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Radio Crystal Blue and Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo 2/28/23

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The main show is heard in 2 parts via the RSS feed. Use Mixcloud or the Internet Archive to hear the show as one long segment.

Withered Hand “Waking Up” http://www.witheredhand.com
Simmons & The Stags “Is it Over” https://www.facebook.com/AndTheStags
Quiz Show “Withstand” https://www.facebook.com/quizshowbandnj
Noelle “Mars” https://www.facebook.com/noelleofficialmusic/
Jeff Pitchell “So Into You” – Playing With My Friends https://jeffpitchellofficial.com/tour
Rhythm Krewe “Unfinished Business” – Unfinished Business https://rhythm-krewe.com
The Camans “Banks Of Inverary” https://www.facebook.com/thecamans/

Running time: 45 minutes


Lawrence Ferlinghetti: poems No. 9 and No. 10 of “A Coney Island Of The Mind”
Jack Kerouac “Abraham” – Poetry For The Beat Generation (with Steve Allen)
Morphine “I Know You (Pt. III) – Like Swimmimg
Kris Delmhorst “Gave It Away”- Five Stories http://www.krisdelmhorst.com
Jeffrey Foucault “Everybody’s Famous” – Horse Latitudes
Chris Smither “On The Edge” – Hundred Dollar Valentine http://www.smither.com
Kris Delmhorst “All The Way Around” – The Wild http://www.krisdelmhorst.com

Bird Streets “Let You Down”- Lagoon http://www.birdstreetsmusic.com
Kevin Daniel “My Oh My” – Been Here Before http://www.thekevindaniel.com
Shanna In A Dress “Have A Great Day” – Robot http://www.shannainadress.com
Giulia Millanta “Run Away” “Woman On The Moon http://www.giuliamillanta.com
Paula Standing “The More I Give” http://www.paulastanding.com
Rorie Kelly “Let You Down” Shadow Work http://www.roriekelly.com

Mimi Pretend “Hateful” http://www.facebook.com/mimipretend
ON “Break You” s/t https://www.facebook.com/onband.ca
The Worried Men “Dangerous Vision” – Excelsior! http://www.theworriedmen.com
Jody and The Germs “Started Something” https://jodyandthegerms.com/
Jack Goodall and the Kick “Never Happen” http://www.jackgoodall.com
Antigone Rising “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” – True Joy http://www.antigonerising.com
Angeles “Band Plays On” http://www.angelesband.com

Part 2 of the show starts here:

Castle Black “Talkin’ About Those Nights” – Get Up, Dancer http://www.castleblackmusic.com
Orianthi “Witches And The Devil” https://www.orianthi.me/
Bad Marriage “Tear It Down” – http://www.badmarriagemusic.com
Explode The TV “Everything Points To You” https://www.facebook.com/explodethetv
God Bombs “Black and Yellow” https://www.thegodbombs.com/
The Van Pelt “Artisans and Merchants” – Artisans and Merchants ttps://www.facebook.com/thevanpelt
Yvngerror “Gold Roses” http://www.facebook.com/yvngerrorofficial

Further On: The Songs Of Billy Conway https://www.songsofbillyconway.com/

This albums serves as a tribute to the late drummer for Morphine, Jeffrey Foucault, Chris Smither, and others who are mainly part of the New England folk music scene. Billy was also active as a songwriter. Recordings and voice memos collected by Billy’s wife Laurie Sargent provide the framework for these songs.
From this album I aired:
“Warmer” (featuring Jeremy Moses Curtis)
“High Road (featuring Jeffrey Foucault)
“Further On” (featuring Jabe Beyer)

Blue Dogs “The Good Road” Big Dreamers http://www.bluedogs.com
Norman Collins & The Tumblers “You Made A Stranger Out Of Me – What The Cat Dragged In http://www.normancollinsanddthetumblers.com
Steve Dawson “This Is All There Is” – At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree http://www.stevedawsonmusic.com Angie Goeke “Fayetteville” – If I Were Honest http://www.angiegoeke.com
Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys “Fish Out Of Water” – Pickup Cowboy http://www.jonathanbyrd.com

Katie Knipp “Gone To Town” – Live At The Green Room Social Club http://www.katieknipp.com
Rob Mazurek And The Exploding Star Orchestra “Shape Shifter” Lightning Dreamers http://www.robmazurek.com
The Lagoons “Snowy Mountain” – Daybreak http://www.thelagoonsmusic.com
Tragedy Ann “The Good Of My Heart” – Heirlooms tragedyannmusic.com
Tim Ball “The Shepherd Medley” – Upstate Crossroads http://www.timballmusic.com

Closing music: MFSB “My Mood” – Universal Love

Running time: 3 hours, 22 minutes