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@ The Legendary Dobbs 6/6/14

Philly promoter Andre Coles, better known to locals as Boy Wonder brought his monthly HYPE! showcase series to The Legendary Dobbs on a busy Friday night. This being First Friday, there was a busier scene than normal outside lengendary South Street. The same couldn’t be said for the downstairs section of Dobbs, as part of the roof caved in and cancelled any action on that floor. Thankfully the 2nd floor was cleared for performance, thankfully.
Local songstress Emily Mineo did a handful of songs, solo & acoustic, showcasing a great vocal range. I understand she’s recording her first album.
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Upstate NY rock duo Sirsy performed 7 songs, including “Lionhearted” my favorite track, for the moment, from their prior album Coming Into Frame. I’ve seen Sirsy a handful of times, and the act doesn’t change much at all between the drums, guitar, bass pads, flute,….flute? Yes, on “Revolution”, where Melanie Krahmer’s marching band background comes in handy. You have to see this…

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Following Sirsy were rhythm guitarist Chris Gennett and backing band The Bickel Brothers (John & Patrick, plus Gusten Rudolph), on bass, drums and melodic organ. Chris comes from a laid-back folk-pop perspective. Emily joined him on a cover of “Hit The Road Jack” and 1 or 2 other songs. Chris is just about to release an album.
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After their set, the Bickel Brothers charmed the full audience with some cover songs. Kelvin Cochrane, late of The Absolute Zeros (did you know they reunited last year?, busted in and sang with the group a bit and danced with a few patrons, including Boy Wonder himself.
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South Street looked like this afterward. I’m standing near Manny Brown’s where a musical duo barely on the sidewalk are playing to patrons inside.

@ Legendary Dobbs 3/29/13

The Legendary Dobbs was as packed as I had ever seen it for the presence of both Rachel Schain and backing band Venice Sunlight. Rachel celebrated the release of her new album “LilacFace” with a full showcase, arranging the entire lineup. I arrived minutes before Rachel’s show having missed John & Brittany, along with the Zombie Girl herself, Noelle Picara. The same Noelle I had witnessed from afar last weekend at Cape May.

Rachel had her family and superfans plus folks from her job in the audience. She began the set doing a photo of her adoring audience. She would have promoter/songwriter Boy Wonder up for backing vocals, and Tuba Dan on, yes, accordion. Sheila Hershey was on cello for song, as was violinist Donna Smith and guitarist Patrick Allen. Noelle joined on keys for one song as well.  Rachel sung Blondie’s “Rapture” along with a number of songs from the new album, closing with “Rockstar, Bitch!”, arguably her signature tune. The song brought a nice call-and-response. I spotted Paige Allbritton among the revelers. Along with the CD release, there was the announcement of “…It’s a boy.” She has gigs in DC and Midwest cities ahead.


Venice Sunlight I had first met at nearby Lickety Split, performing as an acoustic duo. it was on a night that was hosted by James Hearne of The Way Home. I have always liked Jayson Verdibello and Dave Cohen’s harmonies and kept watch for their gigs. This was my first time seeing them as a full band. “Hey Logan!” was a favorite, within which Jayson said would get into a Steely Dan solo. (actually more like Thin Lizzy).Jayson was dressed in black casual wear, white tie and expressive smile and gaze to match. A couple of guys in plaid shirts got up on stage to join in on one songs. Superfans? Musicians? Who where they? James Hearne and Rachel sang with them. At the song’s close, Jayson opened his shirt to reveal a t-shirt with the red lines of the now-familiar equality tolerance symbol.
What more can I type that I have in previous recaps about The Way Home? It’s got everything: a 4-piece that can lounge, they can rock, they can do harmonies like no one’s business. They are truly Philly’s answer to either Counting Crows or The Eagles (not those Eagles). Every show, James wears a long-sleeve business shirt which gets sweaty by song #4, complete with loose tie. Dan Drago, long-time playing partner on bass, dressed with casual cream-white suit jacket and jeans, and one of Rachel’s “Rockstar, Bitch” tees. The band debuted 3 new songs in their set, plus a cover of “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M. Jayson got on stage once more (does he get paid thrice for this event?) to sing harmonies and bang tambourine. And 2 more guys lent tambourine skills to one song as well. I’m always taken with James’s energy which fuels the band and makes them compelling to watch.
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