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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo week of 6/8/14

Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo is a weekly podcast that spotlights brand new
music from songwriters and bands. Most of the new music from these artists
eventually get heard on my companion radio program, Radio Crystal Blue.HOW TO LISTENVia Big Contact:
Podcast page: www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu
RSS: www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu/rss
mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/rcbnew060814.mp3

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accessed via this player are archived for one year.Via www.archive.org:
Podcast page: https://archive.org/details/RCBnew060814
Shows accessed via archive.org are always available.Stitcher: http://stitcher.com/s?eid=33958682This show was published 6/14/14

Rod Melancon “South Louisian’ ” – Parish Lines CD www.rodmelancon.com
Tumbling Bones “This Time Last Year”- Loving A Fool CD www.tumblingbones.com
Random Order “Subway Girl” – Black Lipstick Kiss CD www.randomorder.ca
Zoe Muth “Too Shiny” – World Of Strangers CD www.zoemuth.com
Jenny & Robin Bienemann “Spinning Away” – Live CD www.jennyandrobin.com
John Tracy “I’ve Got To Find Myself” – I’ve Got To Find Myself CD www.johntracymusic.comRunning time: 51 minutosHere’s RCB proper:

Radio Crystal Blue is my 13-year-old freeform radio program, usually
publishing Wednesdays or Thursdays in podcast format.
Via Big Contact:
Podcast page: http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu
RSS: http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu/rss
mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/rcblive060814.mp3
There are a number of options on the page and in the player to stream and
download, as well as to embed the player on your site or blog. Shows in this
FeedPlayer are archived for a year.Via http://www.archive.org:
Podcast page: https://archive.org/details/RCBlive060814
VBR M3U: https://archive.org/download/RCBlive060814/RCBlive060814_vbr.m3u
mp3: https://archive.org/download/RCBlive060814/RCBlive060814.mp3Artists who are sharing gigs are denoted with *
This show was published on 6/14/14.Opening music:
Saint Etienne “This Is Radio Etienne” – Fox Base Alpha
Weezer “Represent”

New Order “World In Motion”
Marina Lima “Fullgas” – Fullgas
Lu Horta “Fullgas” www.luhorta.com
Rebecca Loebe “Circus Heart” – Circus Heart CD www.rebeccaloebe.com
The Kennedys “Made Of Sand” – Closer Than You Know CD www.kennedysmusic.com
The Moonshine “Moontips” – And Now… CD www.themoonshinemusic.com
Elisa Peimer “Marine Layer” – Pull Of The Moon CD www.elisapeimer.com
The Late Saints “So Bad” – www.thelatesaints.com
Builder Of The House “I Am A Tidal Wave” – I Am A Tidal Wave CD www.builderofthehouse.com
Herbie D & The Dangermen “Three Of A Kind” – Dangerous With Blues CD www.herbiedandthedangermen.com
Tommy Z Band “Tommy’s Boogie” – Sometimes CD www.tommyzband.com
*Butcher’s Blind “Burning Bright (Lower East Side)” – Destination Blues EP www.butchersblind.com
*Spanking Charlene “Booze & Pills” – Where Are The Freaks? CD www.spankingcharlene.com
Bloody Jug Band “Murder Of Crows” – Murder of Crows EP www.bloodyjugband.com
Craig Greenberg “Turning Track” – Spinning In Time EP www.craiggreenbergmusic.com
The Matthew Show “Always” – February CD www.thematthewshow.com
Billy Shaddox “Waiting For The One” – Golden Fate CD www.billyshaddox.com
Melissa Greener “Always” – Transistor Corazon CD www.melissagreener.com
Lynn Hollyfield “Mostly Wild” – In The Balance CD www.lynnhollyfield.com
Sarah McQuaid “The Sun Goes On Rising” – The Plum Tree and The Rose CD www.sarahmcquaid.com
Greg Klyma “Livin’ The Life” – Another Man’s Treasure CD www.klyma.com
Noel Paul Stookey “Not That Kind Of Music” – One & Many CD www.noelpaulstookey.com
Patty Carpenter & The Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band “Summer Love” – Come Over CD www.dfjbmusic.com
Aztec Two Step “Better Watch Out (For The Rastafarians)” – Cause & Effect CD www.aztectwostep.com
Marianne Kesler “2 O’clock” – Pear In The Pink Thing CD www.mariannekesler.com
Closing music: Pharaoh’s Daughter “By Way Of Haran” – Haran CD
www.pharaohsdaughter.comRunning time: 166 minutos
Atmosphere: jet exhaustion
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