her Smile” – Cornerstone EP www.jamiealimorad.com
Wes Tucker & The Skillets “Good To Go” – Live in NYC CD www.westucker.com
Flo Anito “work!” – no dustbunnies CD www.floanito.com
Kurt Henry Band “Julia Left’ – From Our Religions We’ll Be Free! CD www.kurthenry.com
Sirsy “Sorry Me” (string quartet) – Build Your Own Bootleg Collction CD www.sirsy.com
Schwervon! “Cougar Pride” – single www.schwervon.com
The StereoFidelics “Black Elephants” – live from binghamton CD www.stereof.com
Remember September “Lonely Road” – The Roads We Travel CD www.rememberseptemberband.com
Ratham Stone “Lost” – Enough To Last CD www.rathamstone.com
Shibuya Crossings “I’ll Meet You at the Station” – Depend On Your Alter-Ego CD www.shibuyacrossings.com
Kill The Alarm “The Only One” – Fire Away CD www.killthealarm.com
CD FOCUS:Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer “little blue egg” CD
These songs were recorded between 1997 and 2002. 11 of 16 tracks
are part of this album, with 5 more being released as singles during the
year. The release and related events are timed to the anniversary of Dave’s
untimely passing along with what would have been his 60th birthday in
From this CD I spun “till we have faces”, “gypsy rose” & “september sea”
Sean Kershaw & The New Jack Ramblers “Woke Up Dead” – Coney Island Cowboy CD www.seankershaw.com
Fellaheen “Burn The House Down” – Death & Frolic CD www.fellaheen.com
Justin James “Get It Right” – a beautiful life CD www.justinjamesmusic.com
Paul Sachs “Dirty Trucks” – Oil Town CD www.paulsachs.com
Marybeth D’Amico “Beneath The Rubble” – The Light Inside CD www.marybethdamico.com
Meredith Blis “Mighty Aphrodite” – A Purple Kind Of Blue CD www.meredithblis.com
The Portraits “Colours” – The Blushing of a World in White CD www.theportraits.info
*Red Molly “Why Should I Cry” (Mark Erelli cover) – Light In The Sky CD www.redmolly.com
*Mark Erelli “Pauline” – little vigils CD www.markerelli.com
Kate Klim “Why It’s Blue” – Kamikaze Love CD www.kateklim.com
Liz Longley “When You’ve Got Trouble” – hot loose wire CD www.lizlongley.com
Danielle Miraglia “See The Light” – Box Of Troubles CD www.daniellem.com
Lara Ewen & The Unstrung Orchestra “Blessed” – Ghosts And Gasoline CD www.unstrungmusic.com
Daniel Levi Goans “57” – BrotherStranger CD www.daniellevigoans.com
Closing music: Robert Sadin “Comment” – Art Of Love: Music Of Machaut CD
Running time: 3 hours, 28 minutes
All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info:
www.creativecommons.orgNext show will be recorded and distributed in the week of 4/8/12
Dan Herman/Radio Crystal Blue:
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@ The Grape Room 2/10/12

Midwinter’s chill didn’t hold back many folks from attending The Grape Room on Friday night.  There was a decent breeze in the night air with rain just changing over to snow. Lovely if you’re a driver. Me, I take the bus.  The bus I get goes from Center City down Ridge Avenue, about 30 minutes to beautiful downtown upper-class Manayunk.  Train is quicker but also more expensive.  I risked some time in getting to the first stop at the bus and missed it…and had to endure a 45 minute wait. Basically one bus totally blew off the schedule and didn’t arrive while the 2nd one did very shortly after.  I got in around 845pm and had just missed seeing local folk-rocker Matt Spitko.
Tonight included bands that I had seen earlier in 2011.  Andrew Jude, who opened for Song Dogs & The Nightjar in December, was second up.  Andrew has some solid guitar-oriented pop songs…think Del Amitri or the more accessible of Luna’s music. I had chatted with their drummer, Don Brown, who has a powerful technique and great fills. He mentioned that, on Thursday, the band played at his alma mater of Philadelphia University for a Relay for Life benefit. Andrew and band was a trio tonight; Alicia, their violinist was out of town. I recall Andrew saying that she’s with the band on some regional dates depending on the locale.  Andrew received debut airplay from me on Radio Crystal Blue earlier in the week.
The Tressels did their thing all over the Grape Room stage….a 5 piece band that I covered for you in a prior post when they played at Legendary Dobbs. Pretty much the same script as before, some of the same songs, and much of the same kinetic energy . One guy handles maracas and tambos, another stands tall and quiet on guitar, another handles flashy lead guitar, and a drummer tucked in the back who keeps an understated but steady hand with the backbeat.  Exciting band to see; that is, if you like to see bands that make like The Who with all their craftiness on stage. Possibly the best local band I’ve seen since beginning my coverage of local showcases last summer.  Before the last song, lead vox Butch Tressels asks a hardcore Sinatra trivia question “What was the last song that Sinatra sang in his final concert?” I did know the answer was “The Best Is Yet To Come” but waited for a response from the audience. No response came. Instead there was the constant chatter of hipsters and folks just standing around gawking or gabbing with each other. No matter. They did launch into that final song, climaxing with  Mickey Reds (percussion, 2nd vocalist) delivering a mighty roar that would do whatshisname in the Who proud.    Outside while I caught my breath from the slowly packing venue (where did all those young ladies come from), I had met most of the band in post-show smoke. A doe-eyed brunette was waxing eloquent about the band’s set and how they’ll make The Grape Room a place they’ll attend time and again. I love when that magic happens. The Tressels didn’t really have much of a challenge with the stage doing all their shtick.  One bandmember (I believe it was Bruce) was mentioning have to do “the Bruce thing” (Springsteen, perhaps?), crouching low on guitar and maintaining rhythm and control while the others cavorted. They were to play on 2/11 at The Alphabet Lounge in the East Village section of NYC, then another date with Dobbs in March.
The Tressels shared stages several times before with another local act, Johnny Action Figure, and did likewise on Friday. This regional 4-piece sing out loud and enjoy being in the moment on stage.  No stage antics beyond the norm for them; they have 2 keyboards to work plus guitar and drums, plus a great original pop aesthethic that will continue to attract fans in PA.
By midway through the set, yours truly was having the worst time getting good camera angles thanks to the teeming dozens that decide to populate every square inch of the room.  I hightailed out of there just as Johnny Action Figure wrapped up.  Apparently the headline band, Kalob Griffin Band by name (State College by place), brought in a huge amount there.
Waiting for the last bus out of Manayunk (again, forgoing the nearby train and extra expense), I glanced in admiration at the folks walking up and down Main Street, underdressed to the eights and nines. Same time every night, from what I’ve seen, seems to present this scene.   The cold rain was a bonus of sorts.
More pics at my latest Facebook gallery

