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Radio Crystal Blue 7/15/12 news

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RCB Novus Ordo will also air separately. On this show I spin one song from
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At this moment I’ve yet to post a review of last night’s showcase at The Fire, featuring my friends in the NYC band At Sea.  This review will be available later on Friday on my website.  Look for photos on Facebook and video on my YouTube channel. You know where.

I do have a review up from a showcase at The Grape Room, dated 7/10/12.  Read all about it at https://radiocrystalblue.net/2012/07/11/the-grape-room-71012/

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151908264655725.879893.684570724&type=3&l=4dd821deae
Video of Jill Cagney: http://youtu.be/qpQORF0bTiI

I’m doing 6-song versions of RCB Novus Ordo this summer to further stimulate the wait list for CDs that are debuting on  my podcasts. Supply has dwindled, and there is probably a dozen artists I know of that have yet to send new material.

I’m seeking a day job in the areas of support/admin/clerical/research, within a 15 mile radius of Philadelphia.   Contact me if you know of a job that befits my requirements.

Thanks for being friends on the usual social media sites and beyond, and, of course, in person. I’ve no desire to set foot in NYC again unless I’m working there or else if my life depends on it.   I might try nearby cities (Baltimore, DC, hello?) for jobs if need be.  But I’d rather be in Philly for now, at least while I still have some $ to circulate.
TWITTER FIVE TO FOLLOW: These are the last 5 folks that I’m following who
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I do audio interviews, photos, video, and audio of live events.  You can see
and hear evidence across my Facebook and YouTube channels, plus the field
recording FeedPlayer.Time, location and expense will be taken into account
before taking on a job.

Right now here’s what I’ve planned to see:
Greta Gertler presents her band The Universal Thump at the Green Line Cafe,
7/19. http://www.theuniversalthump.com
One of the great Canadian bands ever, The Trews, play at The Grape Room on
7/25.  http://www.thetrewsmusic.com

RCB REVIEW: The annotated version of the shows, not to be confused with the
actual audio:
RCB Novus Ordo: Outstanding in this week’s 6-pack are Late Cambrian (whose founder had also led The Flying Machines and The Attorneys), and DE rock band Darkin, bringing out the vintage grunge.

RCB proper: Continued a theme of starting with Luna for this week’s show, the long bonus track which is a Serge Gainsbourg cover. Laetitia Sadler of Stereolab in duet vox with Dean Wareham.  I had Serge on the brain after seeing a feature of the man on a public access TV program.  Summer and driving songs were the main part of Segment 1 (notably Amy Speace, Elisa Peimer, and another new one by Garrison Starr).   Segment 2 contained music by artists who are in this year’s Great South Bay Festival.  Yarn and Molasses Creek are in the Floyd Festival later in July.  Professor Louie & The Crowmatix are back with a new album and they kick off Segment 3, featuring guitar from Michael Falzarano.  Also spun more new music here from Changing Modes, This Is She (proud client of Miles High Productions) and brand new song from UK’s JoanOvArc.  Segment 4 featured the major performers of this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I did not find a list of the emerging artists, otherwise this show would be a lot longer! And in this segment, more songs relevant to driving. New music here from Nerissa & Katryna Nields plus a reintroduction to Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer from the recently released Little Blue Egg CD.  Closing segment was songwriter oriented, with some fighting words in a few, gently easing out with a song by Ryan Tennis that captures summer very well.
Send CDs to
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CDs MUST have a 2012 release date or have been released no earlier than
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Dan Herman
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Radio Crystal Blue 7/8/12 audio and links

Radio Crystal Blue: Novus Ordo spotlights CDs that are debuting on my
standard freeform radio program, Radio Crystal Blue. The show exists as a
weekly podcast.

