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Radio Crystal Blue 7/1/12 news

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I attended the Midsommar Day celebration at the Swedish American museum close to home in South Philly. Lots of good food and Swedish music filled the afternoon. I’m one-fourth Swedish-American, tho most of the customs from the homeland were left behind there when my great-grandmom’s family emigrated to New England and thence to NYC. With a hearty dose of smorgastotar and Bordeaux I took in most of the celebration, inclduing singing in Swedish. Not as easy as I thought it would be! But fun? Oh yes.
PHOTOS: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151848553555725.872590.684570724&type=3&l=7ad1312429
Last night I was at the nearby Italian Market to lose myself in the masses of locals sampling all sorts of food (mainly Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian and the classic summer treats). I also hung out at the Ellsworth Street stage to see The Discount Heroes, with members that own Connie’s Ric-Rac, within the vicinity of the big Night Market Philly event.
PHOTOS: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151866369970725.874803.684570724&type=3&l=236ea9342a

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Right now here’s what I’ve planned to see:
Greta Gertler presents her band The Universal Thump at the Green Line Cafe,
7/19. www.theuniversalthump.com
One of the great Canadian bands ever, The Trews, play at The Grape Room on
7/25. www.thetrewsmusic.com
Seeking another showcase in or around Philly to cover, dated between 7/1 and 7/10.
RCB REVIEW: The annotated version of the shows.
RCB Novus Ordo: Among the standout tracks from this edition is Annie Gallup’s “Poets”, spoken-word with programming filling out the background. Joy Mills (The Starlings) embarks on her first solo album. A return to RCB airwaves by Tall Tall Trees. The Harmonious Five, a quartet (!) with mucho live performance experience, present rare oldies gems. I included one by Andre Williams that I guarantee you never heard before, original or cover.

RCB proper: Longest show in terms of songs spun this year. The collection of festival gigs in the near future seems to be the big influence. I certainly don’t mind, so long as I know you’re listening. Even better, if you’re attending a few of the shows that I mention with the airplay. Segment 1 includes a new song by Jessie Kilguss & Radio Gold, along with Justin Levinson & The Valcours. Mood was rather sunshiny for this segment. 2nd segment focused on artists performing the New Bedford (MA) Summerfest. Mood here went from dreams to alcohol (and morphine, as Peter Mulvey sings a Jolie Holland cover). Then a rather long segment which I divided into 2 on paper but actually it was one segment. 4 artists sharing bills and festival duties, all in Canada (Calgary Stampede, Ottawa Bluesfest in particular). Then the Caramoor American Roots Festival was in focus in the next segment. Segment 4 includes a new song from a new EP by Churchill. My Pet Dragon, Vintage Blue and Avi Wisnia all perform at the Milwaukee Summerfest on 7/6. Segment 5 kicked off songs with similar vibes by Steven Graves and Roger Silverberg, and a new song from Patricia Silverberg. Final segment started off with a heart-rendering tune by Dan May.

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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo week of 6/24/12

Radio Crystal Blue: Novus Ordo spotlights CDs that are debuting on my

standard freeform radio program, Radio Crystal Blue. The show exists as a

weekly podcast.



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This show was distributed on 6/27

Matt Andersen “Heartbreaker” – Coal Mining Blues CD http://www.stubbyfingers.ca

The Doctors Fox “Diva” – handful of laughs CD http://www.thedoctorsfox.com

The Harmonius Five “Greasy Chicken” (Andre Williams cover) – Wanna Hear You Say Yeah! CD http://www.harmoniusfive.com

Alisa Boniello “That Kind Of Girl” – Lovestruck EP http://www.alisaboniello.com

Joy Mills “Trick Of The Eye” – Trick Of The Eye CD http://www.joymills.com

Tall Tall Trees “Alaska” – Moment CD http://www.talltalltrees.com

 Annie Gallup “Poets” – Little Five Points CD http://www.anniegallup.com


Running time: 55 minutos


All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share

to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,

non-derivative. For more info: http://www.creativecommons.org



Here’s RCB proper:



Radio Crystal Blue is my long-running standard freeform radio program. The

show exists as a weekly podcast.

