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NEXT SHOW will be published on or about October 9 and will be available for about 1 year. I usually publish on Wednesdays or as soon as possible thereafter. You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands.
RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 8 songs, one each from a brand new recording. I spin the music and give you the backstory of each artist.


It’s nice to build up the life again, preparing a social calendar where I’m attending 1 show a week, providing a review where possible afterward, and also getting into a new work and play schedule alongsides. It’s been too long since.

Breaking programming news: I will be featuring a concept album for much of October and November. It’s not in my hands yet but I expect it to be here next week. Watch this very space, and on Facebook, for the announcement.

Congrats go to Tom Principato for achieving a #1 ranking in my quarterly airplay chart!
The full chart, along with prior quarterly charts, the annual top 100, and all-time list are at

You’ll notice that 10 artists are mathematically eligible for the title of Artist of the Year. Vance Gilbert could make it a 3rd year in a row. Everyone else, besides Hungrytown would have their first such title. All the shows I do from the weeks of October 6 to December 15, 11 in all, will have the biggest impact.

So here are the shows I’m currently planning to attend this month:
10/8 @ The Fire, Philly
10/17 @ The New Deck Tavern, Philly
10/23 @Fergie’s Pub, Philly
And I’m seriously thinking of going to a show or two in Baltimore, 11/2 and or 11/3. Any Baltimore peeps know what’s going down?
With each event I plan to do a review after the fact on my website, complete with photos and video. My camera has seen better days; it’s time I got a new one! I make that purchase this weekend.


This is the start of my 14th year doing this labor of love. I still remain as excited with each new show as with doing and promoting the first years. I remain grateful to be airing music created by renowned artists, all the way to the underground artists in local areas. I’m also grateful for you listeners, especially those that have donated to the program and to me for keeping this show alive and for me to stay afloat.

This week I received a nice sampler of material from the folks at Renfro Foods. This was just about the nicest gesture, all from my promoting them via Twitter. their mango habanero salsa is off the chain, as the kids say. @renfrofoods
Also I must mention coffee alternative Teeccino, which is also a staple at RCB HQ. The folks at Teeccino remind you to go #nocaf

Here’s some more RCB LOVE to share: These artists helped promote the show during September:

Earlier in the week, the Philly band The Way Home announced an amicable breakup. I had positively loved them and enjoyed spinning their music over the last year and change. Between all the songs there is intimacy, there is youthfulness, fun and showmanship. Most of all, not much in the way of ego; they were a band by pure definition.
My one video of The Way Home comes from a CD release event at Sine Studios early in 2012.
These 3 photos from my collection are my favorites depicting TWH:
The annotated notes of this week’s shows:
RCB Novus Ordo: The purveyor of ‘tiger pop’, NYC songwriter John Brodeur begins this edition. De Stijl is a French electronic band project. They collaborate with Joy Division/New Order bassist/vocalist Peter Hook on a single from an upcoming album. A welcome back to the RCB airwaves for Joe Nacco, borrowing heavy from 70’s-80’s classic rock.
RCB proper: Per RCB tradition, I spin ‘Song X’, as heard on Neil Young & Pearl Jam’s stellar “Mirror Ball” album. You should know that this song was the very first song I spun in the history of this program. The Bowie song I heard in a supermarket this past week. In between was this latter-day Cowboy Junkies tune that is part of their five-CD Nomad Project. Segment 1: Rising songwriter Stefani Rose with another song from her debut CD. Brand new music here from Daniel Levi Goans and Lauren Plank, who are now married and also the voices of Lowland Hum. Also brand new is the new-found old-style sound of Spuyten Duyvil. Segment 2: Why not some blues for starters ?Professor Louie, Tommy Z, and more new music from Herbie D & The Dangermen give it to you. Sirsy & Revel 9 are performing in the CNY (central NY, kids) Gaming & Entertainment Expo later in October, Frankfort NY. Segment 3: Introducing Bev Grant and Ina May Wool. They are Wool and Grant. We hear Bev’s lead vox on a song involving man and mountain vs corporate interest. Carolann Solebello perform October 11 in a show that Bev and Carolann host 2nd Fridays at Two Moon, Brooklyn NY. The aforementioned Tom Principato kicks off a run of instrumentals in the final segment. Molasses Creek opened for Si Kahn & The Looping Brothers on October 1 in Washington NC.
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I continue to seek outstanding concept/compilation albums for future shows, ones I can feature track-for-track. Do you know of one? Send it along!
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