@ Legendary Dobbs, January 6, 2012

Armed with Stash peppermint tea, going to a Reiki share today, getting multidimensional in the process.  Before lifting off out of here, some musings for you re Friday’s shows.
I’m in the habit of attending 3 shows a month, doing very select interviews with great artists like the ones you hear on my show, plus add some photos, audio and video. Not a bad gig right? It’s about time I got paid for this sort of work. I am exploring that now, while leaving some other ideas off the table for now.

Red Abbey, a band from Hoboken, NJ, now firmly centered in Las Vegas, were the reason for my attending The Legendary Dobbs.  I hung with Thien-nga and Trey Ordaz in the performers lounge upstairs…a tired old room with graffiti galore), a loveseat and singular comfy chair, and an HD screen airing constant music videos. Plus a great view below to the intersection of 3rd and South.   I had no desire to interview the duo-led quartet; instead we chatted amiably about my life in Philly so far and their lives balancing touring and teaching.  They have their own music school at the home base, and plan to tour 3 out of every 4 weeks.  They are very much on the rise and know they will ‘make it’.  I feel privileged to have known them from nearly the beginning.

2 stories below on the main level of  Dobbs I saw local indie band Johnny Action Figure perform some engaging pop-rock which had most of the audience at attention.

Following them were a West Philly band The Tressels, putting on every guitar-oriented stage antic you could think of. They sound as good as they look and that’s no lie.   I mean, look at them already…

Red Abbey performed next to a modest but engaged audience and staff. Thien-nga thoroughly works the stage between vox &  electric violin.  Trey, wearing his AC-DC silk-screened shirt and requisite jeans and boots, plowed along on guitar.

They performed mostly the songs from “Bulldozer” and closed with this number, a song they’ve yet to record (more good video from other shows at the YouTube channel)
The band are in the midst of an East Coast tour. My understanding is that they’ll next invade the West Coast. Yes, then TX.
Da Rezarekt headlined with hip-hop, fueled by rock, horns and a party atmosphere not unlike P-Funk.  Their guitarist, Marisa Salazar, is starting chemo for breast cancer, and it’s her last show with the band for the time being. Next gig for this band is in April Note the man in top hat from The Great Socio,  a local band who’ve just completed a residency at The Grape Room.  The band had a great moment in the middle of the set inviting ladies in their First Friday best to ham it up on stage while the band jammed it up.

I received CDs from a few of the artists performing this night, and will certainly have them on the big radio radar in future weeks and beyond.

Looking over conversation with Moozone about media hosting.  Looks like I may have the opportunity right under my nose to get my mp3 files here and podcasted from there.   Things are looking up again!    I’m partnering with this company to have artists sell merch and music.    Anthony, if you’re reading this, you’ve an email on the way later today.
Also organizing my notes re featured shows on Moozikoo Radio.  I’m nearly ready to get some 30-minute featurettes done, spotlighting top artists that you’ve heard on Radio Crystal Blue in the past.

Still tingly over having the domain point here.  The Google site is still there for posterity but am encouraging you to make this your primary destination for all things Dan Herman, Radio Crystal Blue, and any other related activity.  Yes that includes the stat blog where I occasionally muse on handicapping and sports-related stats and biorhythms.  What I will leave out from here is the mildly drunk recollection of a beer pong game somewhere in Bella Vista in the wee small hours.