Listen here:

(1) The FeedPlayer on my home page (visible with Flash-supported browsers)


and available to stream/download/share. Click the

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(4) RSS: http://www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu/rss

(5) Spotify: http://t.co/pDR0xhyi



This show was distributed on 6/27/12


Artists with shared gigs in the near future are noted with * & **

Opening music: Nigel Hayes “Something For The Weekend” – Tales From The Shed Part 3 EP http://www.intelligentaudio.net


The Kurt Henry Band “On A Summer Tide” – From Our Religions We’ll Be Free! CD http://www.kurthenry.com

Jessie Kilguss & Radio Gold “Take Me to the Ocean” – The Sky Road CD http://www.jessiekilguss.com

Mark Radcliffe “Santa Monica daze” – the sea before us CD http://www.markradcliffe.net

Justin Levinson & The Valcours “Water Wears The Rock” – This Side Of Me, This Side Of You CD http://www.justinlevinson.com

Remember September “Better This Way” – The Roads We Travel CD http://www.rememberseptemberband.com

Danielle Miraglia “Choir” – Box Of Troubles CD http://www.daniellem.com


These artists are performing at The Greater New Bedford Summerfest in MA, 7/7-8 http://www.newbedfordsummerfest.com :

The Boxcar Lilies “Travelin’ On” – heartwood CD http://www.boxcarlilies.com

The Kennedys “Better Dreams” – Better Dreams CD http://www.kennedysmusic.com

Catie Curtis “After Hours” – Stretch Limousine On Fire CD http://www.catiecurtis.com

Peter Mulvey “Old Fashioned Morphine” (Jodie Holland cover) – The Good Stuff CD http://www.petermulvey.com

Andrew Calhoun “The Little Beggarman” (traditional) – grapevine CD http://www.andrewcalhoun.com

These artists are appearing in festivals in Canada in early July:

Kelly Richey “I Want You” – Carry The Light CD http://www.kellyrichey.com

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real “If I was the ocean” – Wasted CD http://www.promiseofthereal.com

Blue Rodeo “Wasted” – The Things We Left Behind CD http://www.bluerodeo.com

The Trews “I’ll Find Someone Who Will” – Hope & Ruin CD http://www.thetrewsmusic.com



These artists are appearing at the Caramoor American Roots Festival, Katonah NY, 6/30 http://www.caramoor.org :

Spuyten Duyvil “I Hear You Calling” – New Amsterdam CD http://www.spuytenduyvilmusic.com

Roosevelt Dime “Wishing Well” – Steamboat Soul CD http://www.rooseveltdimemusic.com

Eilen Jewell “I Remember You” – Queen Of The Minor Key CD http://www.eilenjewell.com

Red Molly “Ghost” (Mark Erelli cover) – Light In The Sky CD http://www.redmolly.com


The Defibulators “Thin Air” – corn money CD http://www.thedefibulators.com

The Trapps “Never Quit” – Cheap Seats CD http://www.thetrapps.net

Churchill “I Am Yours” – The Change EP http://www.churchilltheband.com

*My Pet Dragon “Siren” – Mountains and Cities CD http://www.mypetdragon.com

*Vintage Blue “Just Breathe” – Strike the mics CD http://www.vintagebluemusic.com

*Avi Wisnia “Something New” – Something New CD http://www.aviwisnia.com


Steven Graves “Putting Up Resistance” – Matter of Time CD http://www.stevengravesmusic.com

Roger Silverberg “No Trespassing” – Major Seventh Heaven CD http://www.rogersilverberg.com

*Cary Cooper “toes in the water” – Pink Umbrella CD http://www.carycooper.com

*Tom Prasada Rao “Smoke & Mirrors” – Goodnight Regret CD http://www.tomprasadarao.com

Patricia Silverberg “Always There” – Don’t Look Back EP http://www.patriciasilverberg.com

Mark Erelli “Coming Home” – little vigils CD http://www.markerelli.com


Dan May “Lucy” – Dying Breed CD http://www.danmaycd.com

Vance Gilbert “Dragonfly Wings” – old white men CD http://www.vancegilbert.com

Craig Sonnenfeld “She’s MyLucky Day” – Angels, Lovers And Fools CD http://www.craigsonnenfeld.com

Helen Austin “Happy” – Song of the week CD http://www.helenaustin.com

Athena Reich “Little Girl Dreams” – Little Girl Dreams CD http://www.athenareich.com

Meredith Blis “Meremaid Girl” – A Purple Kind Of Blue CD http://www.meredithblis.com


Running time: 3 hours, 58 minutes

All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share

to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,

non-derivative. For more info: http://www.creativecommons.org


Next show will be recorded and distributed in the week of 7/1/12



Dan Herman/Radio Crystal Blue:







Spotify: http://t.co/pDR0xhyi

twitter: @radiocblue