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RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 10 songs, one each
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As I type this, I’m preparing to leave for Cape May and the town’s 6th annual Singer-Songwriter Festival. I’m MC’ing a showcase for Kat Falcey/Tunes2ya ( ) at Aleathea’s Restaurant, inside The Inn at Cape May.

Somehow I plan to see as many artists as possible during the way as well as in the evening on Friday, plus Saturday during the day. Still figuring the lay of the land so I know just where to reach everyone.
I have modest expectations. There are 2 or 3 sessions that seem worth attending for this veteran radio person. I’m geared to meeting new faces and catching up to familiar ones.
Not much else to report otherwise, save the work I’ve done on my other blog. You know, the sports one I’m compelled to write in it each day. I have thoughts this week on several different sports. And once you’re on that bicycle….
Still seeking a day job in the Philadelphia area. A lot of talk from all sides has resulted in just that: talk. I’m having to take more concrete measures as we proceed into warmer months. The savings are dwindling but my heart remains rather hopeful.

With every show, I continue to receive great compliments from both artists and listeners. I’m grateful for each single one. If I hold the logic of Mark Twain to be true, I just might live forever.

Keep the donations coming. Your efforts go directly toward getting some of the bills paid here, including the phone, Web, and the radio equipment. Use the Paypal button at the home page of my website.

RCB rewind: This program contained 10 artists who are performing at the aforementioned festival in Cape May. It dawned on me afterward that Brooklyn’s Annika Vitolo had already caught onto some fame, penning an ode to her home borough. It received a good deal of positive comments by readers of a once-local blog to me, Sheepshead Bites. I believe her fans had sent in photos of Brooklyn to use as the visual. I think my favorite of those I spun is the whimsical “Betty Lee” by John Beacher.

RCB proper: With SXSW in the rear view, a show of more normal length here, but also a ton of brand new music all across. First tho, inspired by Geoffrey Armes’ posting on Facebook of a Saint Etienne tune, it recalled the song “Spring” which I do spin at the beginning, along with other tunes that were popular in the UK in the late 80’s, early 90’s. I was busy collecting magazines like Alternative Press and SPIN, and later CMJ to understand what was happening. Segment 1: New music from Sasha Papernik is included. Garrison Starr’s song about Schoharie doesn’t leave much of a clue as to just where Schoharie is (tho I believe there is such a place in upper New York State). John Brodeur and Kevin McWha Steele are also performing at Cape May this weekend. Listen for the extra track after Kevin’s tune. Segment 2 went from blues to rock and back again. Brand new tuneage from Philly favorites Song Dogs (no more Nightjar), and the almighty rock duo Sirsy. I swear I have not heard Sirsy sound any better. Delorentos & The Bloody Five both perform north of the 48 for Canadian Music Fest this week. Then, Delorentos take an excursion to Moscow! Segment 3: Brother Sun resurface for a new album. Segment 4: One new song inspired by olden times from Dana and Susan Robinson, alongside a truly old song, one of the Child Ballads from Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer.


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