Radio Crystal Blue 10/27/13 news

Radio Crystal Blue is sponsored in part by:
Cyber PR:
Miles High Productions
Wampus Multimedia
Radio Crystal Blue is free to share and listen, in accordance with Creative Commons License 3.0, full attribution, non-derivative, non-commercial.

Each show is usually published by Wednesday or Thursday weekly. There are now two main hubs where to hear Radio Crystal Blue

(1) via Big Contact, my podcast provider: There is a Feed Player at Just click the link to open it, and select from the tabs to download and stream the audio from the particular show. You can also embed the player on your site or blog.
The FeedPlayer is generated with Flash. If you don’t have Flash, you can get this at
These players are also available at which renders the player as a Web page.
(2) via Internet Archive: Each podcast includes a dedicated podcast page on with similar download, stream and embed links. Here are the first 2 pages I built for the most recent podcasts, which were first published the week of October 13:
personal FACEBOOK:
VIDEO content:
TWITTER @radiocblue
DONATIONS to Radio Crystal Blue can be made via the Paypal button at the homepage.
NEXT SHOW will be published on or about October 30 and will be available for about 1 year. I usually publish on Wednesdays or as soon as possible thereafter. You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands. RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 8-10 songs, one each from a brand new recording. I spin the music and give you the backstory of each artist.

This aims to be the latest of the first great traditions I set up for Radio Crystal Blue: the end-of-October holiday edition. I could say Halloween, but the time of the year truly has a bunch of names.I don’t have enough songs to determine which ones will make the cut, so if you know of some, suggest them here or through the above social media links.

CD FOCUS: Debuting next week is a concept album that has already received coverage from ABC News and The Huffington Post. “This new project features songs inspired by, or using the prose as lyrics for one of Kerouac’s darkest works,Tristessa, about a morphine-addicted prostitute with whom Kerouac falls in love.” “Esperanza: Songs From Jack Kerouac’s ‘Tristessa’ features a select group of critically acclaimed indie rock artists…”
I’ll air 3-4 tracks next week and an equal amount for the weeks following


I lost my hard drive. Essentially it crashed without warning. I lost all sorts of downloads and download codes, ensuring that the music of those artists will never be heard again on Radio Crystal Blue. That is, unless it comes time to fit them in for programming and a code is still available from the artist or management. There was no warning for the loss of the hard drive. I was downloading a newer version of Java and simultaneously running a cache dump in Firefox. I was recycling the last 10 gigabytes of my prime hard drive. I do have an external one, which was unharmed.
Today I took most of the day out to reacquaint myself with the computer, which now has more storage space, and less bells and whistles. In so doing, I was able to restore from scratch much of what is gone. Some aspects of my show are lost; the quarterly and end-of-year chart scores to determine the quarterly and all-time charts are history. Totally gone. I can recreate the quarterly numbers, as I do have record of every artist that received airplay this year, but now it will take much longer to get that work done. Plus, unless I get older versions of my chart page available, I cannot determine the all-time list ranking conclusively.

Big Contact is functional once again. Their podcast pages have been unresponsive for some time and I pressed for answers. Their response was reassuring: They removed a javascript ad that someone attached to my page, and also changed my password. Also, they don’t plan to bring back their stats package anytime soon but they suggested Feedburner as an option. I did look at Feedburner but there are no real updates in terms of stats there either. I really could use this info!

Meanwhile I built a new presence at as detailed above. There are more options now than before to access the audio. There’s even space to write a review!

I’m still without work. Without a computer for a week, this last week was most trying as I had very limited access to the Internet. Since the computer’s return, I’ve gotten a lot busier with the search as I race against time, hoping to get my bills paid. I’m still behind on the rent and I don’t know how much longer I can go on here. Donations are most welcome at this time. You’ve helped me out before; it’s time to help once again. If you are interested in furthering my job search, and willing to run with my resume, please ask for this document from me directly.

Send CDs to
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
1701 Snyder Avenue, #4
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Keep physical packages of reasonable size and weight, as this is a residence.
Please indicate release date. No material from before 2013 accepted.
Material released before then will be added to RCB’s loose rotation instead.
Digital is acceptable if media is not available in other formats.
Artists are also advised to add my email address to their general email list.
I also accept EPKs through these companies. For EPK submissions I select artists on their body of work and the completeness of the press kit.
Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there.
I continue to seek outstanding concept/compilation albums for future shows, ones I can feature track-for-track (such as “Esperanza”). Do you know of one? Send it along!
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue
215 995 2234


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