Radio Crystal Blue permanent archive: April 11, 2004

This 2nd show of my permanent archive sure seems a departure from the shows I do nowadays in 2013. Back in 2004, almost no one did any podcasting, I was beginning to pay royalties through the Web radio network I was a member of, and I certainly spun more major-label artists. It would be in late 2005 that I sharply moved away from shows like this one, and gave indie artits proper exposure ..

The opening segments for several years were a freeform exercise in music: taking music from a song, or an artist in particular in focus, and creating a simple segue, running 6 songs in length. On this show I recalled that Stuart Adamson of Big Country had a birthday that day and so I started with a Big Country tune. Yes, sometimes I would honor artists on the occasion of birthdays or passings (death of one of The Zombies, in the case of this show’s example). .
Airplay Vote 2004 was in focus as well, plus the New Music Sampler, the forerunner of RCB Novus Ordo, debuting brand new material in the rotation.
My TJ Rehmi CD eventually cracked, which is why you don’t hear the opening or closing theme on my show these days (and I haven’t asked for a replacement). The ‘chill’ sound of the music was perfect to set the tone.
A number of artists I gave airplay to have long vanished.
Some of the real finds: Music from the first recordings by Tina Vero, Jodelle, Elisa Peimer, Emily Zuzik can be heard. You can hear me do a commercial read for The C-Note, a music venue I used to help book in NYC’s East Village section. In what became something of an RCB tradition, I did spin some music relevant in some way to Holy Week and Easter.

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Opening segment:
Big Country “Chance” – The Crossing
The Jam “Town Called Malice” – Snap!
Jools Holland & his R&B Orchestra “Will It Go ‘Round In Circles” (feat. Paul Weller)- Small World Big Band
Squeeze “Cool For Cats’ – Cool for Cats
’til tuesday – “The Other End Of The Telescope” – Everything’s Different Now

Lisa Stansfield “Down In The Depths” – Biography

Opening music: T.J. Rehmi “You Are We Am I (Blue Mix)” – The Warm Chill CD

Zombies “She’s Not There” – Begin Here Plus
Searchers “Needles & Pins” – It’s The Searchers
Hollies “Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)” – Distant Light
Apples In Stereo “Stream Running Over” – The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone
JP Jones “Tiger Woods” – Salvation Street CD
Mark Berube “Grandpa’s Seder” – Shut Up So I Can Play CD
Courtney C. Patty “April Shower” – Silhouette Of Me CD
Jennifer Yax “Crocodile Tears” – My Turn CD
John Taglieri “How Will I Know” – Half & Half CD
Super Furry Animals “Liberty Belle” – Phantom Power
Dani Linnetz “Love Song” – the milk CD
Jodelle “By The Wayside” – Find Me If You Can CD
Allison Tartalia “let it go” – Ready CD
Barbara Morillo & Shrine “Happiness” – s/t EP
Matthew Sweet “Wait” – Kimi Ga Suki Raifu

Annual Airplay Vote review:
echofission “Monsooned in Guam” – like, sza, love CD‎
Charles Soule Band “El Tropico” – Get On CD
Teresa Cowles “Hazy” – Bitter/Lite CD
Brendan Dwyer “Chelsea (Even In The Rain)” – Rendez-vous CD
Kate Newcomer “etruscan boy” – Can you pin it down? CD
Andrea Bunch “colorloc” – Numinous CD
Tim Reynolds “Mobile” – s/t EP

Waybacks “JNPT” – Way Live CD
Black Diamond “Friends” – s/t CD
Seeking Homer “the man in the subway station” – Not so far away CD
Kings Of Leon “Spiral Staircase” – Youth And Young Manhood
Elisa Peimer “Previous Engagement” – transparent CD
Exhibit F “Back To Me” – Blue In The Background CD
Emily Zuzik “The Extra Mile – The Way It’s Got To Be CD
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps” – Fever To Tell

New Music Sampler:
Nadine Ellman “Let It Go” – Obsession EP
Dan Politano “New Zealand” – Back Where I Started CD
Alison Block “The One” – s/t EP
Giles “Blood from a stone” – Blood from a stone CD
Rudolph Llanes “The Tragic Mile” – Custom Tex CD
Caroline Doctorow “Saved” – Carmel Valley Ride CD

*Special holiday music segment
Peter Gabriel “Troubled” – ‘Passion’ movie soundtrack
Velvet Underground & Nico – “All Tomorrow’s Parties” – s/t
Patti Smith “Easter” – Easter
Replacements “Date To Church”- All Or Nothing/Nothing At All
Bob Dylan “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” – Highway 61 Revisited

Annual Airplay Vote Review continues:
Hypertonics “Punctuation Marks” – Eight car train six car station CD
Raven “Going Home” – Rites Of Passage CD
Kevin So “Average Asian American” – Leaving The Lights On 2-CD set
Josh Weinstein “Heart On The Line” – Petty Alchemy CD
KJ Denhert “The Silence Was Deafening” – …Girl like me CD
Bill Grady “yours, truly” – s/t CD
Rachel Harrington “That’s How Strong My Love Is” – Halloween Leaves EP
Axiom Addicts “No Matter” – s/t EP

Alysson Light “Never know” – Looking-Glass Conversations CD
Pamela Wyn Shannon “I was made to love magic” – Nature’s Bride CD
Too Human “Reality Check” – True CD
Cracker “Reasons To Quit” – Countrysides
Chris Smither “Desolation Row” – Train home CD
Tina Vero “Do You Wanna Go Home?” – In the waiting CD
Jenn Lindsay “Sidewalk Song” – The story of what works CD
Natalie Merchant “Crazy Man Michael” – House Carpenter’s Daughter

Closing music: TJ Rehmi “You Are We Am I (Red Mix)” – The Warm Chill CD

Original webcast from April 11, 2004
Running time: 5 hours, 43 minutes.

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