No Radio Crystal Blue for week of 10/20/13

Sorry to report that my computer’s hard drive crashed.  I have lost thousands of saved/marked emails, downloads of all kinds, and valuable documents. Presumably, anyway. I am at a library typing with a very limited amount of time to get anything done. I am aiming to get my PC from Staples on Tuesday at the earliest. I can barely afford the cost of repairing the computer but it must be done, as I have a job search to do and must find ways to build income. Also, there is the possibility of eviction at some point next month if I cannot  come up with the necessary rent.

Needless to say, I cannot program a show without my email llbrary, as I use part of this info to determine who receives airplay. 

I also am without remote Facebook access at the library. I do have Twitter but it’s not quite the same pipeline. I can only hope that you read this and undersatnd that my situation is dire.

I will update the website to reflect the programming change.


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