Listen here:
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This show was distributed on 7/11/12

Bovine Social Club “Twelve Years In A Jar” – s/t CD http://www.bovinesocialclub.com
Darkin “Here & Now” – What’s To Come EP http://www.facebook.com/darkinband
Maynard And The Musties “Miles Of Broadway” – Cheap Cigar CD http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maynard-and-the-Musties/107253132678905
Late Cambrian “Song 11” – Social Season EP http://www.latecambrian.com
The 3rd International “ellis island” – entre las americas CD http://www.thethirdinternational.com
Oblivious Bob “Can’t Have Her” – s/t CD http://www.obliviousbob.com
Running time: 49 minutos
All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info: http://www.creativecommons.org
Here’s RCB proper:

Radio Crystal Blue is my long-running standard freeform radio program. The
show exists as a weekly podcast.
Listen here:
(1) The FeedPlayer on my home page (visible with Flash-supported browsers)
http://www.radiocrystalblue.net and available to stream/download/share. Click the
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(2) If you cannot view the FeedPlayer, try a different browser, or get
Flash, or try my podcast provider at http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu
(3) .mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/rcblive070812.mp3
(4) RSS: http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu/rss

This show was distributed on 7/11/12
Artists with shared gigs in the near future are noted with * & **

“I’ve been asleep since December of last year/So come wake me up in the shady summer air”

Opening music:
Luna “Bonnie & Clyde” (Serge Gainsbourg cover) (bonus track) – Penthouse CD

Buskin & Batteau “Good Luck In The Promised Land” – Red Shoes & Golden Hearts CD http://www.buskinandbatteau.com
The Portraits “Liberty” – The Blushing Of A World In White CD http://www.theportraits.info
Elisa Peimer “Find My Way Home” – Pull Of The Moon CD http://www.elisapeimer.com
Garrison Starr “Slow Crawl” – Amateur CD http://www.garrisonstarr.com
Amy Speace “Drive All Night” – land like a bird CD http://www.amyspeace.com
the matthew show “Innocence” – february CD http://www.thematthewshow.com
*Yarn “Annie” – almost home CD http://www.yarnmusic.net
*Molasses Creek “I Beg You To Stay” – An Island Out Of Time CD http://www.molassescreek.com
These four artists are part of this month’s Great South Bay Music Festival, Patchogue, NY http://www.greatsouthbaymusicfestival.com :
Josh Joffen “Only For One Night” – Postcard From Antigua CD http://www.joshjoffen.com
Alan Semerdjian “Bad Dreams” – The Big Beauty CD http://www.alansemerdjian.com
Brother Joscephus & The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra “I Still Love You” – Live At Brooklyn Bowl CD http://www.brotherjoscephus.com
Stratospheerius “Today Is Tomorrow” – headspace CD http://www.stratospheerius.com
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix “Uncommon Love” – Wings On Fire CD http://www.professorlouie.com
Christina LaRocca “Memories (Don’t Let Them Fade)” – I Stand Tall With My Eyes Open CD http://www.christinalaroccamusic.com
Changing Modes “Down To You” – In Flight CD http://www.changingmodes.com
Antigone Rising “One Foot In” – 23 red CD http://www.antigonerising.com
This Is She “Grow Up” – Nobody Is OK EP http://www.thisisshemusic.com
JoanOvArc “Say Sayonara” – single http://www.joanovarc.co.uk
Kmang Kmang “Glass” – Drifting CD http://www.kmang-kmang.com
These artists are featured performers at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Hillsdale NY http://www.falconridgefolkfestival.com :
Eilen Jewell “Long Road” – Queen Of The Minor Key CD http://www.eilenjewell.com
Aztec Two-Step “Ban Vinai” – Cause & Effect CD http://www.aztectwostep.com
Nerissa & Katryna Nields “Which Side Are You On?” – The Full Catastrophe CD http://www.nields.com
Brother Sun “Highway 4AM (Driving)” – s/t CD http://www.brothersunmusic.com
Ellis “Coming Home To You” – Right On Time CD http://www.ellis-music.com
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer “hard edge of livin” – little blue egg CD http://www.daveandtracy.com http://www.tracygrammer.com
David Wilcox “Piece Of Me” – Reverie CD http://www.davidwilcox.com
Daniel Levi Goans “Blue To Black” – BrotherStranger CD http://www.daniellevigoans.com
Raina Rose “Stone Around My Neck” – When May Came CD http://www.rainarose.com
Sloan Wainwright “I Can See Now” – Upside Down And Under My Heart CD http://www.sloanwainwright.com
Ryan Tennis “Wake Me Up” – goodbye to the ground CD http://www.ryantennismusic.com
Closing music: Robert Sadin “Comment” – Art of Love: Music of Machaut CD http://www.robertsadin.com

Running time: 3 hours, 19 minutes
All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info: http://www.creativecommons.org

Next show will be recorded and distributed in the week of 7/15/12

Dan Herman/Radio Crystal Blue:
twitter: @radiocblue