Big Contact/Internet Archive

Don’t know if it’s the full moon, or the oncoming Mercury Retrograde (10/21/13) or what, but I can tell you that there have been existing issues publishing my show to Big Contact.  The site itself has proven to have very limited customer service and its feed very unstable in terms of its live availability.
Things came to a head this week as the site was intermittently down for several days.  In haste I sought out alternatives. I found a very good one in the Internet Archive, the original Web-based archive. I have used the service in the pages to research older pages of other websites (including mine!). But I was never aware of the ability to post podcasts there! Until now.

The first podcast pages for Radio Crystal Blue are active at Internet ARchive, right here:

Posting this note now, I’ve since gained better access to Big Contact and published both of this week’s shows before risking losing any data. That podcast page, as usual is

Both sites allow for streaming and download, plus the ability to embed the HTML of the players’ code onto your site or blog.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully these changes will result in a more reliable RCB experience for you listeners.


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