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RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 10 songs, one each
from a brand new recording. I spin the music and give you some backstory of
In my continual quest to network and keep the show going, I have stepped up my job search, and managed to get 2 job interviews this week. Neither interview panned out. I do remain hopeful, even as my finances are very shaky at the time. I have gone through a period of things breaking down, right down to the physical, which I take as a sign that my own vibration is changing, that the game of life inside and out is changing its rules too.
If you’ve spent any amount of time following me on Twitter, I’m known to wax philosophical on some spiritual matters, sometimes into astrology or a related topic. Did you know that, years before I even got into radio, I was once very active in New Age? I had the building blocks of a healing practice nearly in place before life chose to intervene at the tender age of 30. Since my move to Philly, I’ve reintroduced some of my spiritual practice within a group setting, and I find time to heal with my words, whether on Twitter or some other means. I’ve always had the spiritual ‘ear’, as it were, a 6th or 7th sense, to read people and situations. Having these senses shape my life and response to it. I still have hope for my life and to make my life’s work a lasting reality. That work manifests in this show, in the other podcasts I do, the New Age work, the investing (OK, handicapping, but still..), and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
You’d think by now, given all these music connections I have across the country, that I may have at least visited a good deal of them. Outside of NYC, the largest metro areas that I have contacts in are, in order, Los Angeles, Philly, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, DC, Nashville, Austin, Phoenix, Baltimore, and Dallas/Fort Worth. I’ve never set foot in these cities outside of Philly and DC. The $ just hasn’t been at my fingertips to travel for 2 or 3 days or more a time. I’d like to be able to get to different cities and towns, soak up the culture and the overal vibe, and get to meet musicians that I’ve only read about or spun music of. Perhaps this is another part of my life’s work that’s yet to begin. Instead of book or Web knowledge, why not adapt first-person knowledge?
Dear Boston, I’ve never foot in your beloved city, but I love you all the same. I can only hope that the recent and continuing strife does not shut down the culture, the music in particular of this historic place for very long.
Just as I was as about to publish this week’s news, I received a PayPal donation from Dan Senie (Dan & Faith).  The couple often perform in New England.  I inquired of him about the situation in Boston. His reply, in part is this:
“We are several towns west of the craziness. Didn’t know about it until we woke up. Scary. Some friends displaced from their homes, but sounds like everyone is safe, if quite rattled. Many friends were at the finish line area, within a very short distance of the bombs, but were OK. A family from our little town was there, and were seriously injured. Father lost a leg, mother and adult son both with injuries. All expected to survive, and the town is organizing to help the family.
We’re looking forward to going out to a local open mike tonight where some of the best players in the area gather. The Friday night scene there is always one of community, but will be even more so tonight. So many of us affected in one way or another, and all looking forward to music and hugs.
Tonight we’ll sing the song I wrote after Newtown, but follow it with a funny song as we all need to be lifted up too.”
Twitter for music leaves me non-plussed. I checked it out this week; as I quoted on the social media site ” Artists I follow = 35?. I follow more artists than that! Also the content changes with each reclick” “It reminds me of a combo of and fandalism. Checking the ’emerging’ tab might be useful for my purposes.” “Not impressed at ‘now playing’ which doesn’t lead anyone really to discovery if you already are close-knit with followers” “I’m suspecting that ’emerging’ is only good if said artist has a huge amount of followers/following in comparison” “I receive enough music for my podcast that I’m not sure I’ll give attention to Twitter Music. Not impressed by the new device so far.” “If Twitter Music is at all succesful, Twitter should add tabs for News/Issues, or Weather, Lifestyle and so forth.”

Those are my 2 American cents on Twitter for Music. What’s yours?***
Peter Thomas Fornatale sent me the final book written by his father, “50 Licks: Myths and Stories From Half a Century Of The Rolling Stones”. An absolutely insightful read, presenting quotes and mentions from interviews and other sources to tell the tale of this band, between songs, tours, and recording. I might share some of this knowledge on further RCB shows. Meanwhile, read up at
Later on Friday, I’ll be recording my sport-oriented podcast Idealistic Sport. Fueled with knowledge and analysis about sport from an armchair, outsider view, complete with music from great indie artists, I hope this will be a weekly staple for you as well as myself. I had broken my CD player, so podcast #2 felt more like a sermonette than a full-on program. This next edition will have music for certain and my take on several sporting events. Which events? There’s tonight’s Friday Night Fights, a weekend golf event, a women’s tennis tournament, horse racing at Emerald Downs and major stakes races on Saturday, plus some auto racing this weekend. That’s a lot of ground to cover! Remember you can access Idealistic Sport at with the same FeedPlayer you can hear Radio Crystal Blue in. And there’s a blog too: which is my final word on the above events.
I’ve attempted to replicate the FeedPlayer link for this program on the blog, but it’s not working. The RCB version seems to be OK but not the IS one. Anyone have suggestions on its design?
RCB rewind:
RCB Novus Ordo: Outstanding music included on this program from Amanda Cevallos (superb modern honky-tonk), George & The Good Vibes (a calypso number straight outta Israel), and award-winning Nashville-oriented songwriter Brad Cole.
RCB proper: Having had a Twitter conversation with someone, the words “good in everyone” came to my brain. And thus I posted on my Facebook wall the video of Canada’s great power-pop band Sloan “The Good In Everyone”. The video is a bit of a take-off on one part of the movie “Easy Rider”, the song only half as long as the video itself! With that infamous date 4/20 coming up this week, I also included Manu Chao’s most recognizable tune “Bongo Bong”. It’s also the theme to an old public-access TV show called “Pothedz Couch” (full episodes not available but you can find some choice clips on that YouTube thing). Hearing of the Real Rough Diamonds demise this past week, I spun 3 songs from the album they sent me years ago. Segment 1: A mini travelogue takes us from Tennessee, to New Orleans, to Santa Fe, to Argentina, (Jessie Kilguss, Miss Tess, Eilen Jewell, Emily Pinkerton), then to other unbeknownst places (Achilles Wheel, Sean Kershaw).Miss Tess and Eilen Jewell share billing on 4/25 at The Southern in Charlottesville VA.  Segment 2: Hillary Reynolds Band appears at Brandeis University on a bill that also includes Patti DeRosa (Segment 4) on 4/27. It’s billed as the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts ‘Folk Fest’. Brand new music in this segment by Brother Joscephus & The Love Revolution. Yes, the name shortened a little bit. What I didn’t shorten was the song. “Shine On” I’ve spun before from “Live at Brooklyn Bowl”. Here I opted to spin the entire 9 minute-plus song instead of the ‘radio edit’. Your ears deserve it! Segment 3: More new music from songwriter Lonna Marie plus an infectious vocal sound from Midwest mother/daughter combo Belles & Whistles. Segment 4: More brand new music from Cary Cooper starts this off, then a song penned by ‘cracker cowboy poet’ Hank Mattson, music by Dana & Susan Robinson.**************

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Radio Crystal Blue
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If material is from 2011, it will be added to RCB’s loose rotation instead.
Digital is acceptable if media is not available in other formats.
Artists are also advised to add my email address to their general email

Yes I’m also seeking music for Idealistic Sport. For this show, the music should be upbeat, tho not necessarily rock. It should be music that’s appropo toward sports programming. No rules here re the release date.

I also accept EPKs through these companies. For EPK submissions I select
artists on their body of work and the completeness of the press kit.
Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there.
Finally, but not in the least of importance, a very happy birthday to my sister Sharon, a two-time Iraqi War veteran, currently holding down the fort with my mom and niece, somewhere in the hill country of Texas.
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue
215 995 2234

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