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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo 5/4/14 audio/links

Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo is a weekly podcast that spotlights brand new
music from songwriters and bands. Most of the new music from these artists
eventually get heard on my companion radio program, Radio Crystal Blue.


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Podcast page: www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu
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mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/rcbnew050414.mp3

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Podcast page: https://archive.org/details/RCBnew050414
VBR M3U: https://archive.org/download/RCBnew050414/RCBnew050414_vbr.m3u
MP3 via M3U: https://archive.org/stream/RCBnew050414
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mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/rcbnew050414.mp3
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This show was published 5/9/14

Johnny Wore Black “The Battle” – Walking Underwater CD www.johnnyworeblack.com
Duncan Street “I Be’s Troubled” – Baptized By The Blues CD www.daveduncanmusic.com www.stanstreet.com
Gaetano Letizia and the Underworld Blues Band “Voodoo Doll” – Voodoo Doll CD www.underworldblues.com
Suit Ty Thurrsty “You Make Me Real”- People In The Street CD www.suittythurrsty.com
Cyndi Harvell “Burn The House Down” – Heartaches & Revolution CD www.cyndiharvell.com
Running time: 44 minutos
Here’s RCB proper:

Radio Crystal Blue is my 13-year-old freeform radio program, usually
publishing Wednesdays or Thursdays in podcast format.
Via Big Contact:
Podcast page: http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu
RSS: http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu/rss
mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/rcblive050414.mp3
There are a number of options on the page and in the player to stream and
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Via http://www.archive.org:
Podcast page: https://archive.org/details/RCBlive050414
VBR M3U: https://archive.org/download/RCBlive050414/RCBlive050414_vbr.m3u
MP3 via M3U: https://archive.org/stream/RCBlive050414
Zip: https://archive.org/download/RCBlive050414/RCBlive050414_vbr_mp3.zip
mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/rcblive050414.mp3

Artists who are sharing gigs are denoted with *
This show was published on 5/9/14.
Opening music: Pharaoh’s Daughter “Ka Ribon” – Haran CD www.pharaohsdaughter.com
Matt Harlan “Old Spanish Moss” – Raven Hotel CD www.mattharlan.com
Lys Guillorn “Hard Corners” – Winged Victory CD www.lysguillorn.com
Karen Collins & The Backroads Band “Honky Tonk Guitar” – Tail Light Blues CD www.karencollins.net
Rebecca Loebe “I Will Wait” – Circus Heart CD www.rebeccaloebe.com
Vance Gilbert “First Ring” – Bad Dog Buffet CD www.vancegilbert.com
The Sidleys “Tin Flowers”- Bittersweet CD www.thesidleys.com
Belles & Whistles “18 & Free” – s/t CD www.bellesandwhistlesmusic.com
Eilen Jewell “Hooked” – Queen Of the Minor Key CD www.eilenjewell.com
Tom Principato “Knockin’ On The Door” – Robert Johnson Told Me So CD www.tomprincipato.com
Rory Taillon & The Old Souls “Jukebox” – It’s Not Black & White CD www.rorytaillon.com
Sirsy “Revolution” – BYOB CD www.sirsy.com
Voice Of Addiction “Juvenescence” – Modern Day Meltdown CD www.voiceofaddiction.com
CD FOCUS: An occasional series spotlighting a top compilation or concept
David Uosikkinen’s In The Pocket project continues with its latest edition:
Essential Songs Of Philadelphia: Sessions. Here, the drummer for The Hooters
joins 2 fellow members (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian), along with other artists
with Philly roots and sing songs that also were born and bred here. More
info at http://www.songsinthepocket.org
I spun these:
“I Ain’t Searchin” [(original by 70’s Philly band The American Dream. New version features Cliff Hillis (Ike), Steve Butler (Smash Palace)]
“You Can’t Sit Down [original by The Dovells, 1963. New version by Graham Alexander, Tommy Conwell (Young Rumblers), Jay Davidson (Steve Windwood, Funk Brothers),and special appearance by radio legend Jerry Blavat]
Kris Delmhorst “92nd St.” – Blood Test CD www.krisdelmhorst.com
Kerri Powers “Train In The Night” – s/t CD www.kerripowers.com
*Craig Bickhardt “It Opens” – The More I Wonder CD www.craigbickhardt.com
*Lizanne Knott “Little Sky Town” – Standing In The English Rain CD www.lizanneknott.com
Daniel Christian “Other Side Of The Ground” – Live, for the Moment CD www.danielchristianmusic.com
Jennings “Cling To Me” – Take It Or Leave CD www.jennings-music.com
Stefilia’s Stone “You Own This” – Like The Moon CD www.stefiliasstone.com
Raina Rose “Apostle” – Caldera CD www.rainarose.com
Craig Sonnenfeld “The Ones You Left Behind” – Angels, Lovers And Fools CD www.craigsonnenfeld.com
Switchback “Ain’t Going Back” – American Roots and Celtic Soul: Live, Volume 1 CD www.waygoodmusic.com
Closing music: Pharaoh’s Daughter “By Way Of Haran” – Haran CD www.pharaohsdaughter.com
Running time: 167 minutos
Atmosphere: fateful train
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